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José esperou 13 anos para Deus cumprir o seu sonho, mas quando chegou o tempo determinado, ele dormiu como presidiário e na manhã seguinte acordou e foi levantado ao cargo de governador de todo o Egito.

Em uma noite Pedro teve a sua pior madrugada sem conseguir pescar nada, mas na manhã seguinte ele teve o encontro com Cristo que mudou a sua vida e Ainda lhe fez viver a maior pesca de toda a sua história.

Em uma tarde Jesus cristo foi crucificado, as trevas cobriram a terra e o desespero assustou Maria e os discípulos, mas na manhã do 3º dia Ele ressuscitou, venceu a morte e está sentado à direita do Pai.

Eu não sei como você está indo dormir essa noite, mas CREIA que será em uma madrugada como essa que Deus irá virar o seu cativeiro, mudar a sua sorte e transformar completamente o quadro da sua vida.

DURMA COM FÉ E ACORDE COM ESPERANÇA pois você sabe em quem você tem crido.

Amanhã será um novo, vitorioso e abençoado dia... Por: @samuel_vagner

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Not too long ago I was on food stamps, homeless, and would wait in line at a local church for groceries people donated. I didn't sleep in a bed for over two years straight and there were times when I had to sleep in my car. -

There is no such thing as ego for me, I don't have any illusions. All I have has been given to me. #God chose to #bless me beyond anything I dared to #dream and beyond anything I deserve. -

God sent people into my life who's little acts of kindness helped shape where I am today. Their #kindness opened doors for me and pushed me to carry on when all I wanted to do was give up. I am forever #grateful and #humbled by those acts and the #love shown to me when I had nothing to give in return. I thank God every day for the gift of a future and a new life. Not a day goes by where I don't remember where I have been and who has brought me to this place. - -

An absolutely amazing and emotional moment for me. Making my speech at my #wedding. Reflecting on how Gods unseen plan brought me to a place I never dreamed, living a life I could never have imagined. -

AMEN! We need to LET GO and LET GOD. Just as a single spark of fire can spread and take over, ONE person on fire for God can spread His Love, which takes over and changes the lives of those living in darkness and brings them to light. #praise #the #Lord #Jesus #love #of #God

Happy Friday everyone. I'm totally off to the movies tonight to watch guardians of the galaxy 2 with my son. 🎥 I've changed my hair half blue half purple to have a lil break from being green 💚💜💙 I love being creative. I find if I'm not constantly being creative throughout the day I will begin to overthink. Creativity is within us all it takes practice like everything else. I love seeing people using these skills for their work. From architectures to barbers to make up artists. Im Looking forward to doing festival makeup on my friend this weekend 💯 I got a week full of acting and dance class coming up and I'm away on a course next week. Keep working super hard huns. Whether it takes months or years. It will pay off. Whatever excites your soul do that. God will always help you when your on your destined path. 💯✌ #spiritual #god #selflove #tattoo #tattoos #tattooed #mermaid #dancer #artist #fire #breather #performer #circus #freak #positive #positivevibes #positivity #mindfulness #travel #peace #bluehair #purplehair #workhard #strength #humble #hustle #grind


@efemoney this song is one of the duper and Madd song of #2017 is a prove that #God do answer #prayers #lyrics I done come back make them pack well, my mama must chop 💰 #basedonlogistics ,no1 na God based on logistics, no2 na believe🙌 download now @duktorsett killed the #beat

WHAT DOES IT MEAN, "GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS" ? Read below and find out!!...... What does the Bible teach about partiality or favoritism?
When meeting with the gentile centurion Cornelius, the apostle Peter explained what God had revealed to him: “Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: but in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him” (Acts 10:34-35, King James Version). The New King James Version translates “God is no respecter of persons” as “God shows no partiality.” Many of Peter's fellow Jews thought that God loved them more than the gentiles, but Peter came to understand that God did not show favoritism. God wants people of all nations to repent and be saved (2 Peter 3:9; 1 Timothy 2:4). The apostle Paul explained that the time order of God's plan was not a sign of injustice or favoritism. “There will be trouble and calamity for everyone who keeps on sinning—for the Jew first and also for the Gentile. But there will be glory and honor and peace from God for all who do good—for the Jew first and also for the Gentile. For God does not show favoritism” (Romans 2:9-11, New Living Translation). God also does not want us to show favoritism. James 2:9 says that “respect to persons” (KJV) or “partiality” (NKJV) is sin. This is seen more clearly by considering the context of this passage in the New Living Translation: “My dear brothers and sisters, how can you claim that you have faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ if you favor some people more than others? For instance, suppose someone comes into your meeting dressed in fancy clothes and expensive jewelry, and another comes in who is poor and dressed in shabby clothes. If you give special attention and a good seat to the rich person, but you say to the poor one, 'You can stand over there, or else sit on the floor'—well, doesn't this discrimination show that you are guided by wrong motives?… “Yes indeed, it is good when you truly obey our Lord's royal command found in the Scriptures: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' But if you pay special attention to the rich, you are committing sin,

Today I swear lord we starting a new journey tired of procrastinating waiting for the same out comes its like a fucking nitemare that never ends but today I can say my #God I'm woke I wanna live because some days I feel dead inside but I'm still here there has got to be purpose for me in riding with you I need you I'm in your hands #life #love #power

The greatest haiku I've ever written for the Neopet's poetry contest :3 #neopets #poem #pig #god

#like #love #god

The best feeling in the world is finally knowing u took a step in the right direction. A step towards the future where everything that you never thought was possible, is possible.

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