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"Always enjoy meeting our customers in our retail showroom. This gentleman and his wife were visiting from Indiana. Thanks for stopping by. I invite you to come to our store, shoot in our tactical ranges and see everything you'll need to make your Glock even better #glockstore" -@lennymagill

They thought it was a good idea to put a loaded AK sumthin sumthin in my hands. And it was. It was a GREAT idea!!! DO YOU SEE THAT FIIIIIIIRE!?!?! 🔥🔥 But seriously, the force of this gun on your shoulder and body is INSANE!!! I felt the recoil literally throughout my entire body. 🚫I feel I need make it public that I do not encourage the use of live firearm unless under the direct supervision of a trained expert. At no point did @vctr1904 ever put any of us in harms way as he demonstrated how to use the various guns properly and responsibly.

Guns are EXTREMELY dangerous and should not be treated as toys. Please be responsible gun owners/users. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🚫 #Glockstore #SanDiego #California

Which one has your vote?#Glock #GlockStore

@lennymagill - Just arrived...Polymer80 Compact 80% Lowers in all colors. FDE, Titanium Grey, OD Green and, of course, Black. Now in stock and shipping. #glockstore

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For those of you who have been waiting for the colored Polymer80 Compact lowers - here they are. Now available on our website for pre-order with an expected ship date on or before July 30. Reserve yours now to be first and to make sure you get one without delay! #glockstore

From the desk of Lenny Magill: another awesome example of our custom Glock handguns as we are about to deliver this G34 Gen4 with custom slide cuts, Pyramid Trigger, extended Tungsten Guide Rod, Trijicon RMR red dot optic, co-witness Suppressor sight and lots more awesomeness from #glockstore

Caption this...
#GlockStore founder/CEO, @lennymagill, with the new Mini-Roni's in our shooting range.

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First look at the new Polymer 80 Compact lower that fits Glock 19/23/32 here at #shotshow2017. It's coming from #glockstore in mid-February. We are taking pre-orders now at GLOCKSTORE.com

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The wait is over! We just received the first shipment of Polymer80 Compact SMOOTH frame Lowers. We are shipping our backorders now and will have some left for those of you who want to stipple your own designs into the frame. Available now at #glockstore. #polymer80


I finally got some framework done on my Glocks. Thanks @glockstore

I'm getting ready for the zombie apocalypse are you lol ? #glock19 #glock #glockporn #glock19gen4 #glockstore #glockdaily #glock9mm #🔫 #9mm #handguns

Pic of a customers FM-9 16" upper build. 👍🔫

Testing out yet another holster!! Thanks to @bravoconcealment for the Torsion.
Review & comparison is in the works!

#bravoconcealment #glock #glock19 #gen5 #glock19gen5 #9mm #glockinc #glockstore #pewpew #pewpewlife #concealedcarry #aiwb

#jeepsandguns 🔫🇺🇸

Another angle of this killer FM 16" upper build, ps ❤️ the Traeger Grills, making me crave some smoked BBQ 🔥🐂🍗🍺

A fresh build from a customer in Texas, his first pistol caliber carbine. " I'm so impressed with this upper that I've bought a 10.5" upper and just waiting for FM lowers to come out to do a pistol build." This build was completed on @runnerrunnerguns lower @cmctriggers 3lb trigger @magpul stock @vortexoptics red dot.

Often when there is a problem with a pcc build, it has nothing to do with our parts. But we help our customers anyways.

Ya can't make this stuff up people. I get it people want to save a buck. How much is your reputation worth? We don't put crap parts in our guns, you shouldn't either.

Pretty excited about my two current projects, my @polymer80inc build and my car ar pistol. Glock parts have all been ordered, time to finish up the rifle. In the end its going to be fully red/chrome. Tap picture for company part info.
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