First time trying out the Gen4 Glock 19 after I traded the 19X for it. Even though I didn’t miss, I’m not satisfied. Got a lot to improve from faster unholstering to faster reload to stop trying to anticipate the shot (I almost never do it but sometimes it happens). In my opinion, there really isn’t much to do with the recoil, the gun has to go back to get a new round in (and other reasons), so try focusing on how you can get faster sight on the target after a shot than how to reduce the recoil itself. In the second shot I tried to anticipate the recoil and kind of jerked down the gun, at least it was so little it didn’t mess the shot, but could have missed low. Almost missed the third shot 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️. I’d say the last 3 after the reload were the best ones. Practice makes perfect they say so, get out and practice. I know I should.
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So, I just fell in love with Glock again. Believe it or not, I traded my 19X for this 19 Gen4 (I like the finger grooves better) I don’t regret it. Left it at the armory for the trigger guard undercuts, installing the TruGlo TFX Pro sights and some Cerakote on the slide because of minor details. Decided to shoot 50 rounds with it to see how it performed at around 15 feet. (30 rounds in the first picture, the other 20 were rapid fire at another target, all hits but not in such a tight group). Just wanted to see how the sights aligned and damn, they’re on point. Got home and cleaned it. The TLR-7 makes it look sexy AF. I think I’m cheating on Sig now...
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2nd USPSA match ever. Went really slow to try and get good hits. Will hopefully eventually go faster than a snails pace😬#pewpewpw #2a #glock19

Decided to take a step away from our AR projects to try our hand at one of the @polymer80inc Glock 19's. Definitely a learning experience. We used a @cmctriggers trigger in here. For the slide, we used a #rockslideusa slide with @night_fision sights. The barrel and upper parts kit was from @lone_wolf_distributors. After looking at what seems like hundreds of RMR cover plates, we stumbled on this one and traced it back to an Instagram account for @infinite_irons. Thought we might have had the wrong account as there were tons of pics of tattoo equipment, but sure enough, that's the guy. He has all kinds of gun stuff gems in his photos. Our logo can be found on the rear slide cover. All in all, it's together and goes bang repeatedly. We got all of the P80, and Lone Wolf goodies through Todd at @dissensionarms. Thanks buddy!

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Hey guys! Just curious if you are ready for T2M to do their first giveaway. Stay tuned for the official details and products up for grabs. I’m working on putting together a great package.

Comment a few of your friends to get them ready for some great products, and let me know whether you’d like to see multiple winners, or one overall package winner. #YourChoiceGiveaway #T2MGiveaway #GlocktoberGiveaway

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