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#TeamAbroad in Europe, subscribe na to #GMAPinoyTV, #GMALifeTV, and #GMANewsTVInternational via @lycatv and enjoy watching your favorite Kapuso programs 24/7 on TV and MOBILE!

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#TeamAbroad sa Singapore, SUBSCRIBE to any Kabayan Pack via @singtel TV and get a chance to WIN TICKETS to One Fine Day with the Bae with @aldenrichards02 this July 24! May #GMAPinoyTV, #GMALifeTV, at #GMANewsTVInternational ka na, may chance ka pang maka-bonding si bae for a day! Contest ends on July 17 kaya SUBSCRIBE TODAY, mga Kapuso! For more details, visit singteltv.com.sg/kabayan, or dial 1609.

sample proof for a standee for our event abroad.. .. making sure the colors and print quality are checked before production.. . . looks ok for printing ✔ 😊

#TomRodriguez 😍 #kapusostar🌟
@akosimangtomas daddyo! 😉
#GMAPinoyTV #GMALifeTV #GMANewsTVintl

Hello mga Kapuso in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Canada, USA, Guam and Papua New Guinea. I am thrilled to announce that MEGA's fashion reality TV show #MEGAFashionCrewReloaded will now be aired in your countries on September 5 via #GMALifeTV. Catch America's Next Top Model @alliharvard and I together with all the MEGA-worthy contestants every Saturday and Sunday. Show us some love!


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