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Harper's Bazaar 2011 🔥 She looks so damn good!! 💎

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Highlighter heaven with my latest @mouthybymegan drop! #Aura & #Goddess www.mouthybymegan.com

Hottie 🔥😍

@kehlani | 💓💓 | @Wild1029

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I'm dying 😍 Maverick is so cute.
Reminds me of my dog ​​when I was a puppy
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Free spirit 🦋✨

О Боже, эти ключицы 😍
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do you remember the years when you was accidentally hitting the internet button on your flip phone and then you were pressing like 40 times end to keep your parents out of paying such a luxury

Keeping the home and mind clean & clear 💆🏻 ➡️ @inner.bliss 💙

Moji najbližšííííí video je na sveteee!!! Go for it ! 
Moje ďalšie video pre NYX FACE AWARDS 2017 <3 NATURE GODDESS - EURYBIA <3 <3 <3
Ďakujem za prezretie, koment, lajk, za všetko :))
Ďakujem @matejzrebny za dokonalé video <3 #NYX #nyxfaceawards #nyxfaceawards2017 #nyxUSA #makeup #tutorial #mask #goddess

PLEASE READ ✨I have been getting a bunch of messages asking me why I have been posting topless photos + if I am at all worried about potential jobs and my future. So I will do my best to combine all my answers here for you guys 🌸First of all, thank you to @maryswcampbell for capturing this gorgeous shot. Second of all, thank you to every single one of you for taking the time to reach out and ask these important questions 🙏🏼 I am sharing my thoughts here because I think they could be of benefit to more than just you 🖤 I remember the first time I saw girls posting nude photos. The pictures on their blogs were not sexual, they were just humans beings humans - without clothing. Being 13 at the time, I struggled so deeply with my own body image that what I saw in their photos was incredibly profound strength and beauty 💗 I was amazed that these girls had the courage to share themselves so vulnerably. It took me a long time and a lot of deep healing to become comfortable with who I am both in mind and body. I at one time starved myself and wanted to get breast surgery because of how insecure I was. I have come a long LONG ways. I will gladly sacrifice my ego in hopes of reaching the people who still struggle with this. I hoped that in sharing these photos, I would have reached people who struggle with their own self, in whatever form. I have gotten many messages that confirmed my hopes. People need Truth. And sharing my own truths has been so liberating. Having pushed past the fear of judgement, I know that I can accomplish ANYTHING. I feel so free. I want for others to feel the same way. If I shared these photos of me (specifically this photo, which I would have cringed at/deleted in a second a year ago), what can You do? What are You capable of? If I can love myself when I am bleeding, bloated and saggy, and share that with you, I can accomplish ANYTHING. My body is pretty much the opposite of what beauty standards say is adequate (besides being white - something to think about). At one time I was so deeply ashamed of my body and breasts. But now, I love them deeply as my own Heart. This is the body I was given. It gives me LIFE. I want to (cont. in comments)

Beautiful In Every Angle ❤ Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer CF 2017 💕
#songhyekyo #songhuiqiao #goddess

Demeter Aesthetic🌾
{press more}
Qotd: Early bird or night owl?✨
Aotd: Both but mostly early bird
Would you guys follow @art.owls ? 💓 It's my and @annabethsarrcw's new art account😊
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Love seeing you smile, love your voice, love everything of you. 사랑해 😘😘😘
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