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When you learn "around the world" for the first time and complete it in a week before your 35th bday. #goalcompleted✔ #thanksrach

Bruh, I bet you wouldn't even touch that on a squat rack. 3Plates. 315. "That's Easy", if you listen closely. #goalcompleted✔ #NextUp 405 on the squat rack.

18 MIZUNO WINS BEAST OF THE SOUTHEAST! #rtvbc #day3 #gottheGOLD #1seed #goalcompleted

Confessions of a food junkie.

I have always been a food junkie.
I have never had to restrict myself or watch what I eat because I was blessed with a fast metabolism. But because of this, I have never had to be held accountable and have never had a great relationship with food.
I could not see the harm I was doing to my body and so I did not understand that I was infact harming my body.

I met someone pretty amazing in Canada who opened my eyes to ethical and nutritional food. Treating and feeding your body with love and respect. I learned a lot and spent a large part of the next 12 months thriving on a healthy active lifestyle. And yet when I returned home, I found my bad eating habits creeping back into my life. Maybe I was bored? Maybe it was my way of coping? Maybe it's because I was less active? Or because it was so accessible once again?
But today, as I get older, my metabolism is slowing down and what I put into my mouth, my body is now responding to. For this I am actually greatful, for now I can be held accountable for my actions.

8 weeks ago I decided to try my first 8 week challenge with a friend.
8 weeks of firsts.. The first time I have ever restricted my food intake
The first time learning and counting macros
The first time truly meal prepping
The first time setting a fitness goal and actually completing it

2 jobs and 50+ hours of work most weeks, easter break, anzac day, a 3rd long weekend, mothers day and my birthday. One seriously shitty (bad timing) life event that truly challenged my mind, heart and body throughout the entire 8 weeks. And scoring a sweet dose of tonsillitis in the 2nd final week.

I may not have done as well as I had hoped, but given my track record with food and actually completing a goal, my hectic schedule and the heart break I have been working to overcome silently on the side, I did SO much better than I expected and I am seriously proud of myself!

But most importantly, I learned so much! I can confidently walk away from this challenge with a great understanding of what I am feeding my body and how to strengthen my body through food and excercise.
My taste buds once again thrive for the good food.


Wow I've wanted a motorcycle since I was 9 and I made it happen! Thanks for coming and watching me live one of my dreams @princemorteza (haji aka Tez) happy early birthday to me! #goalcompleted✔ #stillshocked #newbie #suzuki #dualsport

I never thought my path towards this diploma would lead to me Canada. Opportunities come and go and if I would have passed on the door God opened for me, who knows where I would be right now. It’s been a long journey I must say. So much sacrifice. The mental battles. The physical and spiritual battles. So many times I wanted to quit. But I didn’t. I didn’t give up. It means more than just graduating college. This diploma is like my shield. My testimony. Went from being homeless to being a college graduate. It’s an inspiration to others. It’s a promise fulfilled to my late grandmother. This diploma is a thank you for all who helped me along the way. You know who you are. Whether I slept on your couch, gave me a ride, fed me, helped me financially, or allowed me to eat your snacks 😆. I thank you. I won’t forget. I pray God blesses you for 10 fold for helping his son. Oh lastly, this diploma is for those who said I couldn’t do it. Those who doubted me. Gave up on me. The naysayers. I appreciate the extra motivation! It came through when needed 👏👏👏. I know it can be hard for you to imagine...but uh, picture me rollin. Herrod Out ✌#goalcompleted #juststarting #graduate

Today is the day I moved out of with my fiancé and started a new chapter in our lives. ♥️🏡 after having a very tough week of losing two people in less than a week has been hard....but thank you to everyone that has supported me and to see if I was okay 👌🏼😊 I'm so happy I have completed 3 GOALS this year already. ✅✅ just have to set your mind to it and stay positive and no matter how hard life gets you'll always have an amazing support group behind you 💖 #movedout #newhouse #happy #goalcompleted #fiance @damenator_7

That awesome moment when you FINALLY meet your online bestie of six years IN PERSON... AND get to do a photoshoot with her, and one of your favorite photographers, for one of your favorite brands. #goalcompleted 💋 w/ @mrsdebunt // @itskarmenkarma

Selfie from a photoshoot by Evolve Photography (@edwinevolvephoto) for Lost Boys Inc (@lostboysinc)

I finally can do the monkey bars! #upperbodyprobs #monkeybars #playingwithkids #goalcompleted


I finally can do the monkey bars! #upperbodyprobs #monkeybars #playingwithkids #goalcompleted

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