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Swipe right >> How cute is this top from @popflex_active ?! 🦄✨💕✨They're just one of our AMAZING sponsors for the 5th Annual Bikini Bootcamp Challenge, giving away super cute clothes like these to the winners 😻⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
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PS - Are you registered yet? We start TOMORROW!! Click the link in @supersisterfitness bio to learn more👙💪Let's go ladies!! Get ready for the summer heat with us! ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
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PPS - Did you catch my LIVE makeup tutorial yesterday? 💄Here's a couple of the final pics.. I kid you not, within FIVE mins at the beach my hair lost all its curl cuz there was a legit mist coming off the sea. 🙈Pretty sure it was also 1000 degrees outside here in San Diego too lol .. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
Anyway that was SO FUN you guys!! Should we do that again sometime? 👭#gobikini #popflex

I want them all! 😻🌈💕✨#gobikini 📸: @aww.sam

I don't care where you start. But you start TODAY. Following this plan works. Yes, lots of things will work if you stick to them, but you know as well as I do... Your problem isn't necessarily knowing what to do, it's sticking to it.
I see it over and over again... People will often try something new, do well for a few weeks, but then fall off or slip up and spiral right back down to square one.
The best part about the Bikini Bootcamp community is that we won't LET you fail. The community is there to support and uplift everyone in it, literally every single day, 7 days a week.
I can't tell you how many times I've gone into that private forum, sometimes not feeling like getting a workout in that day, and reading everyone's check-ins has completely changed my mind and inspired me to get it done anyway.

It keeps me going.
And I know if it works for me and it works for hundreds of other women like Sidnie, it will work for you too. The first step is simply saying -- I am IN!! You have 30 days to try it or get your $$ back if you decide it's not for you. The link in our @supersisterfitness bio also saves you $10 off... So what are you waiting for?
Can't wait to see YOUR results like this!! So proud and impressed of this super sister. Are you next?? Let's GO ladies! #gobikini

GURRRL🏅Say hello to the 2016 Bikini Bootcamp Challenge winner! 🏆To get started on YOUR #gobikini transformation 👉🏼link in our bio “I’m a busy mom; I commute to Manhattan every day and my work week is about 60 hours, plus the time once I come home to prep my toddler for school, care for the house,etc.

This program showed me that I could achieve max results without hours of working out a day.
It amazed me that all of the stuff I heard about strength training was actually true. For some reason the way you guys said it resonated better than anyone else!! But more importantly, once I started finding 18 minutes a day to work out, I WANTED to find more. Now, my husband and I have a set weekly workout schedule, and we work out as a family on weekends!! I have achieved a level of self care that far exceeds working out alone, but I have the program to thank for it.bikini bootcamp transformation

Because I started taking care of my body, it made me realize that it is so, so immensely important to take care of ALL of me. I have since started a nightly regimen of moisturizing, brushing and flossing, vitamins, I went and got a dental exam and cleaning, a dermatologist exam to make sure my skin is cancer free.

I love yoga and meditation now, and I practice a lot of mental exercises to limit self-deprecating and maximize self-love.

bikini bootcamp transformationAll of the things to ensure I am around for a LONG time formy family. Not to mention my AMAZING haircut!!!!! And again, it all started with working out.
Thank you, Sara and Liz, for changing my life. I have told so many people about your program because I believe wholeheartedly in every aspect of it. Your methods, your active involvement with us, your positive messages….YOU ROCK!!! My measurements:

waist: 34.5
Hips: 44
Chest: 41
Arms: 13.5 each
Legs: 25 each

Waist: 29
Hips: 41
Chest: 37.5
Arms: 11.5 each
Legs: 22.5 each

Total lost: 21 inches!!!!” — Amanda H.

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. 🌈☀️🐬🏝☁️#gobikini

Almost split my pants... The things we do for Instagram 😂#gobikini

Did you catch today's live broadcast on FB? It's for EVERY woman ages 25-44 - MUST WATCH!
If that age range applies to you, take a few mins now to tune in.

I'm sharing with you the EXACT reason why fat loss gets harder for us after we hit age 25 -- and EXACTLY what to do to prevent, and even REVERSE it.


But the bad news? If you do nothing... You're in for a rough ride.

Like, really rough.

And I don't mean to scare you, but this is super important to understand.

Watch the video to find out the science behind the "why" this problem isn't going to just go away on its own.
After you watch, if you're ready to take action and get this fat loss thing under control once and for all -- this #gobikini community is for you! Link in bio to learn more and join now.
There are only 4 hours left to join the 5th Annual Bikini Bootcamp Challenge for the Early Bird rate. The price spikes back up at Midnight PST tonight, so don't say I didnt' warn you. ;) Take the leap and let's go. You won't regret it (and neither will your waistline). The time to make the change is NOW! Link in bio takes you there @supersisterfitness
See you inside, - Liz

ONE MONTH progress using our Bikini Bootcamp Program 😱😳😍 Text BIKINI to 44222 for a 1 week free trial 👙 "Ok girls, I am LITERALLY in tears as I post this... I would NEVER EVER ever ever ever!!! share these photos online unless I felt like it could help or benefit someone else.
I took these photos this morning and I'm so happy to see the progress. I've created 3 lives with this mama body, I've run 3 marathons with this body, and it's the only one I'm gonna get- so I'm going to continue to do this- so I can show myself that I can. Let my 1 month photos be a reminder to me ( and to you too if you need it) that things take time, they're HARD, and it's hard to wait. But it's sooo worth it. #gobikini"

So proud of you girl!! Keep up the awesome progress. Can't wait to see your 12 week results.
Text BIKINI to 44222 for a 1 week free trial 👙

Galera essa franguinha é minha amigaaaaa e está concorrendo no site do @madrugaosuplementos , quem puder dar aquela moral ❤️❤️ #Repost @calliramos (@get_repost)
Oiii nenês do meu Brasil, saiu o vídeo da segunda etapa do #mepatrocinamadrugao da #madrugaosuplementos o vídeo é bem curtinho contando brevemente minha experiência e sonho! Juntos somos mais fortes e seja o que Deus quiser! ❤#gobikini #atletaaspirante @madrugaosuplementos


Thank you @bradybands & @supersisterfitness ❤️ This is an awesome prize!!! Childhood cancer is something that breaks my heart & I wish that nobody ever had to go through the pain of dealing with cancer, especially children. These headbands rock & the cause they donate to is fantastic ❤️ #curesearch #bradybands #gobikini #cancersucks #supportagoodcause

一度乗ってみたいけど、かれこれ10年近く自転車というものに乗っていないので、ちゃんと乗れるか微妙です…。 ちなみに、フラさんレンタルはしてません。

#ハワイ #hawaii #ダックスフント #カニンヘンダックス #dachshund #doxie #kaninchen #ふわもこ部 #胴長部 #短足部 #ワンコなしでは生きていけません会 #pecoいぬ部 #aloha #ハワイいぬ部 #dogstagram #doxie #hawaiidog #dachshundsofinstagram #biki #gobikini #hawaiilife

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. 🌈☀️🐬🏝☁️#gobikini

Hey @lynzelou406! We're so glad you love your new hair accessories! Thanks for the shoutout ・・・
Repost: Thank you so much to @kinibands & @supersisterfitness for the awesome prize! I can already tell these are going to be some of my favorite hair accessories ever!! If y'all are looking for a cute hair tie or headband then look no further! @kinibands is where it's at! Now time to go get my workout in with some super cute hair accessories 😍 Thanks again ladies! I love them!!! #gobikini

Thank you so much to @kinibands & @supersisterfitness for the awesome prize! I can already tell these are going to be some of my favorite hair accessories ever!! If y'all are looking for a cute hair tie or headband then look no further! @kinibands is where it's at! Now time to go get my workout in with some super cute hair accessories 😍 Thanks again ladies! I love them!!! #gobikini

Thank you @lovesuja & @supersisterfitness 💕 I was very surprised & excited to come home to this box of goodness today! I can't wait to have some!! #gobikini #winnerwinnerchickendinner

Well, the #gobikini @supersisterfitness Bootcamp might be over (and yay! I was runner up!) but that's no excuse to not workout 💪🏻 So I started the program over from the beginning. And let me tell you... it's still kicking my butt! But in a good way 😜 Time to clean up & get to hat making! #noexcuses #glutesandabs #supersisterfitness


"Ela é muita liberdade pra quem não sabe voar." Lucas Lavarini

Da lhe franguinha 🔥❣️

I am SO excited!!!! At the beginning of the Super Sisters Bikini Bootcamp Challenge I said I was going to win. And guess what????? I WON!!!!!!! Three months of hard work in the gym, cleaning up my nutrition, and checking in every day to keep myself accountable - and I did it!!! Thank you to everyone that supported me throughout this journey. I'm 16 pounds lighter and a pant size down, including reducing my band and cup size (which is a huge deal for me). I'm 14 pounds from my goal weight and now I have the tools I need to make a permanent lifestyle change. I've pushed myself and I love seeing what I can do. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! If you haven't checked the Super Sisters out, make sure you do so on Instagram. The BEST ever!!!! Just in case you didn't get the link from my million accountability posts, check them out here 👉@supersisterfitness ☺️☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️ #winnerwinner #gobikini


Dang @kayle_missoula y'all really outdid yourself with today's lunch!! It was delish!!! Thank you for delivering me some healthy & yummy lunches way out where nobody else will deliver to. #kaylemissoula #gobikini #healthyeating

Thank you @supersisterfitness for helping me get back on track! 3 months of following the Bikini Bootcamp has gotten me back to where I feel more comfortable 💕 Time to grow these muscles!! #gobikini #bikinibootcamp

Après quelques jours à abuser et s'être mis une claque il faut faire bouger les choses ;)
C'est cool, c'est beau mais pour cela il faut bosser ... si tu veux atteindre les sommets il faut grimper et en chier pour davantage savourer le résultat.
#sport #diet #energydiet #abdos #fessiers #instasport #itsgood #tenchie #maistesbiencontenteapres #winner #iwill #forme #onday #gobikini

Mermaid tails & cube steak are one of my favorite dinners! Yum! After today's busy day & an intense @supersisterfitness workout along with my husband, I scarfed it down 😁 And I already want so much more!! Bok Choi is one of my top favorites & I love that when I ask for mermaid tails, my husband knows what to make for dinner 😊 #gobikini #finaldaysofbootcamp #idontwantittoend

I agreed to do a workout with my husband today... 😳 now I'm hiding in my craft room & dripping an insane amount of sweat. I think it's time for a little bit of @supersisterfitness yoga to cool things down before I get back to working on orders. #gobikini #husbysabeast #thatsonewaytogetfit #bikinibootcamp

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