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Some outdated propaganda in the frozen section....
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Senderos , gracias a @edyj3.16 por estas foto desde #goering 2470 msnm ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------envía tus fotos al direct y con gusto las publicamos-----------------------------------------------
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I'm just leaving this as Goering.

Asi amaneciamos en el Pico #Naiguata, no hace falta edicion ni filtro ni musica, escuchen a los pajaros cantar, estabamos al nivel de las nubes y al momento de tomar el video estabamos en el campamento #Goering aun faltaba subir. Tremenda experiencia compartida con @zulifengf @marianaglod @marcof787 @obdu214 @andresquilotte @andrecm37

Exploring the story of the Macclesfield Giant Panda, on display now at @mcrmuseum #animalstories #Macclesfield #goering #panda


Here we see the wild Goering sizing up his next prey.

Luftwaffle is goering favourite snack
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PS: sur le parvis, devant le portail central, plaque de la réconciliation franco-allemande par deux résistants de la Seconde Guerre mondiale: Charles de Gaulle et Konrad Adenauer.

NB: en1933, Adenauer est démis de toutes ses fonctions en raison de son hostilité affichée au #nazisme, par #Goering. Il refusait par exemple d'arborer le drapeau nazi à côté du drapeau allemand.

Un événement qui fait date, comprendront certains d'entre vous 😊
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Even before he became a Zeppelin he was bedazzled. I mean look at all that expensive looking crap on the table.
And what is that curl on the back of his head.

Either the more important thing here is Goering making the back of the car drag against the ground cause he's a lardass or Goebbles' choice of coat.
I mean what one bloody earth is that. It looks like what a dog with a bitting problem would wear. Maybe that's why he's so short because he has issues.

Knowing him, that's his 15th one.

Why is Goering wearing a hair net while playing tennis. This makes no sense.

He must've had that vest tailor made cause no one in their right mind is gonna button up 12 buttons. Only a Goering would button up 12 buttons.
And the guy directly right of Goering, is it just me or does it look like he has a MASSIVE overbite? Like my word.

Hmmm.. not enough bedazzle. Needs around 50 more medals.
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British cartoon by David Low depicting 'Nacht der langen Messer' or The Night of the Long Knives from 1934. The paper on the floor says 'Hitler's unkept promises' and above and below the swastika on Hitler's arm it says 'the double cross'. The Night of the Long Knives was a purge of all those deemed powerful enough to be a threat to Hitler's power, or simply settling old scores (Gustav Ritter von Kahr was murdered by the SS for 'treason' as he warned and organised police and army against the Beer Hall Putsch-Hitler's failed coup- in 1923). Most importantly however was the purge of high ranking SA leaders including Ernst Rohm, its leader which was mostly done to satisfy the German Army who were very concerned about their power and influence and to weaken/ destroy the SA's power over Germany. The Nazi's covered it up saying that they planning to overthrow Hitler's government, a statement which is false but many chose to believe. After the Night of the Long Knives nobody was left to challenge Hitler internally within the Nazi party or externally within Germany. This was the pivotal point in cementing Hitler's power during his rise to dictatorship.
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Adolf Hitler is in the Goering's wedding. He looks like boring 😂

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We get it Goering, you're a bedazzled Zeppelin. No need to bring out the cape.

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