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How I feel after talking all things fashion with @cinqasept founder Jane Siskin this morning at Tootsies Couture Kickoff, an afternoon chat with one of my absolute favorite designers Christian Siriano and now on to an event with David Yurman. Talk about a WEALTH of knowledge and inside scoop in one day 😍 I live for days like today. My advice? Find people of purpose and passion and LISTEN to them, LEARN from them ❤️🙌🏻

The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.#dreamgrindshine
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My mama taught me one rule and one rule only: bish you betta SLAY

#lux #glam #moodaf #goalsongoals

‪Words can't describe how proud I am of my boy!! @christian_adams1 broke the record of most goals at Calloway County High! So far, 72 goals and more to come so hold on tight because Christian is on FIRE!! XOXOXOX #GoalsOnGoals #RuleBreaker #GoBigRed #Werk ‬Also, Congrats to the boys soccer team for working so hard and their 4-game winning streak. Keep it up, can't wait to continue watching y'all this season!! #YallSlayForReal ♥️⚽️•September 5, 2017•

On March 25, Phoenix Rising FC celebrated its first match at the brand new Phoenix Rising Soccer Complex. But the opening of a new home was all the team and its fans could celebrate following a 1-0 loss to Toronto FC II. Then, a win and a goal eluded the club in its second match of the season, a 2-0 loss at Real Monarchs SLC. So after the team returned home on April 4, and forward Omar Bravo drew a penalty nearly an hour into the match, it felt like the entire Phoenix soccer community was on the edge of its seat waiting for that first goal. Luke Rooney stepped up to the spot and calmly struck a textbook penalty shot to open the scoresheet for the 2017 season. Even though the club had already played two and a half matches, that goal was the club's official arrival. #RisingAsOne #GoalsOfTheYear #GoalsOnGoals

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRIMA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH♥️ So proud of this girl. She's so determined and she inspires me constantly. Wouldn't trade her for anyone. #goalsongoals


Strendurance workout earlier today at @vaultathleticsandfitness. Thank you @jeremylevinetrainingsystems and @firebikejsg for the programming! Thank you @jmach_tri_life for suffering in silence with me! After yesterday’s swim drills, today’s overhead/shoulder/lats work felt great...enter some sarcasm here...lol! Not looking for 1RM and such numbers, but I’m definitely looking at closing the gap between endurance and strength. Also, trying to do work in a specific HR zone takes a lot of discipline...damn! #teamchopchopping #trihood #trainandcompetewithfriends #goalsongoals #embracethesuck #swimbikerunlift #alwaysgrateful #thegoalistomotivate #contestriteam #racewithbase2018 #vaultathleticstriteam #whereisteamsidecar #versaclimberwarmup #reallyjosh #enjoyingthejourney

My mama taught me one rule and one rule only: bish you betta SLAY

#lux #glam #moodaf #goalsongoals

When everyday is lat day! Blah! Working on building back my strength after dedicating so much time to endurance work this year. Very happy to be blending the two together now! And will welcome a few day break for my upper body work!! #teamchopchopping #dowork #strendurance #goalsongoals #onestepclosereveryday #vaultathleticstriteam #alwaysgrateful #dreambig #iwantmore

BLACK BUSINESS ALERT! Come out & shop with local businesses & network with some of the city's most influential people at our Distinct Shopping Experience! The link is in my bio 🛍🛍🛍#blackexcellence

Little did you know, I’ve been a nervous wreck. When you give birth successfully... that’s not the entirety of recovery 👀. For the last two weeks I have had some not so fun symptoms that were making me nervous. Mainly because I did the naughty thing and googled them 😭👋🏼 #goodbyelife.... and also because I have a slight case of anxiety when it comes to health complications... that’s a story for another day. Nonetheless, I called my nurse several times since leaving the hospital.. HI I’m THAT girl 🙋🏻‍♀️.... mainly because I was always taught “no question is a dumb one.” 😳 The receptionists even know my voice now.. but I’m cool with it. My nurse had me go in today for a little check... and i am elated to share..my bod is healing amazingly. That’s not even all of it..... but I am okay to start walking and lifting light weights again( def a result of my routine during pregnancy). 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼I may have shed a happy tear because I’m over here losing my marbles! I did my time! I rested almost 4 weeks which is huge for me. I’m ready to get back 🧜🏻‍♀️ to what makes me feel good!

So this is my public service announcement...
Immmmm backkkkkkk🧟‍♂️😅🏃🏻‍♀️
(I will be taking it very slow)

Little did I know, my symptoms were normal. 😆
I think I’ll be retiring google for a while 😅😅 #crying #daymade #imback #postpartumbody #goalsongoals #itsagoodday #recovery #healing #3weekspostpartum #newmom

#affirmationoftheday #resilience Today, I am choosing to #reclaimmyjoy & remain resilient! Choose to acknowledge your personal wins in the midst of everything in between.

Flashback Friday got me like 💭⛰🛩 confession – I have a pretty bad habit of beating myself up for all the things I don’t get done in a week that I’d set out to do.
I find it helpful and calming to make to-do lists and plan ahead… But then when life happens, as it does every week and I inevitably forget a task, run out of time for something on the list, or end up prioritizing something else that comes up, I realized I have a running commentary in my head narrating the list of things I haven’t gotten accomplished and about how much I suck for not getting there and falling short. 🤦🏼‍♀️ This is something I’m working on - to quiet my inner mean girl and tell her to shut up with her criticizing and nagging ways. Even realizing I do this is some progress though… Once I realized how detrimental and damaging that negative self talk can be I was able to seek personal development books, audiobooks, podcasts and all things to A) work on my time management skills, and B) work on shifting my mindset to be a more positive one, where I don’t focus on where I fell short but instead celebrate all the small wins along the way!

Anyway, I guess part of that is thinking back to our visit to the Hoover Dam this past summer, and how breathtaking it was to see in real life! The guy that built that probably didn’t bitch at himself for all the things that didn’t go right… He had a plan and he carved it out of a canyon! I’ll be over here trying to keep that in mind every time my to-do list has a box left un-ticked 🤘🏼

Last year, a friend introduced me to Advocare. I have always been somewhat athletic and into fitness. However, I had trouble fueling my body. I would find myself running around to different vitamin stores and trying to make my own bundles or stacks of supplements. Nothing ever helped and truthfully, I spent a lot of money on stuff that didn't really work or I didn't use correctly and had no one to ask for help. I love that Advocare works and that it is a one-stop-shop. In the past year alone, I have used different Advo supplements to meet my specific goals. Each one worked EXACTLY the way they said they would. I did a few fitness photoshoots, did multiple fun runs, completed a Spartan race, and finished my first ever marathon. My performance and recovery have never been better. I also lost 10 pounds and have been able to keep it off since last year. It feels really good when you put on pants from years ago and they are loose 👌 I am so grateful for the Advocare tribe. I feel great and am ready to take my body to new levels. New goals are set. Game ON 💪 #advocare #advocareworks #advocarelove #startsomething #goalsetting #goalsongoals #fitnessmotivation #justdoit #fallgoals #fridayfeels

In 2018 don't make the mistake of setting 18 Goals because it's 2018. The 17 goals you wrote down this year how many did you achieve?

The challenge is, you want to achieve so much but still you achieve so little.
The smaller the amount of goals you set for yourself the easier it is to achieve them.

PS: please which part of my phone do I press to take a picture? I am having serious issues with it.

When you’ve been cooped up in bed for 4 days but you feel better and arrive to class 15 minutes early ... what better thing to do than practice some dubs? #doubleundersarethedevil #practicemakesprogress #determinedaf #goalsongoals #whooshehooshswearword #whooshwhooshouch

Anything in this life is attainable with the right mindset, the determination to succeed, and the faith and willingness to overcome your fears🌟 #keepdreamingbig #nothingisimpossible #cantstopwontstopattitude #femaleentrepreneur #goalsongoals #tothetop #smallstrideseachday #thursdaynightreflections #statenislandnyc

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