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When you are all about that skull life! 💀 @jelenafit
#scull ☠️💀 #workout #mood #sculllove

✨Celebrate what you have accomplished but set the bar a little higher each time ✨ #Flashback to my very 1st posing practice Oct. 2014 to my most recent show in Nov. 2017. I have so much yet to learn & improve!! I’m very clumsy & shy but once I set foot on stage all fears fade away💃🏻Yup, your back will hurt, your feet will ache as you focus on standing straight, chest up, taper tummy in, arch your back, walk tall & proud, feel the imaginary string on top of your head lifting you up, flex your muscles, but look relaxed, confident, gracefully, yet sassy & oh don’t forget to breath & smile🤪 #dance #walklikeaduck #posing #smile #crazyenough to think I can✨

We love our juicy fruit #gelos! Say bye bye to wrist pain! 👋🏼 @fitflair.fashion

Get motivated and join @devinkhourykilgore in her 80 Day Obsession challenge! Tomorrow is Day 5! It’s never to late to start! #Repost ・・・
Day 4/80 Complete! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
So guys we have this test group going on for the 80 Day obsession workout program.
This is a different group than my team group.This particular group is a special group consisting of thousands of serious BB coaches in the company. I must say that I’m so impressed with how awesome everyone is doing!!
I want to point out one lady that i noticed this morning! I’ve already forgotten her name #addmindproblems but this lady is an older woman! Guys, I’m not talking about her being in her 40s or 50s...I’m talking about her being in her late 60s quite possibly 70s.
She posted a video of her completing day 4 of our program!! Omg y’all, I was so impressed. I couldn’t believe it. I almost cried a #happycry bec of how amazing she was doing! I don’t ever cry and i was definitely close to a few tears happening.
What an amazing soul. What an example & an even bigger reason for all of us to put our health first!
She made me want to push harder! She made me want to work towards even bigger goals! She made me remember that w/ a little hard work & dedication, that all things are possible... no matter what... not even your age!
Guys, don’t ever for once doubt what you are capable of doing! If this older/precious lady can do it, WE ALL CAN FLIPPING DO IT!
Just a little food for thought for all of my followers!! I know you guys are on the other side of your phone/computer debating on joining my team! I also know that many of you haven’t joined yet due to your own self-doubt, worry & excuses you keep making up in your mind.
It’s time to squash that mess! Don’t forget that u are strong! You can do anything u set ur mind too! You can do this if you really want too! You just have to DECIDE & make the choice to COMMIT to YOU! The rest will fall into place & ur success will happen.
I am here to lead & inspire! I am here to keep pushing u guys! This reminder every single day, as i continue to show up, will one day rub off on u guys.

250 lb Hip Thrusts this morning for reps - Yeah, Baby!! Yeah!😋. Did not think I could lift that much weight with the #hipthrust - I surprised myself. My sets/reps were: 185/8, 200/6, 225/4, 250/4, 250/6. I also did curtsy lunges, hip abduction, pallof press and cardio on the Stairmaster. It was an awesome glute focused day 18 of the @gymshark #Gymshark66 challenge😁🔥. Getting #strongereveryday 💪. #gapfit (sports bra) #forever21 (tee) #lululemon (leggings) #glovegirl (gloves) #womenwholift #liftheavy #girlswholift #earlymornings #fitfam #fitness #weights #riseandgrind #earlymorninggrind #getitdone #fitlifestyle #workoutmotivation #fitnessmotivation #fitandfab #workouthappy #positivevibes #chickswholift #strongwomen #fitgirl #fitnessaddict #gymaddict #gymshark66 #strongnotskinny

Witness the fitness. Loving this story from @katelynboon. Set goals and smash them!
Good Morning Everyone!
I know I’ve been talking a lot about starting something new, and taking that first step to changing your lifestyle for the better, but yesterday I thought to myself that I am continuing to do these things too!
I decided in November 2017 that I wanted to branch out to the online community and help coach people on how to achieve a healthy, fit lifestyle on another platform.
I began my journey as a personal trainer and health coach by helping to transform clients bodies and minds in person. But I know the limitations that can coincide with in person training, and how it can stop a person from wanting to try and get their fitness journey started all together.
So I’m starting with my 30 day mindfully-fit challenge right now! And yesterday I did my first ever live video on Facebook. It ain’t easy folks! But I’m so happy to say that I did it, it’s a good feeling!
I am starting something new just like all the amazing women in that group challenge.
Sometimes taking those first steps into something that scares us, is all it takes to start conquering our goals! -
If you’re interested in joining my 30 day challenge, it’s FREE and you can still join! Just send me your email and let’s get you started on making 2018 your best year yet! 💪🏼❤️

The only one stopping ME is ME. •

Green Handlz Gloves ✋💤🤚

#veganAF Hard Work Pays Off 🔥🔥🔥 💪🏽 reaching my max today Hex squat #deathlift 💦 #veganathlete @vegetaryn @fasttwitch #killingworkoutsnotanimals 👉🏽 swipe

Focus in on your goals and then take them head on! @thestudiomdr

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Level up! ⬆️


It’s time to protect those wrists during your push ups, planks, and heavier lifts with our wrist wraps. @devinkhourykilgore

After 3 years of service/abuse, my pink ones finally gave out. RIP girls, thanks for getting through all those pull ups.
And hello gorgeous grays! Can’t wait to see what challenges await us @dukes_fitness_ 💪🏼
#liftandlove #glovegirl #figurecompetitor #npc #gymrat

Kettlebells and G-Loves. The best addition as to your workouts. @sanch_fit

Cream Cheese Pancakes 💖 #keto

Many have been asking what are you doing? 🙋🏻Well I've been doing the @jenwiderstrom @shape Crush 👊🏼💥⚡️your goals 40 day challenge! It's hard to believe we're starting on Week 4! 😱💪🏼💦 Its been such an amazing challenge! I've learned so much! It's not just about building muscle! 💪🏼 But about building a strong foundation! Mind, body & soul! 🕉🙏🏼 Jen has been such a strong leader but more than that she has built a strong community of like minded #goalcrushers !🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Women empowering women & lifting each other up! THANK YOU 😊 @jenwiderstrom & @shape Crew! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 This week is all about accountability & your #fitsquad & #fitfam 💓💓💓🏋🏻‍♀️ I'm pretty lucky to be surrounded by many in my @flexitpink army 💞💪🏼💞💪🏼 On this weeks challenge I'm learning new movements with the medicine ball ☄️☄️☄️ Can u feel the burn?? 🔥 ummm yeah & my abs do too 😂 .
#flexitpink #shapegoal40 #shape #jenwiderstrom #mystrongmoment #empoweringwomen #empower #inspire #fitnessmotivation #fitgirls #determination #dreambig #workhard #nevergiveup #chaseyourdreams #liftandlove #fitnessgear #strong #weightlifting #fitnessjourney #fitover40 #determination #motivationmonday #keto #ketogenic #sharethespark #glovegirl

Sea Urchin G-Loves.

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