We’re so quick to create self-limiting beliefs on why we don’t have abundance - not just about money, but the abundance of joy, peace + all the love you desire + need. They first step is knowing that the abundance is there - it ain’t going nowhere. You see the green trees? That’s abundance. You see the birds + bees in spring? That’s abundance. Heal. Move that shit out the way to create the space between you + that thing you need. Allow it to flow to you. It’s already there. Go get it. 💯 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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Never tire of this photo...or the meme it inspired. If it's yours please say. .
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DAILY RITUALS are soooo important. There’s not many routines that I have, but ENERGY routines are a different matter. Here’s what I do every single day..
Journal ~ Cleanse my energy ~ Protect my energy ~ Raise my vibe ~ Balance + cleanse my chakras ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜⚪️ ~ Connect to my womb ~ Connect to my heart ~ Channel + Connect with the Goddesses ~ Ground 🌳
There’s also the INNER WORK ~ block clearing ~ awareness ~ releasing ~ mindset..
I often do these multiple times a day, but it is routine, so doesn’t take long, and is just a regular part of my day..
What routines are important to you? .
Lisa 〰️🖤〰️
The Divine Sisterhood

LET ME HEAR YOUR VOICE 🌟 Finally uploaded this last minute live #goddessChat I had mid Dec. w/@verityandyou Hoping those of you building your Goddess Fire right now for the New Year are open to joining in the next one! One of my personal mantras for Winter this year is “If you want something then you need to be clear in the ask” So to be clear...”I would love for you to contribute” so what do you need to do that? What topics in balancing life and being rewarded for your efforts would you like to cover? Building confidence? How to create community? Self care skills? Fears ? Breaking molds and making new rules for female empowerment here so my ears are listening and eyes are wide open for the unicorns out there to come hang out once in a while, manifest our new reality and mastermind. Comment below and if you don’t already get my quarterly self care workbook , sign up at www.drlisahollandPT.com so you can get the first quarter dates.

THE RULES FOR LIVING HAPPILY EVER AFTER HAVE CHANGED... AND YOU ARE INVITED! 🔥Did you realize that over the last 5 years, Stay aT home mom and entrepreneur have kind of morphed into something called The #mompreneurlife ? Have you also noticed lots of licensed health providers are making money wearing exercise clothes as much as white coats? Do you consider yourself a mix of Mompreneur, Health-leader and Medicine woman on the Rise? I know a lot of us do here so Tomorrow morning Sat 10:30am EST, I am inviting you to a live call where WE .....YOU my lovely and I will be talking about the Rise of the #MedicineWoman particularly to heal our global economic woes.... I have a few things to say about 1)The feminine style of Making Money, 2)Motivating change without burning out 3)Keeping Momentum flowing on tap despite the dual flame of hunt and hoME 🔥BUT I would love some #coffeeTalk freestyle conversation and hear your story. What are you exhausting your energy on? What do you wish the world was like for building your dreams? Do you even remember what it was like to flow instead of climb???😲🤪😩So tell the partner to handle the kids. Go walk the dog or exercise earlier, Bring your coffee, smoothie, hot cocoa, shot of hemp oil, earbuds while food shopping, pop in between basketball games on the sidelines or log on with a kid hanging off your breast. THIS IS HOW WE GET WHAT WE WANT TO BE A PART OF DONE.😲 MUST COMMENT BELOW FOR LINK . Just comment below “I’m in” by 12am EST and I will connect with you before the call. 🔥💃🏽🔥 #goddesschat #ladybizPT #bodylove #curvyhustler #beyou #entrepreneurlife

I AM 💕 This has been the mantra speaking to me lately so thx @drjenniferjohnson For the reminder that no one I care about in my business or personal life can get the best of my #love unless I AM LOVE to myself first. In order to see the world change, I need to be committed to leading by example. But how to fit it all in? How do we believe in the “Feminine way” to succeed?🤔 JOIN A LIVE #GODDESS CHAT THIS SAT at 10:30am EST. I was going to say just roll out of bed and grab a cup of coffee but let’s get real here...you will likely have been up serving someone else’s needs for at least an hour or two 😲😆😏 So commit to create some time btw 10:30 and 11:30 EST for a #goddesschat About the state of our Union as #medicinewomanrising . I am building something never done before in healthcare and I am excited to share it with a special group of women ready to come alive. Comment on how it feels to be a female health #entrepreneur below and I will connect you with the link to join the call. #ladybizPT #mindbodyspirit #traditions #modernTimes #selfcare #growth #profit #purpose #work #play #coreValues #familyFirst #moneyMakers

RAW GODDESS 💕Got this little spit fire of potential with me today. She reminds me to remember the light inside of me came with the package, not something I need to look outside to find or earn. I spoke to this today over on Mindset Monday on my FB live and offered you all two Super Simple and Sanity inducing meditative breathing techniques to get you through the holidays. Especially you busy moms looking to expand your personal horizons this coming yr. Go get the gift of finding your best self under that bow :) xoxo- LH #goddesschat #GoddessVibe #naturalmedicine #changemaker #mindbodyspirit #mindsetmatters #clarity #mindBodyBrandAcademy #drLisaPT #mompreneurs

YONI LOVERS UNITE😲💃🏽💃🏽🤗 Do you know @stella.muse ? Had a chance to #goddessChat with the woman behind these awesome Soul shares today.... Even though Elise is half a world away shining her light out of the darkness in Melbourne, we were right on the same vibe talking about that path along with the masculine/feminine and energetic body healing relationships we own. Look for Elise Carr, M.A. advisor and guide to Sacred Sexuality, Spirituality & Soul after the New Year on Owning HER Health #podcastshow . #goddesswisdom101 #goddesschat #womencircle #womenshealth #podcaster #ladybiz #medicinewomanrising

TIS THE SEASON LADIES 🎄Lots of stocking stuffers doing a number on our #LadyBiz hormones. All the house cleaning for guests & spraying of air purifiers is robbing your daughter of her #fertility and not helping you move easily through #menopause. The minimal industry regulation & recent governmental policy focus in the US, is not likely to change soon so WE #MEDICINE #WOMEN OF THE WORLD need to step up our game on connecting dots & offering solutions . Having a #GoddessChat at 10am over on FB about why the International Federation of OB/GYN published their concern in 2015 and I have yet to see my Local GYN offices sharing the hormone healthy products I do & what you can look for BEFORE YOU GO SHOPPING. ( Di Renzo GC, et al, International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics opinion on reproductive health impacts of exposure to toxic environmental chemicals, Int J Gynecol Obstet (2015), http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijgo.2015.09.002)

THE NOT SO SMALL BUSINESS OF DIVINE FEMININE BALANCE & BLISS😇 @amywheeleryoga shares a wonderful coupon for #smallbusinesssaturday And #GuruGoddess love for the #G2T so go grab the code in the show notes!!!!! She also has AWESOME ADVICE for you #maidens about getting engaged to yourself first! 😘We talk #shakti #yogaoffthemat #HERenergy #HAPPYhormone #ladybiz offerings and #gunas . See bio link for latest episodes and leave us a comment . #goddesschat #GoddessVibe #podcaster #ladybizPT

VICTIM OR VICTOR? My dear Sister, I love you and I hurt for you but the #alchemy of a woman is flow. You just can't embody both the #victim & the victor at the same time. I am going to talk about how much #mindsetmatters when transforming #anger into a more useful fuel of #passion as you set personal & professional goals this morning. Join the conversation on fB live or later via the replay #goddesschat #SpiritMed #behaviors #motivators #axiology #goddessHealth #goddessWealth #relationshipgoals #gratitude #bereceptive #yogaoffthemat #coaching #changemaker #HERvoice

JUST THAT KIND OF WOMAN💃🏽 I’m the kind of woman that can see people a lot deeper than most dare to see themselves. I just seem to see right through the BS. It is #thedivinefeminine gift I was given on my heroine journey but the hardest part is ...I am also a softer skinned human. I #LOVE 💕I FEEL I HURT. I can ask key questions that could unlock Pandora’s box but then we all have to deal with it. I can feel another’s pain and chose to unweight their load but then I must agree to suffer. I can connect the dots through the winding roads back to where it all began but sometimes those involved won’t like what we see and will push me away. Still, That’s how I am. I’m just someone that works down to the soul when healing and my job this life is to hold my ground knowing that. #spiritmedicine #SoulMed #Warrior #goddesslife #medicinewoman

LIVING 🌟LEARNING 🌟LEADERSHIP 🔥So I know you don’t usually see a Chiropractor and a Physical Therapist Hamming it up about pain but in the world of Integrative Health and Starring in Global Wellness Conversations ... That is basically the norm for@drjustintrosclair and me. Next car ride take 30 min to Listen in on My YouTube/ LisaHollandDrLisaPT1 or over on Linked In /LisaHolland and grab a copy of Justin’s book for 50% off in the show notes over on You Tube. #healthLeaders #bethechange #chiropractor #physicaltherapist #entrepreneurlife #chinesemedicine #integrativehealth #goddessChat

THE GURU🙏🏼 Those that fear having a guru are focused on the cults, churches with rock star leaders, traumatized by ignorant, mislead dominating souls as caregivers and of tribes that survive by beating down the divinity of the individual. Those gurus they fear are focused on fear, and distraction, not demonstrating root love and earned reverence. They are spirited leaders but not spiritual beings. 🙊Listen inside. Many of them expose themselves eventually in the most unappealing ways. As a Spiritual person, I know the pain of being mislead. I understand waking up and that Most decline having spirituality as the spark of that flame because there is a fear of being controlled... Listen in... is that A past trauma or loss of trust telling you to resist looking in? Were you triggered when very young and feeling vulnerable? The irony of course is that a true guru will lead you only back to being in deep communion and control with yourself. He or she knows they are only a stand in until you can see your potential from the inside out. For some who believed the story they are bad or unworthy of such grace, that type of self reflection is scary as hell. I get it because I felt it so I went into the business of easing the #pain by making lemonade out of my own experiences. #coreMotivators #knowThyself #yogaoffthemat #behaviors #personalbrand #SpiritMed #goddesschat

STOP HIDING💕 Most of our struggles are due to the fact that we behave in ways that are constantly protecting the false images we believe others need to see in order to feel loved. That is a false #love. That is a compromise and will only result in a relationship by convenience. A #goddess knows #HERworth. #SHE believes #HERstyle Matters and can only be truthfully loved by the ones that love #HERtruth not #HERfantasy. She knows she can only ask for a level of love that she know in #HERself 💕 #goddesswisdom101 #goddesschat #goddessHealth #goddesswealth #familybiz #pastmemories #yogaeverydamnday

THE MYTH OF SUFFERING 🤦🏻‍♀️ The latest episode of Owning HER Health #podcast w @pamelawindle35_ has The crisp colors of Fall in the air. Moon Goddess Pamela and I discuss Falling into our various energies this life, the evolution of our wholeness as we change our minds and the absolute myths about the 3 rd Age (our Fall season of change) that many healthcare providers are treating the wrong way. SUBSCRIBE OVER ON iTunes AND KEEP THE CONVERSATION ALIVE. Your energy matters. Leave a comment below if you are ready to Thrive with #vitality verses survive w/ complaints this phase of life! #goddesschat #solutions #goddesswisdom101 #SaveTheSisterhood #HerTrust #HERstory #HERbody #HERmind #HERvoice #OwnHERstory #menopause #perimenopause #3rdage #podcaster #womenshealthcoach #goddessHealth #ownHERHealth

THINK PINK🎀The tie a #bigpinkbow on your mailbox is nice but it is getting old. LET's #GODDESS THINGS UP 🔥💃🏽🔥 This month I challenge everyone to post themselves personally doing something to lower the risk of Breast Cancer in their own body or their family so that others can be inspired and guided to do that too! TAG ME 💋MY SIMPLE CONTRIBUTION FOR BREAST CANCER AWARENESS TODAY: A PINK WOMEN's HEALTH SMOOTHY: low prep, fast and powerful Body building ... This mix of yum features beets, spinach, chia seeds, banana, mango and blueberry kefir. Add a few drops of therapeutic grade, pure #lavender oil if you want to take advantage of the research on supporting wellness feelings in people suffering from anxiety and needing sleep. Chia is great for supporting the bones, and getting better Omega 3:6 ratios going . The rest is protecting my immunity, replenishing my energy body and boosting blood health hard today. Get creative and tag me so I can celebrate you behaving like a #goddess #medicinewoman 👏👏👏 #demandmore #womenshealth #womenshealthcoach #breastcancer #goddesschat #goddesswisdom101 #fitnesschallenge #owningourstory #OwnHERHealth

FEEDBACK 👍 Thanks for all the love so far. Would love you to Subscribe & help a sister trying to get some other sister's message out? #goddesschat #health #wealth #leadership #womenshealthcoach #goddesswisdom101 #soulhealing #peer2peer

I'm Getting Sexy Back💥💃🏻💥Bet you didn't realize how much power pleasurable sex could have over your approach towards life and how your approach towards your life could affect your body's ability to enjoy sex. LINK TO EPISODE IN BIO. Please subscribe to support the tribe #goddesswisdom101 #goddesschat #ownIt @HerHealthpod on twitter to chat

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