Inner Thigh exercises! 💕
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🚨🧠👂🏼OBJECTS IN MIRROR WILL NOT CAUSE HAPPINESS BETWEEN YOUR EARS👂🏼🧠🚨 Hey there my sweet little angel babez! I wanted to pop on here and spit some hard truths. We have all heard that no amount of money, cars, clothes, vacations, makeup, good looks, accomplishments, number on a scale, etc will make you happy AND THATS THE TRUTH. I have been a serial victim of these thoughts and whenever I get the “thing” I’ve been wanting so badly, I am not as fulfilled as I hoped I’d be.
Am I happy I lost weight? Yes. Do I feel better physically? Yes. Do I wake up every single day feeling excited and joyful that I lost weight and all my troubles have diminished? No, Absolutely not. Because they haven’t and the thrill of weightloss is gone.
I suffer from mental illness which is nothing to be ashamed of, but one of the many masks of my many disorders is relying on the next best thing to make me happy. I often find myself looking at the bigger picture, or next week, or next month, or next vacation, or holiday. Once those days or things arrive, I am less than happy and not as fulfilled as I expected to be. I know that I need to stop this thought process and focus on today. Unfortunately it’s easier said than done. I have to force myself to stay mindful and practice gratitude or I can go to some pretty dark places.
Luckily with the help of an amazing therapist and great psychiatrist I am able to recognize my thought patterns and use tools to redirect those thoughts to positive things. Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle quite a bit but am able to pull myself out of it a lot faster.
If you feel like a prisoner to your own thoughts, struggle with eating disorders, overeating, addiction, “dark clouds” that rarely let up, or constant fear please seek help. Being alone in dark times is not a good place to be and there is hope for better days.
Don’t be ashamed. Use this motivation Monday and let’s end the stigma 💖 (Fun fact, I had already lost 40lbs in that first pic 😲)
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I remember feeling so anxious about originally posting the photo on the left here on my Instagram 6 weeks pre op.. still soaking in that surgery is over and this is my bod. HOLY. It’s so many details.. like how weird does it feel to lean over and not have loose skin hanging from my abdomen?! SO AMAZINGLY WEIRD. Emphasis on amazing. Also, the other day I went to scratch an itch.. somewhere I used to have to lift up my loose skin up to reach.. YEAH NO SKIN TO LIFT UP.. SUCH A “WTF?” MOMENT.
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High volume to exhaust the glutes 🍑
20x straight leg lateral kicks
20x bent leg lateral kicks
20 banded crab walks
20 banded dumbbell hip thrusts
- 4 sets -
Yep ouchhhhhhhh 😅
Credit: @racheljdillon

@maroon5 @adamlevine @iamcardib Yeww Like Dis ??🤣😂💩 #glu

The light thing board looks so pretty but you can see them 😂😂✨😌😌
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Abs workout! Double Tap and SAVE if you find these exercises useful! ✅💖
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Abs! Abs! Do these for a top-notch six-pack! Double Tap and SAVE if you find these exercises useful! ✅💖
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#meatlessmonday happening in the @kleineshoppe kitchen tonight.
Doesn’t have to be complicated or long.
We chose to go with a homemade tomato sauce and pasta.
From start to finish this took us 30 mins... we might of gone back for seconds it was so delish 😋😋

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💥 3 sets | 8-10 reps
💥 2 sets | 30 reps BENCH
💥 2 sets | 20 reps (10 each side)
💥 2 sets | 20 reps
💥 2 sets | 7 reps (side, middle side =1 rep)
💥 3 sets | 10 reps (each side) .
Credit: @clairepthomas

Here’s the leg workout I did today at @planetfitness 🙌🏽 REST WHEN YOU’RE DONE and bookmark for a rainy day!
5 rounds:
12 Leg Extensions
12 Hamstring Curls, Seated
(I did walking toe touches and air squats in there too to warm up my body).
4x12 Single Leg Extension (2x12 per leg).
2xMAX reps Leg Extensions, butt off the seat (first video).
2x Dropset Seated Hamstring Curl, 2 sec hold at top
Immediately into pulsing hamstring curls (half reps) to failure.
4 rounds:
10 Smith Machine Hip Thrusts
10 Goblet Squats, DB between legs & push through heels
10 Straight Leg Deadlifts with DB, feet wide apart.
3 rounds:
10 Wide LegPress
10 Calf Pushes
10 Narrow Leg Press.
3 rounds:
10 Wide Leg Press, feet high
10 Narrow Leg Press, feet high
10 Calf Pushes.
4 rounds:
10 Hamstring Curls with yoga ball
10 Kneeling Calf Raises.
Credit: @aubrieb

Место силы величиной с целый лес.

Глубоко, чисто и сносит голову.

Я вернусь сюда в ноябре, когда все будет по-другому.


Tag someone you’re proud of for the work & dedication they put in to impruving themselves!🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Couple goals! 😍 TAG your bae & READ below:
same dress edition. The picture on the left was when my husband @discoveringdanny asked me to be his wife. I had no idea it was coming and I cried like a baby. Thankfully his mom was there to catch the moment despite also having no idea. He loved me then the same way he loves me now. Always remember where you started and surround yourself with those who lift you higher!
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Don’t mind us just pretending it’s still Friday over here while listening to our newest episode of GLU 💁🏾‍♀️ Have you listened yet?! #linkinbio 💋

Happy Monday guys ! Today I wanted to point out some common mistakes I see at the gym all the time !
▫️using your phone while working out. I have to admit I am guilty of that mistake as well I often use my phone during my workouts but trust me ...try NOT using your phone one day and you will notice that your workouts will improve and your body and mind will thank you for that little break from technology !
▫️knees going waaaay further than the toes . I see that all the time not only doing lunges but also squats etc. please make sure that your form is proper ...you have no idea how easy it is to hurt yourself ..and how difficult it is to recover !
▫️while doing lower back extensions make sure to squeeeeze your butt . Do not try to go as high as possible that is not the point of that exercise . It will not only not benefit you at all but also will hurt you !
Hope that helps and love you all my friends ! Have safe workouts !
cc: @martamielczarskaa

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