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Join us from 3PM to 9PM today and help us support our friend’s Global Outreach trip to Uganda. During their trip, Bobby and his son Bryce will be participating in building water wells promising to deliver safe water to those desperately in need. We’ll be doing our part by donating 20% of our dine-in sales, all you have to do is come in and have some fun with us! #communitystrong
#safewater #cleanwater #cleanwaterforall #uganda #community #globaloutreach #volunteer

Friends, we have ONE of these super cute green ribbed tees. The perfect classic tee to go with your wardrobe! Size S/M. Check out the shop link in profile to make it yours! ☺️

Little update on Paper Doll:

1. We have a WEBSITE in the making!!!! Due to the incredible response from you guys, there is a need for more efficient advertising, ordering and shipping. We want to make it perfect for y’all, so thank you for being patient!
2. We are also in the process of establishing a brand, taking care of paperwork, etc.
For these reasons, we have been and will continue to be laying low for a while, to build inventory, get everything set up on the website, and get business matters in order. Thank you again for all of your support and patience!!! ✨

How awesome is this!! The long-awaited roll-out of the Nugunu New Testament was celebrated on December 2-3, 2017. #belpres #globaloutreach #keithpatman #wycliffebibletranslators

Stepping into spring like... 😍 so so excited that warmer weather is around the corner! And now you can have this gorgeous tote to go with it! 👊

Allison Merlo & Kristy Nalder, Co-Founders of Outreach Theraplay, Inc. -
Will you stand by us to promote inclusive play that knows no borders? Our first project is a special needs school in Haiti. Link in bio to learn more.
#outreachtheraplay #inclusiveplay #occupationaltherapy #globaloutreach #haiti #footprintsoftheson #sensoryintegration #specialneedsawareness #accessibleplayground #mindfulmovement #carpediem #findtheblessing

With the current presidential election process taking place in Sierra Leone, citizens are hoping for a brighter future.
One citizen:
"We expect good things to happen to this country for a change. We need good education, good health system, clean water, keep the city clean and find jobs for the youth so they have something to do and are responsible citizens of Sierra Leone.” (bbc.com)
This has been the mission of Impact a Life for as long as we can remember! It can be exciting to hope for these things in a new government, but we won’t let it distract us from our goals!
ILF will always strive to fight for education, health and job training at our locations in Sierra Leone, Nepal, and India! Join us today by clicking the link in our bio! // for full BBC article http://www.bbc.com/news/topics/c302m85q5mlt/sierra-leone

It was a helpless feeling!
Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya, writes, “Last time we visited the Endorois people in the western region we received an overwhelming turnout. Our challenge was to minister to a large audience without damaging our throats. We were able to find a large white material to project the videos from the Solar Kit. We also purchased a mobile public address system to reach larger audiences. Please pray for our outreach.🙏🎥 #gnpi #mediaandtechnology

As I trek the globe I sometimes forget the most magical city is in my backyard! #newyorkcity #raviroundtheworld 🏳️‍🌈
📸by @heysaum

Our fantastic company has launched the #GratitudeNow campaign and we applaud Harvey Milk for paving the way for all of us! #ALetterToHarveyMilk #MotivationMonday

Global Encounter Trips at Canyon Hills is about learning what God is doing around the world and seeing His heartbeat for the Nations.

New products launched are now LIVE!!! Go take a look! ❤️

New shop launch is ALMOST HERE. 6am tomorrow morning! It will include this beauty of a vase! Ah this has me smiling for spring!! Handcrafted by our potter Chris!!

Our global campaign is officially launched! The company of #ALetterToHarveyMilk challenges @bartolinyc @cherylsternlive and @jpgreenbean to make a video, upload to social media, tag 3 friends, and donate to the #harveymilkfoundation (link in bio) #GratitudeNow 🌈❤️🙌

It’s happening friends. We have a NEW launch coming MONDAY! Products will launch 6am Monday morning and they will include pieces like this GORGEOUS handcrafted mug. 😍 Thats right! We have several more new mugs coming as well as maybe some vases... 😉 so incredibly beautiful you guys!

Visiting and ministering in the Masai Mara is an incredible, unparalleled experience #kenya2017 #kenya2018 #globaloutreach #makeadifference #masaimara

This is just a snapshot of the week our #globaloutreach team spent in Haiti. We can’t wait to hear more when they return. #safetravels #teamhaiti #servantleaders

The God of the universe gives order during disorder and chaos, and gives purpose and meaning when there is none. The story we are invited to tell is important for us, but also for the sake of other stories we are involved in. The chapters of our own story can help others in how they choose to make decisions for their story and vice versa. It’s important to let our guard down and share, because all life is important and beneficial regardless of if we personally consider it to be. The one sentence summary of our story may not even be possible or visible in our lives, but one thing we can hold on to is that through God all things work together for good. •••••••••••••••
#encouragement #friyay #godisgood #globaloutreach #serveothers #shareyourstory #minimalliving #maximumgiving #mission #missionary #christian #christianity #goserve #yay #woo

For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. - Romans 11:36

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