Isn’t that awesome??? Problem or fear or challenge ..... ALL are an opportunity for God! Dog tired from this week..... but it’s important to keep in mind the things that challenge me or scare me or make me wonder how are all sign of His work! And the God Winks are worth it all! #bessettedaily2018 #godwink #faith #iamcatholic

You did not come here to be sick, poor, alone, angry, resentful, forgotten….you get my drift. 🦋
I’ve been there, believe me. I got lost along the way. And I thank God every day for bringing me the people and the tools I needed to rise up and embrace my magnificence. 🙌🏻
We are all entitled to an amazing life and I think it’s about time that we all realize it! ▫️
There are so many programs out there that focus on manifesting money, and I’m all about having lots of it, but there is so much more to feeling fulfilled in life…
AND SPIRITUAL BOOTCAMP CAN HELP YOU GET THERE. 👆🏻 Want to learn more? Click the link in my bio.

With you, every step of the way♥️#godwink #trusttheprocess #trustyourheart
Heading to New York to spread the powerful message of Capes for Kids. Another dime discovered on my path.

Thank you NPD Group for the invitation.
#ittakesavillage♥️ #discoveringdimes
#onmypath since 2007


I came home today after an exhausting morning. After I finally put the babies down for nap, I heard a weird noise. I thought maybe it was Zoe still awake so I tip toed to her room but I didn’t hear it. I walked all around the house looking for this noise. Finally, right next to the kitchen window this sweet little dove stood and cooed at me. He just sat there as if he was waiting for me. Looking at me and cooing. After a while he walked away and just left. ••
My head has been non-stop on so many things. I’m missing my best adviser. I wish I could ask my dad about so many things lately. I have been asking him for his guidance or at least to let me know he’s here.
I think he showed up today... 🙏🏼 ••
Now if I only knew what he is trying to tell me. 😭😭😭😭

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A few weeks ago I got some #happymail from a beautiful friend of mine. Today I found the card again and this fell out of it. #Godwink Let me tell you!!! THIS is something I’ve been working SO HARD on!!! Thanks for the reminder friend 😘 #dontstress

This was a God wink!! I love Trader Joe’s!! It’s soo amazing! Liberti is an angel who hears from God! #godwink #traderjoesflowers #myheartisfull

#Repost @whoiscz 👇🏾
You are known and loved.

I found this book on @sandhyaoaks shelf almost two years ago now. Since then, I’ve given it to every new-mom in my life at their baby shower! It’s the simplest and yet deepest children’s book I’ve ever read about love- the kind of “no matter where you go” love that God has for us. ❤️
Yesterday, @joyfullymrsjohnson brought it to my house and gave it to ME. 😭 Since this whole foster-mom journey began I’ve often thought of this book and how I needed to now get it for our home, too. But to receive it from a sweet friend, who didn’t even know just how much it’d mean to me, was yet another #GodWink in this whole fostering journey. 🙌🏾
Little did I know how SEEN I’d feel by receiving this book. One day I was just a 20-something writer, and the next I was suddenly a foster-mama with NO CLUE what I was doing... Getting this book has me feeling like a part of my identity, season & calling has been validated, acknowledged, & celebrated- not just by my dear friend, but even more so by the God who’s equipping me to do this, one day at a time. ❤️
May many littles in need of a temporary home, open these pages while in ours & be reminded of His deeper and even BIGGER love for them, wherever they may go. 🙌🏾

My morning run brought to me by Henderson, Nevada’s Cornerstone Park!! It’s beautiful out here!! 😍👣🏃‍♀️ #sunnyday #morning #run #vegas #henderson #cornerstone #windonmyface #feelssogood #sweat #bluejays #relaxing #friendship #godwink #gtc2018

This was one workout I wouldn't have missed for the WORLD. ⠀

First of all, @thechrisdowning is a prof trainer who was in my living room on that computer screen every single day during one of the hardest seasons of my life this past summer.
Fear. Sadness. Inadequacy. Transformation.
He helped me overcome it all.
He spoke through that computer screen to me so deeply, inspiring me, encouraging me, and showing me love during every single 25-45 minute workout. (He wasn't aware of this, of course. ;)⠀

So there was NO way I was passing up an early morning opportunity to work out live with him alongside my friends this morning. 😉

God knew I needed it because of THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE. ⠀
He circled us up. Had those who have been struggling with mental blocks or rejection come to the center of the circle. We put our sweaty arms around each other and he PRAYED over us. Yes, my fitness trainer prayed the most incredible prayer that spoke sooooo deeply to me and the person to my left and my right. ⠀

He prayed for us to recognize our potential. To use our gifts in alignment with his plan to touch / help MORE people. HIS people. 🙏🏻 the tears were flowing. ⠀

Whoa. I can't even begin to imagine how many God-wink opportunities like this I would be missing out on if I didn't say "yes" to coaching. And I don't want to ever have to. ⠀
Thankful for you, Chris, for showing up in your calling and using your gifts for others so we can pay it forward to others. 🖤💙🖤

We were graced today with a beautiful sundog while we were out on the playground #godwink #sundog #alaskanspring #play #sun

You know those moments when all of the seemingly “random” things just fall into place?! ⠀

When you can SEE and FEEL God working His way in your life, and you just have to sit back in awe in how good He is?!⠀

Well, this weekend we had one of those moments.⠀

We shared the whoooole story live today (you can watch it on our Instagram profile for the next 20ish hours!), but in short it went a little something like this:⠀

-We were married in the pouring rain, and our photographer @katemccarthy_photography shared an incredible photo of our first kiss (swipe to see her photo!)⠀
-Kate’s friend from a mission trip saw our photo, loved it, + decided to paint it (aaaaand swipe again 🙌🏼)⠀
-Kate shared @shalomsart’s painting with us, and Pete + I both ALMOST bought the painting for each other, but never did⠀
-MONTHS later, we just so happened to take a quick little, unexpected trip to San Diego⠀
-Pete JUST so happened to share a photo of Russ at Sunset Cliffs, that this said stranger just so happened to see⠀
-She JUST so happened to go to school RIGHT where we were and commented on his photo⠀
-We saw her comment JUST in time to grab her number before we logged off for our Sabbath Sunday⠀
-We wound up meeting up with Shalom for coffee + church the next morning and were able to buy this incredible painting from her in person⠀
-And now we’re blessed with a new friend + this incredible gift of a painting!⠀

GUYS - HOW AMAZING IS GOD?! The story is way better told via video (so go watch the live while it’s still up!) but still… we’re just so in awe of how everything came together. And now we get to cherish this painting of one of the most special times in our lives, for the rest of our lives!⠀

Oh, and none of this “just so happened” to come together. There are no coincidences. We don’t always get to see God working in our lives and recognize it in the moment, but when we do, man oh man does it just leave you so stinking grateful + in awe!

Hey Guys! @k2hagler here. Right at the end of this production journey I’ve experienced high adversity. I know this message is what God put in me to present to you. But the fight to get it out has been a strong one. As I walked pass a building earlier today- I noticed these little pinwheels pictured above. It dawned on me with a flood of tears streaming down my face that April is child abuse prevention month. My childhood was not what I would have ever imagined it to be which I talk more about in my book. Now I get to use my voice in part as an advocate for others around the world. I recognize this is a privilege and a problem for the devil. But I want him and his employees to know, I WONT BE STOPPED! This message will go forth, it will change lives, and souls shall be liberated in the name of J E S U S! April 30th represents so much more than a release date and I can’t wait to see what God will do through @whyshouldithebook! The end of a thing is better than its beginning! #sankofa #newbookcomingsoon #newauthor #getyourcopy #lessgoo #passthepinwheel #Godwink

Oh England 🇬🇧 #sunshine ☀️... thank you for peaking behind the clouds today. Thank you for a tiny bit of warmth and inspiration. Why yes I would like to work outside today! #hellosunshine #blessed #godwink #wahm #inspiration #inspire #nature #outside #outdoors #ireallyamamermaid #beachplease #spring #springtime #loveyourself #freedom #myoffice #workfromhome #makeyourownsunshine #greatness #militarywife #morethanjustamom

Rainbow surprises everywhere 🌈 Well played rainbow crew! Keep ‘me coming 😇

May we all be blessed with at least one AMAZING friend who inspires, motivates, and guides us to find our purpose. They show us what we never knew we needed and change us...FOR GOOD.
#friendshipsgoals #myblessing #motivatesme #changedme #foreverconnected

Ipsey delivery today!
Have I mentioned how we love butterflies? #godwink 🦋

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