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My Faerie magazines came in. Beautiful inspiring photos and articles.💕#faeriegoddess#faeriemagazine#faeriemagick#goddesswarriors

Mothers and daughters and I'm the tallest one! #goddesswarriors

It's blurry. Like life sometimes. We are teenagers in this pic. My gorgeous magical unicorn warrior mommy friend Shannon. The light of her son's life. I got news from her today I did not want to hear. My heart breaks for her. Cancer SUCKS. I will not let it suck our fun circuits dry, so I will be bringing boatloads of glitter to her bedside and we will laugh. We will cry. And I will love her with my whole heart forever. I do believe in miracles and I'm praying for a big one. She's a total bad ass and makes my life brighter. Today on the phone she reminded me of the fact that I have Joy in every minute of my days. I hope this reminds you too. #friendslove 🦄💜✨🦋 sending you love on wings of butterflies @fightlikeamother can't wait to see you very soon XOXO #warriormom #unconditionallove #goddesswarriors #joyfuldays

Thanks @fabletics for our gift bags - those towels and water bottles are getting a lot of use this weekend at our tahoe fitness retreat! #sweatrepublicsf #retreatyoself #fitnesswithfriendsisfun #goddesswarriors #fableticsmaster

My office.view is always this beautiful. I'm talking to 3 goddesses who want to start this business. This is the way. Stop over thinking this business and call me. Replace your fears with Fun and freedom. #lightworker #goddesswarriors #funclub #badmoms

@sarocthemc I MUST SAY IM 45 and she is the #greatest #lyricist I've ever heard and if @sunnipatterson was a rapper it be the greatest show on Earth. THE LIBERATION OF MIND BODY SPIRIT true #Asafo #GoddessWarriors I salute these two with my life their intent is so pure if they said Lazarus I need you to kill I accepts orders from the Spirit of their beings. 👊🏾👑💪🏾#RBG @thirdeyenagainc

Beautifully inspiring women in my life 🙏🙌 so much love for you both!❤️❤️❤️😘😘 when you put three unstoppable women together, their bound for a life filled with magic and abundance #abundanceflowswhereenergygoes #goddesswarriors #onaspiritualquestforevolution


Self care as a MUST in ones’ life....even though it can be a challenge to carve out that time, my yearly yoga retreat at Geneva Park @ymcasm always such an incredible retreat of nourishment, rest, connecting with beautiful souls and opening the heart....#genevapark #yogaretreattings #yoga #restore #rest #mamaneedsabreak #cleanliving #ylessentialoils #glowingskin #aeracuraesprit #toronto #vaughan #love #diy #goddess #goddessskin #goddesswarriors #whoruntheworld #wonderwoman #beautycare #skincare #naturalskincare #diyskincare #iputthatshitoneverything #nature #bestfriendsforever

Take control, #GoddessWarriors! Say yes to only yourself and your higher power. Say, “No more,” to what no longer serves you. #sundaymorning #letitgo #yougotthis #today #livefortoday #nodaybuttoday #strongcommunity #ibelieveinyou

Diffusing a new little flower diffuser in my car while I drive on the road for work.....keeping the vibes high and staying focused...love my blend “Abundance” by #YoungLiving 🙌🏼❤️ #chemicalfree #cleanliving #ylessentialoils #glowingskin #aeracuraesprit #toronto #vaughan #love #diy #goddess #goddessskin #goddesswarriors #whoruntheworld #wonderwoman #beautycare #skincare #naturalskincare #diyskincare #iputthatshitoneverything #mycarsmellsamazing #salesqueen #hittheroad #highvibesonly

I admit I haven’t been on social media recently, for good reason. And, it wasn’t meant to coincide with Halloween/Samhain/Dia de los Muertos.
Though it's reared up over the years, both my Twin Flame, Stacey, and I saw his demon up close and personal in the past few days.
Like, literally. In an x-ray, in fact.
The thing with Dark Energies is that the person who has them needs to get to a point where they want to release from them, which isn't always the easiest thing. They usually need to be pushed to a certain point of discomfort in order to want to do something about it.
A few days ago, I called out the Darkness within my Loved One. I pointed at him, and bellowed, “I am speaking to the Darkness within Stacey Alomar. I SEE YOU. And, I see what you are trying to do – get to me, get to My Love (Stacey), get to our sacred union. And I am NOT having it! And, My Love, deep in his heart, sees this, too!”
Stacey dashed to the bathroom soon after, violently vomiting uncontrollably, and non-stop. Blood showed up in his vomit, and when he went to the bathroom.
Alarmed, he went to the emergency room to get medical assistance. I knew that whatever had been residing in him was in his system at the blood level, which is deep, and that It was starting to leave.
As I knew, after a barrage of tests, he checked out fine. Though, his doctors called his x-ray "spooky".
When I asked what he meant by that, I learned that both Stacey and the doctors saw in his x-ray the face of a woman, with long hair, peeking out from behind his lungs. The doctors laughed it off afterwards as faulty film.
But, My Love was shaken at his core.
So much so, that he has been uber receptive to whatever methods and wisdom I had to impart to release this Darkness from his system. So, it's been a Festival of Cleansings, Light Code Activations, Cord Cutting, and invoking the LoveLight up in Casa de Alcantara!
The reason I’m sharing this with you is because we Goddess Warriors are being called to reclaim our planet, NOW. The Darkness is real... (Continued in comments, below👇🏽)

Be my special guest tonight on our weekly empowerment call 💪🏼 Contact me for call details 📲 972.802.5559 or DM me.
Se mi invitada especial en nuestra llamada semanal de empoderamiento 💪🏼 Contáctame para detalles de la llamada 📲 972.802.5559 #goddesswarriors #letsgrow

Goddess. Warrior. Doula. Advocate. Mother. I've seen this situation play over in my head since leaving the hospital this morning and I am so honored to service this family. De'Vonna Pittman has been a mother/sister/friend to me and I love her so much and she helped me birth Mothering Through Pain and Suffering in Silence. Tazz Ne'Cole is my sister and sorority sister and when she said Alexis Bentley was having a baby I promised to work with her and do everything in my power to advocate for a safe birth, healthy baby and mama. Today I had to flex my warrior muscles and advocate and I will continue to do that for Black Mothers and families as I serve with Ma'at Birth Services. @irockmy_natural
Here I was engaging with an IBCLC who mentioned that giving the baby formula is not the worse thing... I had to explain that as an advocate of breastfeeding it's common knowledge that exposing a Breastfeeding baby to formula is horrible for many reasons including compromising the babies immune system, jeopardizing the mother's ability to breastfed for a long period of time because the foreign substance expands the babies immune system and compromises their organs and lastly it was against the mother's wishes and violated her rights so it is the worst that can happen.
WOW. I'm so proud of everyone involved in the family.
#ChocolateMilkWarriorGoddess rights. #StandForSomething #BlackMothersMatter #BlackWombsMatter #HumanRights #MothersRights #Doulas #GoddessWarriors Mothering Through Pain and Suffering in Silence #BreakTheSilence #BreakTheCycle #MotheringThroughPain "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality."

This was a lovely day for little wings and I, under the greetings of the sun ☀️ we were met by Father Wind 🌬and welcomed by Mother Earth🍃. We met with a community of friends and family from one hour to the next we danced in large circles, took ceremonial rounds around a sacred fire, shot a bow and arrow or two, and cleansed our spirits. I'm not sure if she and I will be able see everyone again since it is a rarity to gather the adults and children together all at once. This was a day to remember for 2017. #shethepeople✊🏽#shewolfpack🐺 #goddesswarriors 🏹#beautifullywoven🕸

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