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Today marks 6 months of marriage and 1.5 years together. My love for this woman doesn’t fade, it continues to grow stronger ( hard to believe that’s possible, but it’s so true). This pic was from our “Honeymoon run”. No one else I’d rather scramble up 2,000 feet in less than 3/4 of a mile for a celebratory ultra. #ultrarunning #trailrunning #gnrtraillove

🥂 Cheers to closing down 2017 and ringing in 2018. .
🥂 Cheers to love and laughter and celebrating accomplishments, defeats that define you, encouraging and inspiring people in your life. .
If you are reading this : thank you for following my year and being a part of it! I am inspired by you, and love the connection through this square world. Some of you reading this (you know who - are my friends because of this! Who knew several years ago this was possible? Not me!) but — thank you! Here’s to you YOU - friends new and old and those I hope to make in 2018. .
2017 highlights include so many wonderful moments. From marrying the man of my dreams to an awesome run camp with Brooks Running. From two DNFs at big races (yes, this is a highlight as it defined me as a runner and I learned from each one in a very different way) to completing my 2nd Squamish 50/50 and being the only female (so far) to complete this insanely hard course back to back. From the GoPro games in Vail thanks to Superfeet and the Vail Valley Foundation to crewing an amazing ultra runner in her third Badwater 135 race! From completing my second Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim to having an ultra adventure for our honeymoon. From watching and cheering my husband finish his first 100 miler to cheering for my son going to the state championship in wrestling (and I know he will be going back in 2018)! From having to stop my runstreak at day 652 because of injury to finishing out the year with one last 1/2 marathon and feeling good! 🙌🏼
So many awesome memories! CHEERS 🥂 .... let’s do this 2018!
#brooksrunning #runhappy #dirtbagrunners #runitfast #gnrtraillove #trailrunner #trailrunning #ultrarunner #irunthisbody #runstreak #womenwhoexplore #worldrunners #beatyesterday #happynewyear

Finding someone to love is not the answer. Finding someone to love you back is not the answer .... but finding someone that loves you for being YOU, makes you smile and laugh everyday like it’s the best day ever, celebrates your successes, listens when you need to talk, supports your goals, dreams up new dreams with you, and pushes you to the best human possible. Well — I’m here to say — this is MY answer to true love. ❤️💫 #bestdayever #tbt #gnrtraillove #sorrynotsorryforthemushypost #seriouslylucky #andgrateful #hegetsme #andisloyalaf #yellingthatlastpartlikeShalane 🙌🏼 PC: @k2_khp @katiekatielady

Trail Love Tuesday goes out to my favorite trail run to date. The one where several of our closest friends joined @sheervertical and me for a trail run at Deception Pass before we said our vows. We stopped for a brief intermission to take a few photos along the cliff and this one is one of my favorites from the day! Thank you @k2_khp and @katiekatielady for capturing our day!❤️
#gnrtraillove #traillovetuesday

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. 💫
~Denis Waitley
📸: @k2_khp .
#grateful #bestdayever #gnrtraillove

Can’t say for certain, but likely there are some pretty special photos that were taken here that will be coming soon. Can’t wait ! #trailrunner #gnrtraillove

#traillovetuesday by 👉🏼@happytrigirl
The most beautiful things in life are the people, the places, and the memories that put a smile on your face and love in your heart. .
#gnrtraillove #runitfast #superfeet #runhappy #suuntorun

🖐🏼5 things to QUiT right now:

1) Trying to please everyone ☝🏼
2) Fearing change 🦋
3) Living in the past ⏰
4) Putting yourself down 🤦🏻‍♀️
5) Overthinking 🙇🏼
💥YOU are ENOUGH so just STAAAAAAP! ❣️
#reset #mountainrecharge #chainlakestrail #mountshunksan #standgloriously #strength #beauty #grace #mountbakerwilderness #myterritoryrun #pnwpride #pnwperfection #runningforcombatveterans #runningforthosewhocannot #trailsisters #mountaingirls #herpnwlife #pnwoutdoorwomen #gomacro #skratchlabs #oiselle #hokaoneone #ultimatedirection #destinationtrail #gnrtraillove

Getting lost on the trails isn't all that bad ... 😉🙌🏼 #whataview #stuartlaketrails #enchantments #gnrtraillove #honeymoonultra #dirtbagrunners #tbt

Epic jump shot! @theblonderuns
No case of the Monday's over here. #gnrtraillove #nickhasnoig

No case of the Monday's over here. Jumping into the week, like... #gnrtraillove #nickhasnoig PC: @ultragrl

Honeymoon ultra. Our run was supposed to be 18-20 miles to enjoy the Enchantments. Oops, I might have gotten us lost, for 10 miles with an additional 3k of vertical before we made the Aasgard Pass ascent ( 2k of vertical of unmarked trail in less than 3/4 of a mile 😳). BUT, we remained positive . Despite knowing how hard the day would be, acknowledging some more thorough planning would have been stellar, we pushed on chasing the sun, with no headlamps through rough terrain an unmarked trail. The day was l o n g. Involved a few sketchy areas, goats, marmots, dead watches, glaciers, ice slides, extreme boldering and 90 degree temps.? Somehow we managed to pull it off , with borrowed headlamps, smiles and reminders of not to panic. Unplanned, our ultra wedding turned into an ultra training adventure with over 10k of vertical and 35 miles. We ended the night just before 12am, with pizza and egg burritos, because they definitely pair well. #gnrtraillove #enchantments #ultrarunning

Trying to learn how to Instagram! Deception Pass State Park. #gnrtraillove

Honeymoon Adventure::
•35 miles
•17 hours •10.5k of vertical (possibly more)
•5 goats
•2 dead Suunto watches
•3 marmots
•2 borrowed headlamps from strangers •12 hour bug spray is a true statement as we were eaten alive shortly thereafter. •Snow embankments
•Two near death experiences •6 water crossings
•Chasing the sunlight with 9 miles still to go
•Traversing rock slides
•Only trail markers were cairns
•Intended mileage was 18-20
•10+ miles of getting lost before hitting the intended trail •3k vertical in those 10+ miles
•this photo was taken on said trail •We still had to climb Aasgard Pass •Which is the toughest climb ever. •Basically 2k of vertical in .75 miles. •We were basically climbing rocks. •In the end ...
•We made it out alive •Still smiling •But tired and sore •Chalked it up to a great training run •And ... an epic honeymoon weekend.

Beautiful couple, beautiful celebration! Cheers to forever! And ultras. This weekend was just lovely and it was the coolest wedding I've ever been to! #gnrtraillove #nickhasnoig #runnersmakethebestfriends

witnessing the love between these two was absolutely amazing. congratulations on forever and always.

Yesterday was probably one of the greatest days of 2017 for us😄🙌🏽!!
We came to seattle all the way from our adorable State of Texas🤗🤠to a celebration of love💕with our dear friends @happytrigirl & @sheervertical ❤️ -------------------------------
These two take the prize for most original and exciting wedding ever! We did a 6 mile trail run before the ceremony and later at night we danced and had tacos with them and a group of new friends (as shown in pic 7😎👊🏽) ---------------------------------We are still hanging for the weekend in seattle so,there will be more @carlostherunner adventures here.stay tuned.😜🙌🏽 #PinesinSeattle
#novemberproject #jurassicpark #dinosaur #dinorunfie #gnrtraillove

espresso & hot dogs. crab legs & barnacles. wedding vows & fighter jets. friends old & new. #gnrtraillove

Celebrated @happytrigirl and @sheervertical wedding day with this AMAZING group of People today! #blessed #traillove #gnrtraillove #wedding

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