Just getting home from work such a beautiful day at the job i am truly enjoying being able to give experiences of greatness to those I encounter everyday on my cruises.
I thank God for the allowance to be able to have the ability to give back just a little bit of joy and cheer to each and every person I come across with.....what a blessing

Still no days off!!! ALWAYS have to find time to put that work in on all levels so here's to the start of my late nights early mornings

And yes I may be tired beat Restless but the expansion of my knowledge is critical to my life growth. WE all have to at some point in life ask ourselves one simple question....... "HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO YOU"

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I tried to convince Tucker yesterday that even though I know he’s super comfy on the inside, that Mommy snuggles on the outside are even better. Not sure that he’s buying it though 😂
Then Jason tried to coax him out last night with promises of epic light saber battles! 🙈😂 Still nothing. 🤷‍♀️
Ok, kiddo. You win. Let me know when you’re ready. We’ll see you soon enough 💙
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Be very careful what you pray for. You pray for patience, and Wow, God will test your patience like you couldn’t believe. It will all be worth it very soon, I know that. Nothing that lasts forever, comes to you instantly. Just like anything you gain instantly, will most likely be gone forever at some point. So I continue to just pray for more PATIENCE!! #patience #itdoespayoff #godstimenotmine #growth #27daysandcounting #lifechanging

What’s YOUR timeline? #GodsTimeNotMine Share your testimony! #GodsArmy

Sometimes I get ahead of myself.I forget that when things get hard...the teacher is always quiet during the test. His timing not mine. He’s taking me to a new level. Gods Plan 🙏🏼 #GoodMorningPost #GodsTimeNotMine #GodsPlan #HesWorkingOnMe #Trust #Faith #Blessed #Humble #BePatient #Grateful #SlowDown #TrustTheProcess #ToBeAwareIsToBeAlive #GodIsGood #Words #MondayMotivation #WalkByFaithNotBySight ❤️

Be On Time ⏰ & Prosper Spiritually🙏.
As promised see #IGTV for my personal testimony of the significant spiritual growth seen after I "CHOSE" to get to Church ⛪ on time.
I "CHOSE" to prioritise God.
Habitual Lateness is a bad habit just like over-eating is etc.
🔅Choose to change your mindset ➡️ plan & prepare ➡️be ready to leave early ➡️Be On Time.🔅
We can do it.
God has been teaching me as well on time management. I felt convicted that I endeavour to prioritise " being ON time." #godstimenotmine #ontime
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Lateness Affects 👉 YOU !
Apart from feeling guilty each time we are late; it's surely discouraging to oneself. Can you imagine not being able to master ONE thing👉 "being on-time".👈__
Our own conscience is affected by lateness(mine sure is) & so as Romans 14:23 says it can affect our Faith indirectly & give a false impression of sin by the unnecessary guilt and self condemnation🤷‍♀️.(Keep Trying😊)if that's you._________________.
Habitual Lateness generally has indirectly caused failures in other areas of life. With successful people generally well known for being ON TIME⌚⏰.👍
Others grow to accept being late whereas learning to plan ahead and live prepared is what God's word tells us.___________________________.
I personally pray 🛐{Father help me redeem my time}. Also obedience + mind renewal comes into it(Romans 12:2). Surely lateness is not God's will otherwise we would not have been taught about the unwise 5 virgins who were unprepared & eventually late(Matthew 25:11).
Ephesians 6:5-7 tells us "be obedient, serve with humility & doing service as Unto the Lord & not men." You being ON TIME & not late is🔅👉Service to God👈🔅. It's sacrificial and part of presenting Your Body as a LIVING sacrifice( Romans 12:1-2). It's that act of Faith : Lord I am here.
Better not get weary of this good thing as eventually You will reap the rewards(Galatians 6:10). Colossians 3:23 again asks us to "do things heartily as Unto God." I will share a personal testimony in #IGTV later on..
I conclude posts on Time🚫🔚⛔.
Thank you for reading them🙏(blog in development). God bless.
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Patience is key👌

Who is Affected By Lateness❔
(PART 2): Answer: Others
Can you imagine being told the Doctor or Teacher will be late? Many would say unprofessional ☹. In a church setting it is the same thing when we are habitually late. It is a sign of "not honouring others"(Romans 12:10) calls this brotherly love.
If we can rush to our paying jobs, parties , events etc but habitually fail to be 'ON TIME' for God this symptom is a sign of Our Honour & Reverence for God.
1 Samuel 16:7 tells us God looks at our heart motives. Lateness due to a hardened heart(no longer sensitive to it) or pride(I don't care) requires an introspective look at our relationship with God our Father.
God Rewards DILIGENT pursuit of Him( Hebrews 11:6) & I believe being 'ON TIME' for God is Faith in/with Action ↔️ God you are worth being in time for. Diligent & professional go together.
Habitual lateness is a sign of poor stewardship. If we reap what we sow as (Galatians 6:7) says surely we cannot expect promotion when we are always Late. Imagine that a Preacher/ Pastor who is always Late❔.
We are to do good especially in God's house as (Galatians 6:10) meaning master seeking the God's Kingdom 1st(Matthew 6:33) as this has greater rewards.
Habitual lateness is a sign of being non committed to God's instructions of bearing each other's burdens (Galatians 6:2). Teamwork is bearing each other's burdens and those that are late can not be relied on(fact).
The Lord challenged me with this scripture 👉 Hebrews 13:17 which asks Us to Obey & Submit to Leaders watching over your souls so they do it with Joy & not grief as it does not profit Us. They give an account about us. Imagine what will be said if you are habitually late🤔. PART 3 .....................coming up.
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The #breakthrough we’ve been waiting for is guaranteed by covenant. Be still and know He is God who loves us. He wants to give us our best. #waitonthelord. For those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like the eagles; Run and not be weary; walk and not faint. #genesis 15:8-21, #isaiah 40:31 #godisgoodallthetime #godspromises #godstimenotmine #lovingfather

Trying, but it will come in due time. I have faith! #godstimenotmine

I Love Devotionals! God always sends me a message when I need it! #istrugglewithpatience #Godstimenotmine #workingthroughthewait #wait

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