I would like to take the time to wish my LINE BROTHERS, the 14XXXKLUSIVE DIAMONDS a HAPPY 8th KAPPAVERSARY!!!! 8 years ago we started on a journey to KAPPALAND that taught us sooooo much and challenged us on a spiritual, intellectual, physical and mental level. A journey that enabled us to embrace one another and to understand the significance of being a "Brothers Brothers" while obtaining the distinct understanding of the values of altruism and deference! Today my LB's are still embodying the true meaning of Brotherhood and have exemplified a fine example of "Achievement In Every Field of Human Endeavor" I'm so Blessed to have received & still have 13 Educated & Exceptional Brothers I can call upon & know that they will be there to embrace one another as we continue to matriculate through life! iSalute to my Prophytes for making our dream become a reality through there hard-work & dedication but more importantly for setting the bar so high for us to continue the rich legacy of Achievement!

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