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A little food for thought. SAVE MOTHER EARTH #globalchange #epa

Thanks for honoring the great counsel of elders. This symbol was given to me in Ephesus 17 years ago by tall beings, it was told that this symbol will heal the world and unlock powerful energetic gifts for those who use it, meditate, draw it and see it in their minds eye. To bring down the matrix and all those who are using the dark arts to enslave humanity. It will heal people and nations with it's light. I was told not to share it until 15 years have passed. @venuscoskun
I'm at my grandmother's village and I drawed @shamandurek 's sign on a stone for bringing here good things like luck,happiness and peace ❤ #shamandurek #spirit #globalchange #transformation

Throwback... it's quite amusing and terrifying that 5 years ago today I was learning how to walk (for the competition that is)! If you are plagued with thoughts like "I'll always hate my body" please know there is hope. There was a time I hated my body too and I understand the pain and energy it takes to hate on yourself.
Now I unconditionally love my body and everything changed in the moment I chose to learn to unconditionally embrace it. You have that choice too...isn't that exciting? Yep - your choice! Starting right now - baby steps.. off you go, I've got your back xx
#ihaveembraced #embracethedocumentary #embrace #tarynbrumfitt #embraceitforward #tbt
#bodyimage #bodyimagemovement #kindness #globalchange

This is Lydia and Mirsa, they both have type 1 diabetes. After testing their blood glucose levels, we discovered they were very high. It was so humbling to be able and help these ladies and leave them a blood glucose meter to use. We were also able to pray with them and show them the love of Christ! We are the hope for the future, sharing and serving people one by one. Praise God for all he has done and will continue to do here in Peru. #nlcmissions #globalchange #newbreed #beyondtype1 @neilgreathouse @elliotgatt @beyondtype1

Hello Friends, family and suppporters, I salute all the women and men with the courage to leave their imprint on this world, whether locally or abroad. Some of you may know of my regular travels to S Africa to work with women and youth in rural communities. I am headed out to another session in only 2 short weeks, and I am requesting help from you. The organization I work with provides free training and support to the women in these communities via week long workshops. We also provide transportation and food for them while they attend. For many of the women, this is the most food they will have in a month. I am seeking help to cover the cost of the food and transportation for these women. An organization has agreed to match what I raise. I am seeking to raise $700 by July 1st. I know this is short notice, but there was an unexpected setback that makes this necessary. So I appreciate any and all levels of contribution and generosity. Please make donations via www.paypal.me/tiffanyrashel. I will also be sharing my journey and pics of the ladies while I am there. Thank you again for your support. #leadership #globalchange #socialchange #philanthropy #compassion LINK IN BIO

we live in a beautiful complex planet that I adore , let's enjoy it & protect it from the destruction that is going through 🌎☀️#life#awarenessmatters#globalchange

Thank you so much, guys. You inspired me😄 I'm proud of having wonderful, amazing ACT4 "FAMILY" members. I'll never forget you. I'll never forget what I gained from this amazing conference. #globalchange


Happy weekend! What if we invested in girls’ & women’s potential? Investing in women is also investing in #food security! #w4 #equality #womensempowerment #girlsempowerment #beboldforchange #makeanimpact #bethechange #changemaker #innovation #crowdfunding #impact #socialgood #globalchange #entrepreneur #womenaremighty #combathunger Join us at W4.org

I believe that ignorance is fundamentally one of the biggest issues that humanity faces today.

Ignorance, to me, is a lack of awareness and foresight. It's the lack of desire to think critically and instead make decisions based on blind faith. It's the lack of understanding of other people and their circumstances.

The worst symptom of ignorance is the hate that it breeds. People hate what they don't understand. The solution? Educate yourself through any means possible. Travel. Read. Talk to people. It all counts.

The old adage, knowledge is power, has never been truer than in our world today. The more you learn about other cultures, other people, the less you're likely to foster hatred in your heart, that is often purported by the 'media'.

Be the change, my friends 😊

Estilos essenciais - Calça Cigarrete e Calça Pantacourt. Modelagem única. Confira os diferenciais de cada peça no nosso site. Link na bio.

#Repost @sthlmresilience (@get_repost)
Tipping towards the Unknown - As part of our #WetHotSRCSummer series, we want to remind you about our news article from 2009 highlighting the publication of the original work on Planetary Boundaries led by centre director Johan Rockström with a team of leading international scientists. Find it on our website by searching for: 'Tipping towards the unknown'
#planetaryboundaries #anthropocene #research #science #globalchange #globalenvironmentalchange #earthsystem #holocene #tippingpoints #global #sustainabilityscience #sustainability #sustdev #scienceimpact #researchimpact

Tipping towards the Unknown - As part of our #WetHotSRCSummer series, we want to remind you about our news article from 2009 highlighting the publication of the original work on Planetary Boundaries led by centre director Johan Rockström with a team of leading international scientists. Find it on our website by searching for: 'Tipping towards the unknown'
#planetaryboundaries #anthropocene #research #science #globalchange #globalenvironmentalchange #earthsystem #holocene #tippingpoints #global #sustainabilityscience #sustainability #sustdev #scienceimpact #researchimpact

another picture of my shirt for organic living🌿 buy this and 5 other t-shirts of mine that voice a global issue🌎 starting JULY 29th on my Etsy shop @TribalChange or behind the Hoito from 11-4 for people in T-Bay🌻 #bethechange #organiclife #organicwear #shoporganic #organiccotton #vegan #sustainablefashion #ethicalfashion #ethicallymade #comingsoon #buskersfestival2017 #etsyseller #etsyshop #etsy #yartsale2017 #changetheworld #globalchange

Kongevegen over Filefjell 😎, #teamfosheim #globalchange #ilovenorway #blandevei #2tdf

What we do or do not do with our bodies should never be about conforming to society's current standards of beauty... #YouArePerfectAsYouAre #InHisEyes #DoYou #StayTrue #SelfLove #BoPo #BodyPositive #BoPoRevolution ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
@Regrann from @bodyimagemovement - Body dissatisfaction is a global epidemic that’s sadly impacting the lives of many young people across the UK, just look at these alarming facts. This is a big problem but we have the solution. The Body Image Movement has an exciting project coming soon to the UK. To find out more, see the link in our bio. It's time to take action and we want YOU involved!
#bodyimagemovement #embrace #ihaveembraced #bodyimage #embracetheunionproject #uk #unitedkingdom #globalchange #unitedkingdom🇬🇧 #unitedkingdom🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 - #regrann

With generous donations from our supporters, Mahboba’s Promise was able to install solar panels at the Women’s Dairy Co-op to assist in adopting cost-effective techniques for irrigating the Permaculture farm.
Since the transition from generator power to solar power, the farms monthly operating costs have decreased by $300. This cost-effective measure allows the farm to generate greater profits, all of which goes toward the orphans and widows under the care of Mahboba’s Promise.

Help us re-build Afghanistan by donating to Mahboba’s Promise on our website!

Meus amigos, minha esposa @maria_santin está lançando uma marca de jeans, a @3jns_ , que traz um modelo de negócios inédito no Brasil, baseado nos conceitos da economia circular. Convido vocês a conhecerem um pouco mais em www.3jns.com.br.

Jaqueta Oversized. O modelo mais confortável e alongado do jeans.
Confira no nosso site mais detalhes.
Link na bio.

Look do dia: jeans indigo blue @3jns_ . Pense em uma modelagem confortável... essa é mais!!! A coleção já está disponível em www.3jns.com.br e na aba "Nosso modelo de negócio", todos os detalhes da nossa proposta!

There's a stigma that surrounds crying, especially when it comes to men. We're taught from a young age that crying is a weakness and as men, we shouldn't be crying or feel anything for that matter.

What a load of bullshit. This ain't the 1950's. Cry all you want, my friend.

This exchange between a teacher and his student is the perfect example of the kind of lessons we should be teaching our young lads.

Crying isn't a weakness. It's the way our body tells us that we care deeply about something. It's also a great healing process. Hell, I cry all the time - should see me at the end of the Green Mile 😐

We need to destigmatize crying and empower our young lads to feel what they feel and be comfortable enough to share those feelings with others so they can be empathetic, heart centered, emotionally intelligent adults one day 😊

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