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İyi degil daha iyi olmak icin çabala☺️#glutes #glutesday #glutesonfire #glutesworkout

Really Good Form 😍 Girls, Do Not Give Up On Your Dreams! Eventually They Will Come True

🤣😆👏🏻 #glutesday 👌🏻

내 운동 중 가장 힘든 날..😅
근데 하고나면 허벅지 뒷근육이 쑤시고 온몸에 힘이빠지며, 복근이 찢어질 것 같은 기분을 주말 내내 느낄 수 있는 특권을 누리게된다 😍
✔️이 운동도 편집해서 업로드 예정!!!!!!🎥
이 루틴 열심히하면 진짜 꿀엉덩이 꿀복근 보장....👍🏻🍑🍑#workoutislife #glutesday #absday #weighttraining #healthylife



First few reps ➡️ last few reps 😂

Today I did 10x10 hip thrusts and 10x10 cable deadlift and two little supplementary exercises - hamstring curl and cable crunch for abs - both 3x15.
This kind of workout sounds SO EASY, but the reality is, I walked like a paralytic after it.
Also I've noticed so much strength gain!💪🏼
Previous couple trainings with this style I did hip thrusts with lower weight and I wasn't very convinced but it made me so much stronger and now I'm doing 10 sets with weight that I used to struggle to do 3 sets with! That's crazy, because before that I've been stuck on this weight for ages...
Since I've started reading @bretcontreras1 's blog and watch his videos, I've made such a good progress! I still need to get a better form, you can see I'm still arching a little bit too much on the top but it's nothing compared to how awful my form was at the beginning, I used to have so much back pain doing it.
I am in love with this exercise!♥️
I can't squat and deadlift heavy and I need heavy to grow some glutes 🍑 And this is where hip thrusts have found a place in my heart ♥️ Hopefully will give me some muscle gains, not just strength 😊

Really Good Form 😍 Girls, Do Not Give Up On Your Dreams! Eventually They Will Come True

Любимая тренировка ягодиц в #атлетико. Сегодня сама по себе. #самасебетренер 👉Гиперэкстензия на ягодичные 5 х 20.
👉 Глубокие приседания с гантелью 4 х 15.
👉 Бицепс бедра в тренажере лежа 3 х 15.
👉Румынская тяга в кроссовере 4 х 20.
👉Приседания с колен в Смите 4 х 20.
👉Махи назад в кроссовере 3 х 15-20
👉Разведение ног в тренажере
3 х 25.
Как-то так)
#gymmotivation #fitnessbody #sportgirl #lovesport #stayfitforever #healthylifestyle #booty #glutesday #glutestraining

Pomeriggio al lago.. ultimo giorno di ferie per me, sole amore e shopping 💑🐶☀️💐💕 #bikinilife #allyouneedislove #fitcouple

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