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The dryest day in a really long time that I could actually skate, covering a baseball game so I took the opportunity to sneak in a ride. Super fun ride, especially that mile 6. I also just realized that it's around my year anniversary with these @powerslidebrand Imperial Basic skates. They're called Basic but they are far from it, got them from Inline Warehouse for like 150 shipped. Immediately set them up with PS Swell 125mm frames and turned them into my commuters/daily beaters. They have proven themselves super solid, the liners have some tears but that's a year of skating and at least 1,000 miles of commuting as well as regular skating. The liners are MyFit stock liners and have been awesome, padding is still excellent and I get no weird foot/ankle issues. #alternativecommute #skatecommute #commute #commuter @powerslidebrand #inlineskate #inlineskating #speedskate #madetoblade #powerslideskates #fitnessskating #fitness #austinfitness #fitspiration #instafit #workout #cardio #goskate #fitnessmotivation #goals #motivation #discipline #fitlife #crosstraining #training #goblade #rollerblading #welovetoskate #undercoverwheels #powerslidekaze #3x3wheels

Morning commute and today's lunch. Ended up hitting good averages so might as well share. No skate home because it got a little colder and my awesome wife surprised me with a ride offer I couldn't refuse. Hoping to get an actual distance ride in tomorrow, weather's been cold and wet and looks like it will continue this week.

A little Friday fun skating away with my imagination while I was trying not to be late on my skate commute today. Really pushed it with time and preparation, but I still made it on time! Have not been skate commuting much at all, I've been talking about the benefits of bike commuting recently. To me bike commuting is easier, it's a machine purpose built to allow easier travel with gears and brakes, a bunch of moving parts and air tires. In contrast inline skates are so much more simple, bearings, wheels, axles and you're rolling, no flats no worries but going fast. So while I enjoy the practicality of bike commuting I just love skating and since my bike isn't great right now I might just revert back to skate commuting for a while. It's the perfect time of year for it anyways, not crazy hot yet.

Check it out! New interview with me up on @bigwheelblading main site. Talking about winning the 2017 Big Wheels Challenge, training, and skating far. Link in bio. #bigwheelblading @powerslidebrand #madetoblade

Latergram from yesterday, wasn't going to post it but I'm determined to being better about tracking my training process. It was too perfect outside to not skate. I had been working a lot, not sleeping enough and ended up sleeping in late. By the time I got to the trails there were lots of people which made sense on such a nice day. The extra sleep must have done me good because I was feeling way better. Lots of people so it was kind of a faux interval session with lots of stop and go, still managed to get a good pace going. Funny how the last bad ride I wanted it to be fast and couldn't get into it but then this ride I was expecting to be mellow, mostly a reason to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine but I ended up feeling good back in the swing of things. Back on the longer frames as you ca tell and they're most enjoyable. Lots of maneuvering quick turns and stops yesterday and I didn't miss the short frames at all. Stride felt back to the rhythm I enjoy. January numbers were pretty decent, mostly skating some bike commuting. #powerslideskates #fitbit #fitbitionic

If I had to name this morning's ride it would be called Trashboat because it was garbage. This ride wasn't about skating, it was about getting myself back into the flow of early rides. My alarm went off and I just wanted to stay in bed, cuddle up next to my wife and sleep a little more. I've read there is a 5 second window where you ultimately decide whether you are going to do something or not, I answered that call at about 4.5 seconds and said I'm going skating. I try to always prep my gear the night before a ride, a little slow moving but I was out the door with my head lamp on making my way down the hill to the trail head tried to carve and SLAM! Sprinkler run off had caused a slick surface, I got up and knew it was going to be one of those days. Even though I wasn't trying to do anything specific with my skating I felt so slow and sluggish, besides the fact that I didn't feel awake until about mile 6/7, I just felt slow. I could be over training. Right now I'm at 2-3 days a week of distance related skating, 1 day of grinder blading, 2-3 days cross training and that's on top of 2 jobs that are very physical while bike commuting ,sometimes skating, 10-20 miles to get to those jobs. This is all since January began, before that I had neglected the gym for months so I knew it was going to be hard getting back into it but man I hope to normalize soon because I'm feeling stagnant. One thing for sure I'm going back to the long frames. I like my stride more in the longer frames, feel more powerful and I think I can see it reflected in my training data anyways so back to the longer frame for sure. Even a bad ride is a good ride so I'm glad I took control this morning and skated.

Mellow meandering around Austin today with my homie @ravenrileyrolls Earlier this week I mentioned wanting to do a more mellow city ride and Raven was on board. Raven is still the only person I've skated any significant distance with, couple of 40 milers under his belt and it's always nice to have someone else for pacing and morale.Today was super mellow and fun, just wanted to feel the road under my feet and skate, so I did.

40 miles at sub 3 hours remains elusive for me but I am damn close! Looking forward to pushing past that time and cutting it down even further. I've been doing this distance/endurance skating thing for a while, when I started certain curmudgeons even poked fun at me, funny enough they're now coincidentally "big wheel enthusiasts", even distance has become trendy lately. I think it's great and shows how fun and addicting this type of skating can be. Sometimes though I've often felt like my work and efforts with this kind of skating have been overlooked because I'm just some regular skater guy, no huge following. As a human I admit that feeling sucks, however as an individual, I know I'd be doing this regardless of the world around me. So I'm not doing this for recognition but I recently listened to an episode of the @backtoblading podcast and was completely stoked to hear them talking about my skating for a good chunk of time. Really felt awesome and I'd like to thank those guys for their recognition and acknowledgment of what I've been doing with my skating. I don't do it for recognition but I have to say, hearing that definitely put a little extra pep in my stride. Thanks @backtoblading @vandebe @stylepointsrob

Balance can mean many things, for most of my life as an aggressive skater balance was crucial to the success of a trick. While I still bust a long, smooth grind from time to time the balance I seek now is different. Life has so many different parts and pieces that are all unique to everyone and we're all trying to figure out how to put them together and stand on the base we've created. Skating is a huge part of me but I'm striving to improve in other areas of life and carve out time for other personal pursuits and improvements. I could have skated longer but it was a little cold, my knees don't enjoy the cold and I just feel like I move slow. Still made the time to get a good skate in and now to be other types of productive on my day off.

Calling all Bladensburg High School Alumni Cheer Leaders, Pom Poms and band dancers Friday Jan 19th Basketball Homecoming! Game starts at JV 5:30 and Varsity 7:15 at Blade Vs. laurel Please come out!!!Tag alumni #bladensburghighschool #maroonthunder #goblade #bladerising #highschoolcheer

Wish I could say today's low intensity session was part of a training plan but I just couldn't put it in gear today. Realized it early on so just accepted it and enjoyed the ride. Unfortunately these skates are starting to show their age, got them second hand and never planned on using them for distance had been using them for freekskating for a long time but needed something in a pinch one day and hundreds of miles later (maybe 1,000?) and they've been good to me. I guess I'll have to go back down to a non Trinity mount boot til I can figure out my next setup. Was really digging this shorter frame for the trails, today was especially busy and the amount of slides and emergency stops I had to do really showed the agility and maneuverability of these frames. I might be too hard on myself right now as this was the first week of full training alternating skate and gym/strength days on top of my 2 jobs so I just need to let my body adjust, get stronger, and repeat over and over and over...

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