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#godzillaholocaust #holoverse

Yes, this character is male.
Main male character for Godzilla Holocaust Volume 3 : Mystery Island

For anyone who missed this easter egg #godzillaholocaust #holoverse #mothra

Happy — late — Valentine's day #valentinesday2018 #holoverse #godzillaholocaust #teamarcy

Neolivyatan Achabensis #godzillaholocaust #holoverse

Guys, This is a very dark hour.
You might ask what's happening.
Lemme explain.
I got a problem with my cellphone since Thursday. The battery is dying ( This morning, it went from 54% to 0% in less than 2 fucking seconds ) and the charger is taking 30 years to reload the battery, which has terrible consequences : - Less news about #godzillaholocaust - Less posts
- A loss of subscribers, ( from 4620 two weeks ago to 4575 now) - impossible to contact my Family, love, friends
Therefore, i will have to buy a new charger or else, a new phone, which will take from one week to two months.
I'll be back, and in force but for now, i'm gonna miss y'all. However, i'll focus on my exams, my comic project and so on

Page 41 on the way
#godzillaholocaust #holoverse

Asuna Kawakami
Oui, je sais, sa main droite paraît un peu courte
#godzillaholocaust #holoverse

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