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Fueling up before our road trip to Vermont👍🏻 Pretty excited to enjoy a mini getaway with the fam and spend some time outdoors! 🌲 ❄️ ☀️ Happy #friyay Friends!
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Stek m råstekt potatis ,aromsmör och honung. Стейк с жаренной картошкой, aромантизированным маслом и подогретым мёдом. Чтобы приготовить сочный и вкусный стейк,надо придерживаться нескольких простых правил:забудьте сказки о парном мясе,оно даёт вес, но не вкус. Мясо должно дозреть,повисеть несколько дней,тогда оно намного дороже,но и вкуснее. Я покупаю мясо и даю ему дозреть в дома,на холоде. Стейк нельзя солить и перчить до жарки,только тогда,когда перевернёте. Жарить на среднем огне и почти без масла,я жарю на чугунной блиннице:края невысокие,удобнее переворачивать,кладу только один кусок за раз,чищу и жарю следующий. в Я ,вообще,почти все жарю на чугунных сковородках,а потом перекладываю в кострюлю или чашку..Сто ещё?да,мясо,лучше всего ,покупать вырезку с рёбер,здесь это называется энтрекот. Ну,а дальше,дело вкуса. Если есть вопросы,пишите,я отвечу #домашняяедасамаявкусная .#стейк #стейки #обед #обеды #обеденнаяеда😋😋😋#обеднаработе #обеденноевремя #жареннаякартошка #stek #svenshusman #svenskhusmanskost #råstektpotatis #lunch #lunchtime #sweden #swedenfood #food #glutenfritt #glutenfree #glutenfrei #glutenvrij #glutenintolerant #glutenintolerance #glutenintolerantie #безглютеновыепродукты #безглютеноваядиета

The January clear out in our house involves ploughing through all of the leftover sweets, chocolates and cakes! Noone likes to waste food right?! Anyway, my husband opened these chocolates from @hotelchocolatireland _ and I sank back into the sofa thinking I better not risk it. Fancy chocolates are a minefield for gluten aren’t they?! Well, I was totally delighted to discover that Hotel Chocolat list the allergens for each and every chocolate on the menu with a very clear code! 💪🏻 There was definitely a fist pump!! Many chocolates were consumed at a very fast pace. Now my jeans 👖 are even tighter than before. 😭

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Gluten Friendly Friday once again. I️f you’re like me, you need something to get you through the week. For me it’s Gluten-Friendly Friday
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Gluten-Friendly Friday:
Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Glaze
Chocolate Cherry
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Vanilla Glaze
Chocolate Glaze
Gluten-Friendly & vegan:
Baby Spice
Maple Pecan
Blood Orange
Raspberry Cheesecake
Maple Pecan
Vanilla Cream Filled with Chocolate Glaze
White Chocolate Raspberry
Vegan Apple
Lemon Raspberry
Coffee Cake

| BEER | I’m dying to try these gluten free beers. It’s amazing how many options they have here Down Under!
#glutenfree #glutenfreebeer #glutenfreeaustralia #forgalswhodrinkglutenfreebeer @obrienbeer

Slaaaaappppfish! It’s our favorite last-minute, don’t-want-to-cook-because-we-worked-late spot. Oh my word. Delicious. Every time. Gluten free and dairy free (sand the yummy jersey sauce) .. still laden with yummy spicy red sauce. And thank you @slapfish for giving a yummy Chenin Blanc to wash it down. 🤗🙏🏻

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The little kid in me is still obsessed with tater tots! Quick, easy and delicious. We use them to make taco tots (instead of shells) and nacho tots (instead of chips). My toddler son loves them. And so do we! And they are #glutenfree!! #potato #tatertots #kidfood #nevergrowup @oreida

First time eating Teriyaki since I went gluten free!!!! So good! Thank you Sprouts!

Allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities. What’s the difference?

Have you ever felt that there’s something in your diet that’s negatively affecting you but you just can’t figure it out? Maybe you’ve had allergy testing done and everything came back negative so you’re left thinking those headaches are just your new norm. It’s not that things like dairy intolerance are “trendy” but that unfortunately with all of the toxins, stress and poor food options, our society is living with alarming rates of leaky gut and therefore skyrocketing cases of not just allergies, but intolerances and sensitivities. I’m breaking down each reaction below to help you better understand what food items in your life may harming you even after being told you don’t have any allergies.

Allergies - An immediate and often severe reaction where the body releases an IgE histamine response when it comes in contact with something, sometimes even from smelling or touching the skin. Examples include breaking out in hives and feeling like your throat is closing. The person is usually born with an allergy and leaky gut doesn't have to be present. Allergies are what can be tested through blood in a doctor’s office.

Intolerance - When the body can't digest certain foods or the digestive system is upset by certain foods. Symptoms are usually digestive in nature like bloating, gas, cramping, etc. and usually develop over time from leaky gut.

Sensitivities - Delayed reactions that can take hours or days to show up and also usually develop over time due to leaky gut. Symptoms are usually outside of digestive issues and more like brain fog, migraines, etc.

The best way to figure out what foods may be causing you discomfort are to take suspected foods out of your diet for 30 days and then slowly reintroduce them while making notes of any symptoms. Undiagnosed allergies, intolerances and sensitivities put extreme stress and inflammation on the body which will exacerbate symptoms and disease.

You don’t have to suffer from “mysterious” causes! If you’re interested in creating an elimination plan or having on the spot food testing done please contact me.

Pistachio crusted salmon 🤤🍴
It's so nice when a restaurant is allergy conscious! @thekegsteakhouse

What are YOU having for dinner tonight? 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Homemade Crab🦀Cake and remoulade sauce with Honey🍯 Balsamic Brussels and White rice with onions and peppers! 👩🏻‍🍳My recipe for 🦀 cakes and remoulade is on my blog under “entrée”

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