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from @jppaige - This is us then. 1 year ago tomorrow we were hit in a head on collision by a driver that fell asleep at the wheel. After 10yrs of trying to have a baby Juliana was my miracle. She was born via emergency c-section at 25 weeks. My placenta was abrupted by 70 percent & my uterus was filled with blood. Our doctor said it's a miracle we both survived. God definitely had us covered. In this photo my husband and I were both headed into surgery at the same time. His whole leg was crushed including his femur. Our nurses brought us together as we prayed and chose a name for our baby girl. We asked the doctors to please give our baby a fighting chance no matter what. We've come a long way in a year and we're so excited to share all the changes in a special family post tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for our family, watched Juliana grow and cheered us on. It means more than you guys will ever know. We're blessed & grateful. ❤️ #godsgrace #godsmercy #25weeker #infertility #webeatinfertility #nicu #nicubaby #WeddingsVille

“I’m not going to say that I beat the odds.. Everyday I wake up to pray and try to make decisions to continuously beat the odds..because anything can happen any given day in the hood” TW @jimmieblackjr @fat_gleesh @trayonwhite #IndiaFord @commissionercrawford @mrtonylewisjr and @bigwaxdc moderated by @djquicksilva. #GodsGrace

Striving & moving towards greatness might require an helper, tnx to God who is d ultimate helper. #godsgrace #2monthsanniversary #godisinvolved

New beginnings are always good.#caloriecounter #srilanka #healthyrestuarant #godsgrace

“There was a situation recently where someone stopped going to church and I thought to myself ‘I saw that coming.’ And I was judged in my thoughts. What was I doing to help this person? Did I bear them up in my thoughts? Did I pray for them? What did I do to help them? I was taken down quite a few notches when I thought that way. That’s probably happened more than once when someone has stumbled and everyone’s seen them stumble, and I immediately have proud thoughts.
That’s how we think as humans. ‘Better them than me. Too bad for them.’ Or ‘Good riddance. They were not a good example. I’m glad they’re gone.’ What a serious thing to have in your thoughts. But to actually have this love for the others where you can bear them up in your thoughts and pray for them and take it to the throne of grace and really fight for them. It’s such a contrast between judging a person by what we see, and we don’t see even a fraction of what is going on in another person. But judging them and bearing them in our prayers, there’s a massive difference there. I have experienced development in this area.
I have a long way to go, I know that. But it’s something I consciously work on. But I have experienced tremendous liberation. It is so good to come free from this! It’s a huge weight off my shoulders actually, when put into practice.” James (Canada)

"Whatever you have that God can not have defines your limit"
-UebertAngel #uebertangel #bebeangel #teamJesus #goodnews #godisgood #godsgrace #jointhemovement #spiritembassy


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