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how can she be this FLAWLESS it’s almost offensive

i really need to carry on with my au but i’m really busy and tired atm. school’s been really hard lately but there’s only a week till my half term and i’ll post a lot more regularly then.

dt: @starlightlucaya coz she a babe

Sorry for the late ish post I’ve been roller skating for 1 hour and 30 mins and my feet are so tired and this girl shouted ‘err’ at me twice but I’ve never done anything to her but at least I’m not a idiot like her 😂🤷‍♀️

{Run and hide} Part 13

Thought I'd already posted this 🤔 oops

I'm gonna try and go easier on myself and not be so hard on myself with posting. I'm sorry if you guys don't like the sound of that but I need to do this for myself

Since I've left it so long imma bless y'all with part 13 of Run and hide

Lost boy 💗

This is long 🤔

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Cr; bread.mp4
Rip quality

[riley matthews as jess day.]
there’s some Drama™ going on at my school and im not popular or anything so i’m not involved thank GOD but like someone made a confession acc and it’s just a bunch of freshmen sending shit abt people and yeah it’s dumb af
dt: @huckelb3rry

— I Stan the right character
Cr; bread.mp4
Rip quality

—rilaya au(?)
-i truly don't even know what this is but i love them 💓

Cherry Cola🍒
— Cr; bread.mp4
Rip quality

↳ again
» ib/rm graham_edits
» sc sunqlia

qotd: who’s your favorite fictional character?
(movie, tv, books, etc)

qotd: favorite place you’ve traveled to?

sabrina at disneyland?? yes please

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