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Happy Weekend💗 [Werbung] Da kann man sich auch mal Smacktastic Cream direkt aus dem Glas gönnen🙈 Kennt ihr die süßen Aufstriche von @rockanutrition denn schon? Die Creams haben nur die Hälfte der Kalorien wie Nutella und co👌🏻Ich liebe die mit weißer Schokolade 😍 Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr den Link in meiner Bio nutzt, wenn ihr mich unterstützen möchtet😘So, jetzt aber genug mit der Werbung😆 Ihr solltet wissen, dass ich euch nur Produkte empfehle, die ich selbst benutze und gut finde🙏🏻 Wir sind heute im Allgäu unterwegs und verbringen den Tag in der Natur🌲 Habt einen schönen Tag ihr Lieben💗
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Crushing goals right there with you all!! We're proud to announce we'll be attending the largest and most notorious fitness event in the world. The 2017 OLYMPIA!! booth #443 - HALL 1 - Mark your calendars and stop by!! #goalcrusher #bethere #DissidentGymWear #TeamDSDNT #DSDNT #olympia2017 #mrolympia #olympia #nevergiveup #noexcuses

Yes you too can do it, but be sure to set realistic goals. It will take time, hard work, take you out of your comfort zone but the goal is what will keep you going. Follow pages that motivates you rather than those that make you feel intimidated or insecure. I have been following Lakeisha of @stepping_out_of_stuck and I must say she keeps it real 🙌🏼
RepostBy @stepping_out_of_stuck: "When starting any journey, it's important to go into it with a realistic mindset. Social media can have us feeling less than and like we have to be just like someone else in order to be "goals". That's not true! I am "goals" because I'm my own goals. Sure, I may see someone else and think, wow she's got a banging body, but then I realize that in my own right, I do as well😊. They say don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle. I agree and would add don't compare your reality to someone else's reality. In my reality, I'm not going to "train hard" to achieve what Suzy next door has. I'm going to train according to what lakeitha wants. Some people enjoy beasting it out in the gym, I enjoy a good cardio session followed a few weights. I guess what I'm trying to say here is, figure out what YOU want and not what "she" wants. I wanted to lose 100lbs, wear a size 12 instead of a 24, tuck my shirt, play with my boys, not need a seatbelt extender, and not worry if I could "fit" on xyz. Done. What is it that YOU really want? Let's start there😊"

Life is a series of decisions ✨🙌🏻 We've all heard that. But what we don't think about is ALL of the little daily decisions we make. Those are the ones that generally matter the most and we generally actually think the least about. The decision to procrastinate, to wait to start something tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. The decision to not listen to others people's opinions, to not let their thoughts or decisions dictate our actions. The decision to show up for yourself or not to show up. With the Eclipse and all this time we are spending reflecting, manifesting, setting new intentions... Why not take some time to look at not just your life, your past, worrying about the future but your day to day actions? Your habits? Are they benefiting you? Getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow and a year from now, to your vision for your life? Or are they doing the opposite? Are you really moving forward or are you choosing even if it's subconsciously to stay stuck? It's about getting aware and adjusting accordingly 🙏🏻 Remember we always have a choice even when we feel stuck and in our choices we find our freedom. #BadassTipOfTheDay #BeABadassWithAGoodAss #Eclipse2017

Cozy, relaxing Sundays always help me reset before a week of hard work and goal crushing! My goal this week is to start planning my BLOG. AHH! Even saying that out loud makes me nervous. 😬 What is your goal for this week?? Tell me tell me! #SarahLouCo #goalcrusher

Just crushed workout #2 tonight! Strictly did cardio! Jogged/ran on the treadmill for 45 minutes. I randomly walked 5 minutes total throughout! But I was on a 2.5 incline and went from a 3speed to a 6speed every 5 minutes! I'm pumped! Killing as many workouts as I can!!! This girl has goals!💪🏼💪🏼

P.s. If you're gonna give me shit for going tanning... please just save it. I know the risks & I'm pretty sure it's my life! I mean that in the nicest way!!! Mmmmkay!
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You are a flesh sack of unlimited potential, think and act accordingly ✌🏾
Classes this week:
TUES- 6:30am & 7:45am VINYASA @wellnessinmotionsa ; 4:45pm HOT @theyogarepublic
WED- 5pm & 6:30pm HOT @hotpodyogajoburg
THURS- 9am HOT @hotpodyogajoburg
FRI- 5pm YIN @hotpodyogajoburg
SUN- 10:30am HOT @hotpodyogajoburg

Shit 😂


Write out your goals, pray, work towards them, and watch them manifest!
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The past two weeks have been super crazy with minimal training taking place. The withdrawal symptoms are real but hopefully the universe will allow me to be great the rest of this week. Hope you are all smashing your goals! 💪

Thank you to everyone that stocked up this month! I've hit my goal thanks to YOU!!! If you missed it, you can still order via the link in my profile 🍷 Our wines are outstanding ...give us a try! CHEERS!! #onehopewine #goalcrusher #stockupnow #winetime #winedown #winelovers #givingback #whatdoesyourwinedo #grateful

Our minds believe what we think 🤔which leads us to get what we focus on 🙇🏽‍♀️ and feel good (or bad) about. Never underestimate the power of positive thought 💭 and self-talk, it's an important part of achieving a goal🏆🏅🎉

The boss is all of a sudden scared of thunderstorms...we've had some nasty ones the last 2 nights and it's about to kill me. She has come into our room like a bat out of hell. I never knew someone could be so awake so quickly! I've slept with her in her room which also includes being attacked by a tiny panther cat every time you move your feet. Pre-workout is going down and I'm pushing play after a very long night and early wake up call. #goalcrusher #weightlossjourney #fattofit #msfighter #mswarrior #letsgetstarted #pushplay #workoutathome #sahm #joinme #followme #girlmom #sahmproblems

#goodcrazy #funtimes #workoutmotivation #behappy And you can do anything! Make ourselves happy because no one can do it for us! #mindovermatter #weightlossjourney #wegotthis #sweatissexy #behonest #retrainingmybrain #positivethinking #selftalkeveryday YES YOU CAN!! YES WE CAN!! YES I CAN!!. #justdoit #nevergivingup #thisisforlife 😁 #health #yesyoucan #goalcrusher #spinner #losing85lbsofstress #nurse_schellie #spinningclass When in doubt ALWAYS just #smile you'll feel better!! Oh yea..... btw........and I'm getting married!! #sweatingforthewedding I said yes on 7/23/17🌸💕💗💍

Breathe in deep. Exhale slowly. You've got this. Stay focused on how incredible you are.

#behonest with yourself and the world around you. Don't waist time thinking. #justdoit #nevergivingup #thisisforlife 😁 #health #yesyoucan #goalcrusher #spinner #losing85lbsofstress #nurse_schellie #spinningclass When in doubt ALWAYS just #smile you'll feel better!!

#behonest with yourself and the world around you. #justdoit #retrainingmybrain #workoutmotivation #nevergivingup #thisisforlife 😁 #health #goalcrusher #spinner #spinningclass When in doubt ALWAYS just #smile you'll feel better!!

#behonest with yourself and the world around you. #nevergivingup #thisisforlife 😁 #health #goalcrusher #spinner #spinningclass When in doubt ALWAYS just #smile you'll feel better!!

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