Massive congratulations to our Nutritionist Rosie @glutenfreerosie who recently graduated from Kings College London as a Registered Dietitian with a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics from King's College London.
We love having her as part of the team and learning about the science behind nutrition, our bodies and food. Rosie's also just started working as a Dietician at King's College Hospital and we'll be doing another Q&A with her soon so get your questions ready!

My beautiful baby !!!!! Love you SOOOOO much β€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ‘° Love & thanks to the chief hens πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“
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Memories - making this in Dorset a few weeks ago πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Fried Polenta Chips with Puy Lentils cooked on the Aga πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

RAINY DAY <> HOT PORRIDGE this is the GLUTEN FREE variety πŸ’ͺ🏼 it's a mix of millet, brown rice, and quinoa 🌞 topped with flax seed, hemp seeds, Cacau nibs and coconut sugar 🌴

Lunch time vibes - aubergine, kale and purple sprouted broccoli, brown rice and cherry tomatoes #vegan #lunch #homecooked #fresh #whatveganseat #glutenfree #dairyfree #deliciouslyella #glutenfreerosie #lonijane #london

Have a read what our Nutritional Consultant @glutenfreerosie eats over a week on @getthegloss http://www.getthegloss.com/gallery/my-week-in-food-rosie-norman #potage

Got our first load of plump and juicy organic strawberries from @abelandcole this week and thought I'd try @rosie_saunt 's idea: dipped in dark chocolate and coated in cashews. Nummy! I have done chocolate-dipped strawbs in the past but the nuts add a whole new crunchy dimension ☺️

Make these gluten-free frittata muffins for healthy breakfast or lunchboxs. They are high in protein, free from added sugar and full of whole foods.

SautΓ©ed some spinach with garlic and onions.

Add the spinach to greased muffin tins along with any other veggies you want to use up (I used some leftover baked sweet potato but steamed broccoli or peas would work really well). Add a few cubes of feta or goats cheese.

Cover the fillings with whisked eggs (seasoned with salt and pepper), filling the mixture to the top of the tins. I use about 6 large eggs for 9 muffins.

Top the muffins with fresh chilli and extra cheese.

Bake for 25 minutes at pre-heated 180 degree oven.

Cool the tray for 10 minutes before removing individual muffins with a knife and continuing to cool on a wire rack.

My latest healthy packed lunch recipe has been published by @thedebriefuk. I can't get enough of these at the moment.

Pot noodles which you can make at your desk, and are super nutritious! Prep them for the week ahead and take to work. Just add hot water. www.thedebrief.co.uk

We interviewed our Nutritional Consultant Rosie, read now at www.potage.co.uk/blogs/blog You'll find out what's in her fridge, 5 tips for eating well, her favourite cookery books and places to eat and lots more.

Over the last month we've been working with @glutenfreerosie on a nutritional breakdown of all our recipes, guidelines on how to read nutritional labels and explaining our eating well philosophy. All the information will be available online at www.potage.co.uk shortly.

Doing a gluten elimination test at the moment to try and identify what's wrong with me, so I experimented with a gluten free pancake recipe this Shrove Tuesday. This was adapted from @glutenfreerosie's flax wrap recipe, with soy flour because that's all I have here in BA. Unfortunately the guacamole, pepper and courgette wrap completely fell apart (still tasted quite good though), but I also managed to make this mini chocolate, banana and strawberry drop scone. Not as good as a classic crepe unfortunately, but A good first attempt!! #glutenfree #pancakes #pancakeday #glutenfreepancakes #glutenfreerosie #deliciouslyeliza

We're SO excited to start working with the amazing @glutenfreerosie Rosie is joining our team as a Nutritional Consultant and will be working closely with our Head Chef @claracooks, providing a nutritional breakdown of all our food (pot by pot) and writing monthly blog posts. Read more about Rosie on our team page www.potage.co.uk/pages/the-team #potage #glutenfreerosie #eatingwellmadeeasy #nutrition

Have you seen today's A Life More interview with Rosie Norman?

This gorgeous girl is the blogger behind @glutenfreerosie and co-founder of #TheCamberwellKitchen.
Have a read of her helpful advice and how she swapped her Vogue magazines for science journals to pursue a career in the health industry.

Super inspiring!

Dinner on our private terrace tonight #shouldhaveproposedhere πŸ™ˆπŸ˜³ #bali #Indonesia #sunset #food #eating #table #waves #glutenfreerosie #rant

Just had one of the best gluten-free toasted sandwiches EVER.

Olive oil sardines, tomato, basil and Dijon mustard dressing. Really healthy and filling. The gluten-free bread is also amazing (Mark's & Spencer's Brown Bloomer Slices) πŸ…

A πŸ‘‹ goodbye summer, warm September salad. With roasted aubergines, sticky nectarines, fresh figs, spinach and toasted almonds.

Loaded with plant foods, packed with nutrients and 100% gluten-free.

Will be on glutenfreerosie.com tomorrow πŸ’ƒ

Today for lunch I have Doves Farm delicious gluten-free pasta which they make from rice, spinach & tomato. I've bulked it out with lots of summer veggies and a glug of extra virgin olive oil. #healthylunchbox #glutenfree #glutenfreerosie #healtheating #summer

Pre-carnival fuel. Scrambled egg on grilled gluten-free bread with chilli jam and truffle salt. Found the beautiful antique mustard coloured teaspoon in a junk shop yesterday πŸ΄πŸ’›

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