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I find myself awash with gratitude for yesterday's Re-Vision Your Purpose workshop with @eilyaurora! We had the profound privilege of holding space and guiding women to blast past terror barriers and reach their highest potential through gathering, sound, song, yoga, reiki and constellation work in the beautiful Heart of Bragg Creek space @theheartofbraggcreek. Thank you to all of the Goddesses who were courageous, to Amarin, her space, and delicious and nourishing lunch, to Young living oils and to Saraswati and the power of the Divine Feminine to flow like the river and fly like the hawk. Namaste. This is my life. This is my purpose. #goddesspath #yleo #manifest #awe #oilygoddess

My heart is full today, and images in my feed keep moving me to tears: ancient Goddess temples, generations of strong and beautiful women. I light a candle in gratitude, and in the hope that women will be honored for their strength, and that temples of Goddesses will no longer be just ancient artifacts. May it be so.
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U love U
#Repost @nehandarusere
I am learning to love every little inch of my juicy feminine body...
No longer fearing my sensuality...
Feeling good in my body is my birthright...
There is no fear , shame or guilt to feel about this...
Sometimes I run from being in my body
Because it holds pain and it reveals the truth to me always...which at times I'm not ready to feel or deal with...
And this is ok...
This is natural reaction but we must
Always trust there is healing within the body...
A whole universe to be explored and felt inside my body...
The feminine body by nature is designed to be a pleasure center...
But for centuries it has been a source of pain...
So I get it why our natural instinct is to
run from our bodies and treat them badly...
But how long can you run from yourself?

How long can you avoid the inevitable?
Healing my body and learning to deeply love it has been a beautiful journey of self discovery and a source of great power within me...
I no longer live with expectations that my body needs to look a certain way...
I trust it to to what it needs to...
My job is to be greatful for it, listen and treat it well,
To Live well and in aligenment with my greater being and to act accordingly...
Naturally the more embodied you become , the sexier you get...
Ironically everything we are taught about sexiness doesn't actually make you sexy but being in your body just does...
Because naturally when you are grounded and in your body, you exude a calm and centeredness that makes others feel good when they are in your presence.
You tend to move through life with grace and ease... You also tend move more have more range of movement and natural expression which is hella sexy... So become best friends with your body and bring your authentic sexy back...
~Nehanda Yemaya Rusere

Photograph by @mwenya mwanasabamba

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✨Today's Excerpt: The Potentials of the Soul by channeler Jane Roberts ✨
"Now, often the ego acts as a dam, to hold back other perceptions - not because ti was meant to, or because it is in the nature of an ego to behave in such a fashion, or even because it is a main function of an ego, but simply because you have been taught that the purpose of an ego is restrictive rather than expanding. You actually imagine that the ego is a very weak portion of the self, that it must defend itself against other areas of the self that are far stronger and more persuasive and indeed more dangerous; and so you have trained it to wear blinders, and quite against its natural inclinations. 
The ego does not want to understand and interpret physical reality, and relate to it. It wants to helo you survive within physical existence, but by putting blinders upon it, you hamper its perception and native flexibility. Then because it is inflexible you say that this is the natural function and characteristic of the ego. 
It cannot relate to a reality that you will now allow it to perceive. It can poorly help you to survive when you do not allow it to use its abilities to doscover those true conditions in which it must manipulate. You put blinders upon it, and then say that it cannot see." (Seth Speaks, P. 95)  Thanks 📷 @oscarrajo #sethspeaks #janeroberts #lawofone

And a well deserved bath...
I keep bathing in the love that is pouring and pouring on me and I would be blind if I were to ignore it.
Blessed to be a lover.

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"Look what the goddess does when she is sad: she takes up a tambourine, made of taut skin and rimmed with castanets of brass, and she begins to dance...she finds the wildness in herself, and as she does, she finds that there is joy there too." Euripedes, quoted in The Goddess Companion by Patricia Monaghan
It's been a rough few weeks, mostly just mood-related stuff rather than outer circumstances, but I decided to give the goddess's solution a try and got a tambourine today. 😄
Tambourine is a Remo Fiberskyn (very inexpensive, but has a good sound!). Mini goddess by @brigidsgrove.
. . .
#womensspirituality #goddesspath #whenwomenweredrummers #divinefeminine #goddessspirituality

Remember, you cannot abandon what you do not know. To go beyond yourself, you must know yourself. ~Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Good morning dears, 🙏🌸 What is your wish for today? I wish to cherish every moment of being a mother. Navaratri festival has started yesterday. This Indian festival is all about celebrating the Mother goddess,her victory, her great love and wisdom!!!! I sit here after my morning meditation with a cup of herb tea.....Feeling a deep sense of humility and gratitude!
I always thought I will die young, because I was severely ill as a child. I had four near death experiences before the age of ten and death became a very familiar territory for me. Still..... In my heart, I was a dreamer. I wanted to live, I wanted to live to see the world. And my other great wish was to live from my truth and purpose, remind myself and everyone the value of life and learn them all I know of love! And my secret wish was to be a mother 💕💕 So today I take time to celebrate all that life has generously gifted me. Life is incredible. Make the most of today, beautiful souls. Be love.Be kind 🙏😍
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I have a new post on my blog about using tarot with prayer beads. I used this technique last night and I love it! I had to bring out my Halloween Tarot, because it's never too early, right? 🎃 Blog: earthwaterspirit.com.
. . .
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✨Understanding is deeper than knowledge. There are many people who know you, but there are very few who understand you.💫 Cristy Cali jewelry is designed with ❤️ in New Orleans 🔱Explore, discover more at www.CristyCali.com! Thanks for sharing & supporting a local artist ☺️#cristycalijewelry  #cristycali#neworleans #lawofattraction

I just added a couple new pocket prayer beads, including this wolf with agate beads and an amethyst with a goddess knot charm (scroll to see them all). I especially love this wolf! Link to shop in profile. .
#goddesspath #goddessrosary #paganrosary #paganprayerbeads #goddessprayerbeads #goddessspirituality #womensspirituality

A Priestess is a serious role, and in ancient times took years to achieve. Now-a-days, you have all kinds of weekend classes of how to become a Priestess and thats just unreal...a Priestess is made from the inside out. The watering down of sacred paths needs to be stopped...
Bring sacredness back!

#goddesspath #goddess #ancestors #occult #witch #oldways #thecraft #priestess #keeptraditionalive

As the moon went into Cancer tonight, emotions began to surface. With things popping up right now, it's very evident there are some things that are still left. With all the work I've done, it seems something was buried deep.
Being in the emotional waters, you either swim or sink....I'm swimming as hard as i can. I am feeling that nuturing Cancer energy and riding that wave. Much clarity was brought to me during this time away. Its time to deal with the garbage and move along.
Now is the time!

#shadowwork #shadowself #goddesspath #cleanvessels

My 49th birthday and onset for this next year of life on Earth was greeted with so much loving nature surrounding me wherever I went. As an earth sign in Virgo, my connection to life has expanded as the goddess within awakens to embodying Divine Mother more and more. #49 #virgo #multidimensionalwoman #goddesspath #mamaolana #motherearth ##olanabarros

When you gently touch, smell and feel the flower...... And let it be in the lap of mother nature, your heart and soul expands, along with that you can feel the energy of the flower expanding. Such is the magic of compassion. May we be able to be kind and gentle to all beings around us. May we allow ourselves to be in the present moment.
Today I have a full day in my center. I bow in deep sense of gratitude! 💜💜💜🙏 Be love. Be kind 💕🙏
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✨Today's Except from Native American author Jamie Sams✨ "That night I was shown that all the energy in the universe is neutral. We are the human conductors that Direct energy through our thoughts. If we use words to label emotion, or energy in motion, the energy begins to transform, becoming the embodiment of our judgments. If we think and direct our opinions towards anything we feel energetically, the form of the energy will change into the thought that was sent. Our thoughts, opinions, and judgments direct energy, which responds by manifesting the exact changes that our thoughts contain." She closes beautifully with, "The crowning lesson of the fourth path teaches us that all energy in the universe is neutral and can be accessed if we hold the proper alignment found in the unbiased perspective. The human consciousness is able to use that universal, neutral energy when it refrains from taking on the mental judgments of being seen as good or bad." (P. 160, Dancing The Dream) Special thanks 📸@hunterthomasphotography #hunterthomasphotos #jamiesams #nativeamerican #spirituality #growth

I make the prayer beads, Winnie blesses them (or sleeps on them, same thing?). 😹
#paganrosary #paganprayerbeads #goddessrosary #goddessprayerbeads #goddesspath #goddessspirituality

✨ Today's Excerpt "Being Respectful" by Native American author, Jamie Sams ✨
"Sometimes family situations can create confusion and despair. We return home to realize that Uncle Harry still treats us like a 2-year old. Mother and Father may talk to us as if they believe we have nothing important to say. Another relative may openly criticize our behavior, lifestyle, appearance, or life choices and not realize how cruelly it damages our newfound sense of well-being. 😞 No one is quicker to bring up old issues or half-forgotten pain than member's of one's own family. 
Our choices of responses to these situations may range from humility to open rebellion. 🌟 The initiation in this situation lies in CHOOSING HOW TO RESPONd. We can choose to be hurtful and retaliate with rage, or we can choose not to respond at all. Serving our family does not mean criticizing their lifestyle or behavior. We serve in many ways, but we always serve with dignity when we return love in the face of conflict maintaining an attitude of respect." 🌟 (Dancing The Dream,, P. 47-48) 
Thanks 📷 @hunterthomasphotography #hunterthomasphotos #dancingthedream #jamiesams #nativeamericanspirituality

Beautiful soulful beings, Let us all join together in prayers! Let us pray for our world and extend our love and compassion to each and everyone who is afraid to lose or has lost their home or loved ones because of hurricanes, war and earthquake.🙏 May there be peace on earth!
May we be able to stand together and reach out with nothing but love in our hearts.
💜💜💜 Be love. Be kind!
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Cristy Cali is a diverse line of fine jewelry designed with the intention of bringing a sense of comfort and happiness through your connection to the design. Cristy pays very close attention to world events, ancient history, symbolism, spirituality, self empowerment, and many more themes so there is something special for everyone. For example, if you grew up in New Orleans, you know how special those memories of grandma and grandpa taking you to get a snowball. Or how prevalent Banana Trees are around town. The designs are designed to bring joy, happiness and comfort into your life based on your own unique individual experiences. We hope you find happiness in Cristy's jewelry as she continues on her journey to bring more pieces designed with love. #cristycali #cristycalijewelry #bananatree #snowballs #queenofhearts #neworleansdesigner #followyournola

You can die wondering, or give it a shot. ☺️ Trying different things in pursuit of passion does not imply you are a quitter... like some people made me feel growing up. I tried out for gymnastics, took tennis and piano lessons - didn't stick. Shit, I even tried out for my high school's dance 💃 team and didn't make the cut. I was curious . How would I know if I had a knack for something or fell in love with something if I didn't try? My father bought me my first dirt bike in 1996. I still have scars on my elbows from a bad fall when I was 10 years old. 😩 but I got right back up and kept going with blood running down my arms. One of the biggest theme-lessons my father taught me growing up was how to be tough and while I may disagree with some of his tactics now that I'm an adult, I am forever grateful and appreciative for the positive lessons learned from him. 😊 I grew up feeling a tug-of-war battle between my femininity, being this "tough kid" my father wanted me to be, and what society and culture deemed as acceptable for a young lady. I had a hard time finding a peaceful balance being a strong, tough woman but yet sincere, educated, sophisticated and comfortable with my sexuality. Through the years, I have felt myself slowly blossom and evolve into a woman capable of balancing all of these characteristics. Personally, I believe there will never be a point in my life where I'm content, because we live in a limitless universe and there will always be room for more growth in the light of love. 🌹 Thanks 📷 @hunterthomasphotography #hunterthomasphotos #cristycali
 #goddesspath #selfempowerment #divinefeminine #balance #yingyang #lawofone #lightworker

Day7- Water Source🌲 In the last period I tried to change my tradition and my ways of practicing, but she is the only thing I love! Nature is my Goddess, and my Goddess is my water source of life! #septemberwitchphotochallenge #paganism #mothernature #mothergoddess #shamanism #traditionalwitchcraft #goddesspath #nature #naturelovers #water #tree #photography #iloveit #mylife

The Eye of the Storm collection was designed in 2015 when I introduced the Katrina Anniversary Edition for the 10 year anniversary on August 25, 2015. There are still a handful of Katrina Anniversary Editions, and once they sell out they're gone forever. All the profits from the Katrina Anniversary line goes to Animal Rescue of New Orleans (ARNO).🐶🐱 As a momma to FIVE furbabies, my babies mean the world to me and I know so many people out there have the same compassion and love for animals as I do.❤️ #KatrinaAnniversary #EyeoftheStorm #rebirth #evolution #growth #cristycali #cristycalijewelry

Art PRINTS & original available. In my etsy shop..one of my many Goddess paintings...❤ I also take commissions on your personal Goddess or You as Goddess portraits....

Patron Goddess of lost souls and abandoned souls...
Dirt covered
Eternal Beating heart
Transformed by fire
The lap
Walked upon
The black of night
Holds your heart
The valley for your tears
The barren
The unbroken
Ever rising & renewing
The diversity 
The oneness
Give it to your Mother. She has seen it all. She created it all. She can transform it all

Approx 9x12

This is an art print. If you desire the Original ($68) convo me and I'll create a listing for you.
If you'd prefer her on a candle for your altar, I create these as well. .

My books towards women's spiritual awakening also in my etsy. ❤

Dreamalittledesigns.etsy.com or link in bio
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