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Finally got a break from the freezing cold temps!! A 50 degree day was just what we needed! I took my new @girlisnota4letterword cruiser for a ride around Hoboken and checked out the beautiful views of NYC. I’m going to enjoy every second of this before it drops back down to the 20’s this week! ❄️.
#skate #skateboarding #skateboard #skater #skatergirl #girlskater #skatelikeagirl #longboardgirl #longboardgirlscrew #gn4lw

Tomorrow is the day! #ItsNotAboutPretty Pop-Up and book signing with legendary 70s pro skater Cindy Whitehead. Beverages by @nica_craftbeerco & @lybations, food by @theblackcatla and custom boards by @dusterscalifornia. Saturday / 12-5pm

Casually standing, waiting for summer days with my Bolero by @bastlboards 💗
Photo and bikini by @louiseparis.fr

From head to toes.
Shots by @nimagens

Something exciting is going to take place on our magical Santa Cruz coast...
You might well want to join us with @katevoynova and @timur_totoev in April. For what? Stay tuned! 🙃

@alexa23garcia con un frontboard en la final del Skater Girls Open 2017 🔥✨💖 #skateboarding #femaleskateboarders #gn4lw #girlsshredding #skatergirlsopen2017 #skatergirlsopen

What are the chances, we both got skateboards for Christmas 😂 🏄🏼‍♂️🏄🏼‍♀️ #gn4lw #wishiwas4too

The story of my beloved Bolero by @bastlboards is quite tragic but glorious 😅🙈 I will keep it untold for a while though...
Моя самая первая, любимая доска Bolero от @bastlboards жизнь прожила яркую, но трагическую😂🙈Об этом, правда, позже расскажу!
Photo by @willingholtz

👉🏼 Remembering my rad brother in law, and former @faithnomore lead singer #chuckmosley this weekend at a beautiful memorial full of family and friends. He was not only a music legend but a big supporter of everything we do with @girlisnota4letterword - you never expect to see a guy like Chuck rocking the pink #GN4LW sticker on his guitar at every show or rocking the #itsnotaboutpretty stickers & flannels. Yet he did constantly and told anyone who would listen about the female empowerment movement. He was truly special and will be missed forever. We are lucky his music lives on for all to enjoy. #wecarealot #faithnomore #skateboarderforever #punklives #clevelandrocks

There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.

Гармонии между работой и жизнью не существует. Все, за что стоит бороться, выводит нас из равновесия.

Photo by @willingholtz 😍

Demo for the opening of BOARD at #Lakemaccityartgallery @ourlakemac #board #ourlakemac

I’m learning to skate. Found a great spot to practice down at speers point it’s nice and smooth 😀
Who else rides a skateboard??
I’m trying to get a better board & helmet etc - tips on where to look?? #skateboarding #skatergirl #gn4lw @girlisnota4letterword @vansgirls #vansgirls #newyskate

a groovy night ➡️
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