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The architecture is awesome, the electricity really scary. 😳

Nos encantó la colección #SS17 #GlobeTraveller de @Desigual Sobre todo nos sorprendió la cápsula B&W que es algo que no habíamos visto antes en la marca española. #DesigualMX

Don't listen to what they say. Go See!

#globetraveller #iamkalibre #kalibre #makeiturban

#bhamas best trip of my life .what an experince .#travellife #urbansaint #travel #globetraveller

Road tripping all over the Med... #globetrotter #globetraveller #mediterraneandream

On the road again #fashiontrotter ready for another adventure #globetraveller

To supersede the old ward is never be easy, yet embark the new world, adapt the new season.

Begin with this 27°C to -9°C, from rusticate to Sapporo, from despondent to this viable spirit. Somehow make me juxtapose and ask my-lily-livered-self, can we just hang on a little bit more?
📷: by kebanggaan Sapporo @laksmi.p


"Zuhaus" in Köln im mobilen Wohnzimmer 🚌💡☀☺️👍

The architecture is awesome, the electricity really scary. 😳

Playing around with these filters...

Why I love traveling:
I love the richness (in colors), the beauty of meeting new people and simply because it makes me happy.

Sometimes, being a blogger and entrepreneur can be crazy, overwhelming and exhausting. 🙄🤡

That's why I love being at the water.
It makes me happy and calms my mind.
What helps you to calm your mind?

Hello Spring, you pretty little thing! 🌺🌻🌷🍃🌼🌸

So today is my birthday 🎉 and I'm thinking about all the good (and not so good stuff) that led me to where I'm now. .

And it's also a good way to tell you more about me (which I rarely do). 🙈 .

As a child I always wanted to be a fashion designer and I loved horses 🦄 more than anything else. .

When I grew up I started studying education and I was a teacher 👩🏻‍🏫 and principal for a decade. But as the school system changed in Austria 🇦🇹 (and so did I), I couldn't work and didn't want to anymore. .

I ❤️ being creative ✍🏼🎨🎬📸, I'm curious as hell (in a good way 😇), I love to learn and improve, and since I traveled the first time solo as a teenager to California to visit my relatives, I fell in love with traveling the world. 🌎 .
I worked and lived on a private catamaran for 10 months teaching two girls aboard while sailing the Mediterranean Sea, crossing the Atlantic Ocean (in 15 days 😀🙌🏻/🌊🤢/😀🙌🏻) and sailing the Caribbean. What a hell of a ride. .
Now I'm here, being a travel blogger / entrepreneur and starting again with FENG SHUI consultations (for homes, apartments and businesses). Because it makes me happy. .
I can be as creative ✍🏼🎨📸🎬 as I want, work with great people around the globe and I'm curious what the future will bring. 🔮💎 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU HOW YOUR LIFE CHANGED TO THE BETTER IN THE LAST YEARS. 👩🏻 Christina

⚜️At first, I was going to visit the Grand Mosque alone but this beaut Ali tagged along and made it more memorable and enjoyable than I thought! 🕌 Love a trip when the place is Beautiful, the people are welcoming and a good companion that appreciates and respects different things, places and other cultures like I do! 👯✨ @dametraveler

Pyramid of the Sun

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