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Ok no..

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Happiness is Not a feeling... It is a choice....

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I was introduced by @eminozy the Uyghur food and glad to find one in the middle of the city. Deliciouso! 😘🐻🇦🇺

Bloody Monday

| S I M P L I F Y | your life...pretty self explanatory. Keep your circle of friends small, your bedroom neat, your things back where you found them, your days numbered, your schedule tight and your room to be spontaneous, balanced....when you keep to one or two hobbies and concentrate on the small things...you’ll notice they really were the big things. :) #lettherebelight #simple

| S A M E | today I had the pleasure of meeting up with my friend Adam who also just happens to be an exceptional physio (currently helping out Australia’s rugby team). .
There were some interesting topics we touched on and one thing Adam said that really touched my heart was; “there’s lots of emphasis on how and why we are different, but not much on how we are all the same.” .
This is so true, we concentrate on our; borders, political differences, skin colour, race, religion etc we forget that our origins were probably once either Viking or Celtic, or even further back we all originated from Africa...and if you believe in the bible then we all came from Adam and Eve....
Personally I’d rather not think about how we may be all very distant cousins on this planet, but you get my drift. .
At the end of the game, personality wise our genetic code might have a few changes as per our environment (backed by science), but in reality our human blueprint is pretty much the same. :) #lettherebelight photocredit:@canva

| I N N E R C H I L D | so...as I was going through my storage unit, I found my old photo albums that Mum so kindly put together for me...
And because I find my inspiration from nature and day to day living as to what I write, I thought about youth and letting out your inner child.
It’s somehow ok to have fun with your kids and get away with doing “kids stuff,” like playing a video game or kicking around a soccer ball. In reality these are really the things that keep us looking youthful, they bring out our own inner child.
Life is meant to be about having fun as much as possible...it’s not just about hard work and getting to your destination; we all know life is a journey.
Take time to do the things you like doing as a kid...little hobbies you’ve missed for some time...go back to your roots and watch your face light up and smile...then tell me you don’t look 10 years younger.
Sometimes you have to go back in time to remember who you are at heart, 💓 in an attempt to keep you moving forwards, onwards and upwards.
Yes, this is me, at a year old...what are your pics like? Tag me with the #lettherebelight hashtag! Xoxo
You’ll have to excuse the old red filters they used to use in the 80s; brown hair, brown eyes naturally, 🙈 and you? #innerchild #kids #80s #travel #country #girl #polishgirl #xellenial

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