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"Regardless of who believes in your journey, believe in the work you put in" #GodisEverything #TheGetBack 🏀🙌🏾

¿de qué le sirve a un hombre ganar el mundo entero y perder su alma? Creo que muy pocos personas tienen conciencia de esto, de que un día nos iremos... estas son preguntas para analizarnos esto me incluye a mi... Estás tú trabajando para ganarte la Verdadera vida con Papa? Analicemos que estamos haciendo para El, piensas en El? Hablas con El? Le encomiendas tu vida y la de los tuyos a diario? Lo pones en primer lugar como el primer Mandamiento?? Estás haciendo las cosas correctas?? Pides perdón por tus ofensas? Amas a tu prójimo como a ti mismo?? Das a los demás?? 🙇‍♀️ #tiempoparareflexionar es un buen día para comenzar hacer las cosas de acuerdo a su voluntad 🙏❤️ #godfirst #godbless #godisgreat #godiseverything #jesusholic 🕊❤️

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I get calls, texts, emails, DMs and inboxes from my friends and sometimes strangers who ask me to talk to them about PAIN.
I always say that the harsh reality of pain is that it always demands to be felt. Sigmund Freud said, ''unexpressed emotions never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.'' That is why some people are normally rude. Rudeness is a weak person's imitation of strength.
Someone said that what pains you will always reoccur until you learn what it's supposed to teach you. When you are in pain, sit down and concentrate on it. You are told to never forget 3 people: Those that put you in a situation, leave you in a situation and help you in a situation. How will you decipher these people if you don't focus on the pain you feel? Also, when you cry focus on the eye that sheds the first tear; right eye-joy, left eye-pain, both eyes-frustration. Moreover, anger is normally a silent cry of pain.
Anyway, when you are in pain and reach the ''why me?'' phase, you are lucky because you just captured God's full attention and He is all ears. I pray that when you are here you feel like going somewhere and your shoes are under your bed so you have to kneel down to get them. When you are in that position may the pain strike you deep that you remember you are kneeling down and talk to God. Rant and cry your heart out the way you want. You won't be the first one. Job did the same thing; the Bible says God heard his cry and came to his rescue. Psalms 34:18 says ''The LORD is closest to the broken-hearted and He rescues those crushed in Spirit.'' This is why after crying to God you always feel good. He gives you inner healing on the spot.

BULL BROTHERS!!! @bigmijo28

Heavenly Father wants to help you but you have to work hard before he blesses you. Life would be to easy if it were any other way.
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Education before Recreation not sometimes but all the times! @holdyourweight_ @blueswee20 thanks again brother for coming give the kids the knowledge of being a hard worker!!!! #reachforthestars #godiseverything @reachingforthestars__

City That Never Sleeps.


Buenas noches ! 🙏🏻💯 #GodIsEverything

City That Never Sleeps.

Summer vibes.

The Peak.

She gets the pleasure of having the best most annoying Lil sister she has never asked for 😊 and I most certainly got a big sister, supporter and best friend I could not have asked for better! CHI it's been oh soooo beautiful 😘 #legacydisciple it was nothing short of life changing !! Feeling refreshed and ready to work and love on my city ❤️❤️#travelers #philly #poet #poetryislife #artist #best #dontplay #godiseverything

Tips in building up on your bench, power chest press. Increases bench by so much. #bodybuilding #powerlifter #ready #2017 #football #wvu #wvufootball #hardwork #determined #blessed #godgivesmestrength #Godiseverything

Education before Recreation not sometimes but all the times! @holdyourweight_ @blueswee20 thanks again brother for coming give the kids the knowledge of being a hard worker!!!! #reachforthestars #godiseverything @reachingforthestars__

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