Tanner’s finished #goddessgrid from this morning. ❤️

Rosehips tell of longing
and coreopsis of exuberant joy.
Ironweed knows tenacity
and sunflower sings of hope.
A symphony of color
arising from stony ground. 💚
I made this #goddessgrid thinking of community and wishing for peace, harmony, and connection. After I finished and had taken most of my pictures, I noticed I’d lost one of the yellow flowers from my pattern, leaving a gap in the edge. It felt frustrating to me and even like a “bad sign,” since I was building this for community and then it was “messed up.” But, then I reflected that the patterns of a community are rarely “perfect” and symmetrical and there are often bumps and wobbles in the fabric of connection we weave with one another. Continuing to build and work and connect and hope and trust in spite of the wobbles (or missing flowers) is actually one of the most important lessons of all. 💚
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It is a wondrous universe. Walk in beauty. Be alert to magic. Keep your eyes open. Plant things. Create. Grow. 💚
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I hit my limit. The photo on the left is from yesterday, from the first step I took out onto the rocks yesterday morning. All those tiny brown things are ticks. There were hundreds of them on my foot/shoe, they had dropped onto me from some grass in a ball of squirming grotesquery that rapidly disbursed into each individual tick crawling all over my foot, trying to find a tasty spot. This morning, I stayed on the deck, looking wistfully down the path into the woods. I made myself feel better by making a pretty #goddessgrid using things I could reach from the deck and admiring the way the morning sunlight made patterns across it. I do love morning sunshine! ☀️

I walk the crescent moon
Plant the seeds and wait to bloom.

I dance the crescent moon
Change is coming, making room.

I sing the crescent moon
Weave intention with her loom.
What do you need to release or shed? To soak in the cleansing waters? Where is your power? Are you dancing with it and into it?
Simple new moon ritual outline here: http://www.brigidsgrove.com/creative-spirit-circle-new-moon-ritual/
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What are you growing? What needs your focus?🔺Sometimes the path is a winding one on which you must listen deeply to your heart’s meanderings. What do you hear when you listen to yourself? ❤️
I’m getting ready for a social media break (interesting to witness how much prep this takes instead of just pulling the plug!) and these were my cards of the day. The runes in particular were spot on—if I’m going to plant what I want to plant and grow what I need to grow, I know I need the time, mental space, and energy to really focus on those things. .
The ritual recording for the #CreativeSpiritCircle this week includes some thoughts and mid-year musings on keeping one’s promises to oneself, on keeping first things first, and on daily practices: http://www.brigidsgrove.com/midyear-musings/ .
I made the recording last year and I’m happy to report that the “challenge” I issue in it (to do what I really want to do *first* in the day instead of saving it to “reward” myself with later in the day once I’m tired and out of time) is one I personally accepted and have upheld. It feels good to keep my promises to myself. ❤️
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Surprise labyrinth the I the St. Vrain River outside of Lyons, CO. #naturegoddess #theriverflows #goddessgrid #lemuriansisterhood #peaceinthetrees #labyrinthenergy

“I make art to show my soul I’m listening.” A few years ago I saw this quote online and really identified with it. Today while working we were talking about the “whys” of our work and how in both my priestessing and our art I am unwilling to make the kinds of extravagant promises or claims that I’ve seen some spiritual entrepreneurs make about their products or services. That said, we are so honored and privileged to be a small part of so many people’s sacred stories and to hear and see pieces of their journeys. Our little goddesses serve people in countless ways as reminders of their own strength, of touchstones for their commitments, of symbols of their promises, of things they want to remember about themselves or the world, of focuses for their intentions, and they also so often form a conduit or connection to a direct, embodied, experience of the sacred, of divinity, that we find ourselves humbled and astonished at the mystery and the magic of what we are allowed to take part in, and how it moves through us and into your hands. ❤️
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When you create your own birthday "grid" to help you accomplish the things you want to accomplish, get where you want to get, and be who you are without apology. Happy birthday to me!!! 💖🎂💖 And thanks to @brigidsgrove for all of the lovely goddesses they make that help me to be braver, and more creative, in following my true path!! #birthdaygirl #birthdaymonth #authenticself #goddessgrid #brigidsgrove

A goddess grid for Mercury retrograde. May it be merciful. 😂
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This rune may be literal or metaphorical. Do you really need to clean something out/up/away? Do you need to declutter, unload, remove possessions? Or, do you need to clear out old patterns and habits, thought processes, unwelcome experiences?
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Fresh starts. New beginnings. Possibility. Potential. Ripe with promise. The circle is where it all begins. ⭕️ What is beginning for you? What do you need for yourself?
Do you feel a sense of potential and promise? ⭕️
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How do you feel when you’re standing in your power? Dancing in your power? BE-ing in your power? What it would take for you to feel this way most of the time? (And would you want to?)
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Last year at the beach, I made seashell mandalas using the paper mandala templates we give away in the #CreativeSpiritCircle. It was during our long beach walks that the idea of making wooden mandalas instead came to us and we plotted and dreamed of the many things we could make with a laser and some wood. So, it was fun to bring one of them back in wood this year and set it up in the sand, under an overcast sky, with a backdrop of wavesong. 🌊💙🌊
http://brigidsgrove.com/come-join-the-circle .
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Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over, and over again. ~ my little bedside #dreamaltar
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#Celestite #selenite

A big inspiration for me and my self growth in 2017 was Goddess pose and the amazing people who expressed their inner Goddess/Temple and were confident to share it. These 9 women are only a fraction of my Goddess Grid here on Instagram but I wanted to share them anyway to maybe inspire some of you 😍

This morning I worked on my meditation with @insight, some yoga drills with @casa_colibri and @puresun_lover to prep for my day 1 of @cyogalab 's 2018 yoga challenge.
P.s. I got the idea to share my inspirations and send them my gratitude from @ladiboom_ 😍 who ask inspired me pretty much everyday to be my true self and to honor her and those who give me light ❤

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#Reposting @brigidsgrove with @instarepost_app -- It feels so delightful (and sadly unfamiliar!) to not have “too much to do” today. I made another itsy bitsy Goddess Grid (using our Deepening mandala). Totally makes me happy! ❤️
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It feels so delightful (and sadly unfamiliar!) to not have “too much to do” today. I made another itsy bitsy Goddess Grid (using our Deepening mandala). Totally makes me happy! ❤️
#goddessgrid #mandala #deepening #goddess #goddessart #selfcare #crystalgrid

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