So proud of ZEE most amazing girl for being “crowned” the new president of Zeta Tau Alpha at THE Ohio State University. I am so incredibly proud of you best friend. You’re gonna kill it #GoBucksGoZeta #FivePointCrown

Until pink is just a color #gobucksgozeta #ThinkPinkThinkZeta 💕🏈🎀 #ztandout

my face represents the exact moment that the University of Michigan Zetas walked by & said "Go Blue!" #gobucksgozeta #ztanlc

okay, but who put us in charge #ztanlc #gobucksgozeta

Squint hard enough and you can see all the Greek Awards we won!
*Forgets to apply for awards*
**Goes for the food anyway**
#gobucksgozeta #osugreekweek2017 💙

Brutus is definitely our rush crush #gobucksgozeta #osuzta #osupha

Come back to back crown with us! 👑 #osupha #osuzta #gobucksgozeta

☝🏼week till bid day!!!!! #gobucksgozeta

Idk why I thought a foot pop would be okay but here we are. #recruitment #gobucksgozeta @ohiostatezta

Can't wait to find more pretty sisters like these ones 💕 #gobucksgozeta

Thx for taking low quality pics w/ me but also for sending high quality links to new sets/songs/remixes from our fave DJs. #gobucksgozeta #osupha #mellogang

There's nothin I love more than football season with my Zeta's in the Shoe on a beautiful fall day ❤️❤️ 🍁🍂@ohiostatezta #gobucksgozeta #osupha #osuzta

We've come a long way since a year ago when we were too afraid to talk to each other in line #gobucksgozeta

Clemson may have won last night however Clemson lost to Pitt »» Pitt lost to Northwestern »» OSU beat Northwestern »» OSU is therefore still the national champ in our hearts #gobucksgozeta #osupha #osuzta

We beat Indiana's butt and we're soon about to beat cancer's butt too. #BuckeyesThinkPink #ZTAThinkPink #GoBucksGoZeta 💖

#WhyZetaWednesday Moving to a completely new state, not knowing anyone, I wanted to find my home away from home. The friends Ive made through joining are the most amazing people and Im so lucky to have them in my life. The amount of crazy memories I already have with these girls makes me so excited for the years to come. Id do anything for my girlies and am so fortunate to call these girls not only my sisters but my best friends. Love you all (even if your not pictured)💕#GoBucksGoZeta #beYOUtifulbecause

Saturday's are for the dads 🏈#GoBucksGoZeta

I finally have a reason to do a sorority pose. Here is to ZTA at OSU 👑 #gobucksgozeta

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