The comebacks the best part. Stay tuned. #bestisyettocome #goals #pureheart #godlovesme #positivevibesonly💯

So I’ve started this new thing at work during nap time. It’s called the love train. This is where one at a time kids come up to me for a hug and tells their favorite part about their day. My job is filled with a lot of stress as a teacher of 5 year olds. The sweet hugs balance it back out. What about you? How do you find balance in your day? ❤️

Yes He does! Now I need to keep believing. 🖤 This morning was Diana Ross disco morning 💃🏼. I love dancing. when I was little my mom would go to clubs disco dancing and then when she was home cooking or cleaning she would be listening to disco and she would grab me and start dancing with me it was so much fun. I have always had music in the house playing bc I grew up that way. But it has stopped these past couple of years but now I am starting to feel the dancing bug again so this morning I put it on and grabbed my son Cole and started dancing with him and he was laughing . It was fun. Also a good memory to pass down to my kids. 🖤🖤 💃🏼

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If you seek God, everything will be brought to new light and you shall not thirst! ❤️❤️

Always bring people up rather than push them down, this brings Glory to God! ❤️

First the good fight of the faith, do not be overwhelmed and breathe! 🙏🙏

#godlovesme That moment God comforts your heart. You can't help but fall in love with HIM again.

I need this verse when my chaotic life gets a little overwhelming.
#Peace #Godlovesme #busymomlife #chaosbutjoyful #beach #calmingmind

⬇️❤️Inspiration Below❤️✝️
Hey Revealers! Sometimes when we pray or show up to Church, we want some major life altering spiritual moment to happen! ❤️❤️
We are closing our eyes real tight, imagining Jesus Christ reaching out to us, and you just can’t get it, you just can’t that spiritual moment. 🤕🤕
Sometimes we have to realize that we are human beings, and as human beings, we are made to grow in increments! 🙏🙏
You don’t become a pro painter, pro football player, pro chess player over night! We don’t show up to football practice and say to ourselves, “Okay after this practice, I am going to start emailing the Patriots and let them know I have transcended into a pro.” 😂😂
God reveals to us as humans, we need to develop to grow in strength and skill. Sure there are some gifted people that pick up football like it is nothing, and sure there are people that get these spiritual moments...
But the average person needs cultivation to grow, and that is exactly what prayer should be, a time to cultivate your faith. 🙏🙏
You should not see prayer as only the key to a revolutionary experience, but a practice that you perform everyday to grow your faith! ❤️❤️
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Today is a good day.

NUNCA ESQUEÇA!!! Sua presença é um presente de Deus para o mundo.
Você é única e só há uma igual a você.
Sua vida pode ser o que você quer que ela seja.
Viva os dias, apenas um de cada vez.
Conte suas bênçãos, não seus problemas.
Você os superará, venha o que vier.
Dentro de você há muitas respostas.

Compreenda, tenha coragem, seja forte.
Não coloque limites em si mesma.
Muitos sonhos estão esperando 
para serem realizados.
As decisões são muito importantes 
para serem deixadas ao acaso.
Alcance seu máximo e o seu melhor.
Nada consome mais energia 
do que a preocupação.

Quanto mais tempo se carrega um problema, 
mais pesado ele fica.
Viva uma vida de serenidade, 
Lembre-se que a amizade é 
um investimento sábio.
Os tesouros da vida são todas as pessoas.

Perceba que nunca é tarde demais.
Faça coisas simples de uma forma simples.
Tenha saúde, esperança e fé.
Encontre tempo para agradecer,
E nunca, jamais esqueça por sequer um dia
Quanto você é especial!😘❤️ #fé #deusébomemtodotempo #eletanocontroledetudo #viver #omelhor #assembleiadedeus #resiliencia #persistencia #acreditar #sempre #godlovesme #gratidao #portudo

The best peace can only be given by the one up above! ❤️
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