Lawd when I say I've had some challenging times recently. BUT I know God is My God and will fight every battle that comes my way. So while it may appear that I let things go or am easy going...I'm being obedient and I understand the principle of karma "Biblically speaking" people surely will get what they sow. I'm still UNBOTHERED.


This @americanair experience has been a horrible cluster hot mess. I’ve never experienced such travel difficulties and disorganization. This has been going on nearly a week here in @charlottenc , caused by issues in the computer system. While this has been quite unpleasant to say the least, 1. We’ve met some awesome people like @sax.symbol and @walkingwookie 2. The staff of the airline have done their best to accommodate the displaced people 3. (Not least) God has shown us favor and worked everything out. He always does.
#leavingonajetplane #iwannagohome #tiredmama #GodIsAlwaysFaithful

One of our writers tell of what it was like when her parents marriage fell apart: "I honestly never thought it would happen to me! Some of my friends' parents had split up when I was at school and later on the marriage of a couple of slightly older friends broke down. But I thought that my family was stable and that my parents were the perfect picture of a long and happy marriage (of course no marriage is actually perfect). You can read more of this article by following the link in our bio.  #marriage #parents#divorce #hurt #Godisalwaysfaithful #perfect #imperfect

트랙맨 첫개시를 내가 하다니😍
역시 우리 제이프로님 최고👍🏻
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#Golfswing #Analyzing #트랙맨 $25,000 #ㅎㄷㄷ
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해 길어져서 #좋아 #여름좋아 #Godisalwaysfaithful

1. Character
2. Courage
3. Contribution
Mix it how you want,YOU are a masterpiece!
God is always faithful #faithful #courage #contribution #character #mixitup #behringer #godisalwaysfaithful #masterpiece

My tribe is blessed...as we honor fathers on this day, I have to give honor to my co-parenting partner, Keith. He is an amazing daddy. He gives ALL to raising our daughters without any complaints. He has their back and protects them. Our daughters know real love because they have been shown it daily. S/O to my husband, Michael for being a support and friend to our babies!

So... my 30th birthday is next month - I'm so stinkin excited!! Like seriously. For my birthday this year, I'm raising funds for my Husband, Marc Villafuerte for the upcoming missions trip in 2019 to Perú with @missionsme. In a way of celebration with me, I hope you'd considering a donation of any amount instead of gifts (do 30 yrs olds still gets gifts?!!🤔) I love my husband so much and I really want to share this with him, I know how much this missions trip means to him!
Thank you so, so much 🤗 for considering and celebrating my life this year! May daddy God bless you in abundance ☺
(( I know this year is going to be amazing. And God knows, maybe next year 👪 😨 haha))
Here's the link - also in bio**

Love the people in my life so thankful for each of them never hold on to grudges forgive and love unconditionally without judgement or anything in return love life ❤️💓💪🏽
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Another day to be grateful. #nofilter #Godisalwaysfaithful #Cebu #Philippines

When your H.S. senior gets into the National Society for High School Scholars (NSHSS) and is simply rocking her high school career along with her sister who is a sophomore while your oldest daughter who is a recent college graduate landed her second job in her new state paying her own bills in her apartment without any help...FREAKIN AWESOME. The days I sacrificed staying home for 15 years raising my daughters and homeschooling them for 3 years are paying off. God is ALWAYS faithful...I was obedient without knowing the full plan and He is rewarding me greatly! And S/O to my amazing co-parenting partner...He also sacrificed and sowed into their success!


Happy #friday Tag someone who understands!! 💗💫

I'm celebrating the men in our lives...my daddy, my girls daddy and my husband! With so much going on, I am thankful for the covering that we have and how blessed we are to have such strong, reliable, supportive, wise, hardworking, intelligent and loving fathers!

I choose to believe in sudden #Miracles and unexpected #blessings💗💫

Take notice what’s worth your time and be aware of those #energyvampires 💗💫

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