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When you are praying and the answer seems not forthcoming, don’t despair. The Lord may be taking His time to consider your request in order to prepare you for the challenges or responsibilities ahead. #TBJoshua #GodsWord #Prayer #Sermon #Church #JesusChrist #AllAboutJesus #OneLifeForChrist #Encouragement #Wisdom #GodIsGood #JesusLives #SCOAN #EmmanuelTV

That Godly wisdom is like no other...

“Embrace this God life. Really embrace it, and nothing will be too much for you. This mountain, for instance: The guy who says, ‘Go jump into the sea!’ without shuffling or doubting in his heart while believing what he says is going to happen, from small to large. It can and will be done for him and also for you as you embrace this God-Life!” [Jesus] Mark 11:23

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Fearful decisions will always be based on what is best for ourself without regard for others. Loving decisions are always based on what is best for others without regard for ourself. When I️ say best for others, I️ mean truly best for them. That’s not always what they want, but I️t should always be what we believe is best for them at all cost. I️t may not be what we want either, but I️t should be what is best for them at all cost. I️t is so important that we make loving decisions, because loving decisions lead to a loving life, and fearful decisions lead to a fearful life. The consequences of a fearful life are hurting everyone around us in the process of destroying ourself. The consequences of a loving life are helping everyone around us while building ourself. It’s the opposite of how the world works, but that’s because the world is led by fear. Make loving decisions and live a loving life whether I️t gains you anything or not, and you may just find fruitfulness beyond your wildest dreams. That’s how love works. #strong #love #yourdestiny#yourdecision #you #your #shieldsofstrength #lovethem#Godsword #god #god

psalm 23.
the Shepherd guides His sheep with expert hands.
through the shadowed valleys
to the green fields and wide open space.
away from fearful thoughts and lonely nights.
and Your goodness follows,
and keeps following me…

The 1st in Church History Global Prophetic Summit! I am sitting next to Cindy Jacobs, Lou Engle & Chuck Pierce! Does it get any better than this on this side? 3 years ago I declared there would be an International Gathering of the Prophets as a celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Great Protestant Reformation! Well, the presence of God is thick! Praise the Lord! #destiny #godencounters #apce2017 #godsword #propheticinsight

"I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water." Psalm 63:1


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John 11:19-27 / Yohanes 11:19-27
Lazarus yg mati 4 hari akhirnya dibangkitkan oleh Yesus. Itu krn Tuhan berbelas kasihan, dan DIA melihat Marta juga Maria sebagai saudara yg ingat dan berseru kpd Tuhan dimasa kesusahan, dimasa saudara mereka mengalami kematian. Mereka mengalami mujizat. Bagi yang mau mengalami mujizat, cari & datang pada Yesus dgn percaya penuh spt Marta di ayat 22. Mari bangkitkan Imanmu, lihat pertolonganmu akan datang. AMIN. (Pembicara : Pdt. Melvin)

Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”
- 1 Corinthians 15:33 NIV
Bukan jepretan terbaik gua, mencoba menutupi kekurangan dengan masukin satu satu fotonya ke template adobe illustrator 😂
Taken with : Nikon D610 + AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G
Edited with : Adobe Lightroom
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Fun fact : lighting kedap kedip, the struggle is real.
Happy Sunday! Jesus bless you!

So many Deaf people don't know Christ. That is why Deaf Bible Society is excited about their partners in developing sign language Bible translations so that all Deaf people can see and know Christ. Our website deafbiblesociety.com (link in bio) has more details about this immense project!


The way it feels when a yet-to-be-seen season of your favorite show is available for streaming... Stranger Things anyone? Now, imagine that instead of a season of a show, it's a core of books in the Bible in your own language. But you don't yet have it all. You've read all the words of the books you do have and are desperate for more but it's not ready yet. How does it feel when more is available...in your own language?!⠀

Ralf and Ellie are serving the Dinangat Church and they're excited that 8 more books of the New Testament are ready to be printed to get into the hands of the believers. This is truly worth being excited about. Bible translation is incredibly difficult and time-consuming work. This will be such a blessing to these believers! This photo is Ralf and the Dinangat translation helpers.⠀

#ethnos360 #athrivingchurchforeverypeople

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