We are so excited to announce that we're recruiting dedicated and passionate individuals to join our 2018-2019 Executive Team!
We are currently recruiting for 8 open positions and all UofT students are eligible!
Applications can be found on our Facebook page, and will be due Friday, Sept. 14 at 11:59 pm!
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When you work under the direction of a local mason on a Public Health Brigade, you're bound to learn from their expertise.
@sarahjoselyn | "Even with the humidity, public health days have definitely become something I look forward to on my brigades. Noe Rodriquez, the Mason, taught me a lot about cement and building structures. He was a perfectionist and made sure everything was leveled and done well. I'm glad I had the opportunity to work with him. He was a great teacher and I definitely enjoyed these days with him"
See how to write your #MyGBStory in this blog post: blog.globalbrigades.org/how-to-tell-your-brigade-story
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It's been a year since our medical brigade to Honduras. Missing my brigade mates. Super proud of our girl @karinaduartecx leading a new group of brigaders there at this very moment. Experience of a lifetime. I'll be back someday as a PA. #globalbrigades #mygbstory #gb365

Clinic day 1 🌴🇳🇮 Got to work hard, treat, and get to know so many amazing people today at the medical clinic, al while being surrounded by the beauty of this country! #globalbrigades

Saturdays are for the girls! 👩🏽‍⚕️👩🏾‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏿‍⚕️👩🏼‍⚕️ #clinicday3#globalbrigades#womeninmedicine

Our brigaders took part in a #waterbrigade and were able to provide water to the homes of 3 families. Great work guys! #Honduras #globalbrigades #gb365 #MyGBStory #publichealth #csula #honduras2018 🇭🇳

We love a good Global Brigades love story — Congratulations to the Co-President and Treasurer of UCF Global Public Health Brigades on their recent engagement! 💍💕

For 4 weeks I was given the opportunity to travel to Honduras with @globalbrigades and help those less fortunate than myself. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. These are some highlights of that trip. More photos to come.

Public Health helps change the face of healthcare with every project we do big and small. Learn more about the work we do nationally and internationally by reaching out to Ucf.phbrigades@gmail.com ! #service #internationalservice #globalbrigades #globalpublichealthbrigades #publichealth #nicaragua #ucf #savelives

¡Buenos Días! Hoy nos sentimos felices, pues nuestros brigaders se encuentran en el Festival de la Cocolía recaudando fondos para nuestro esperado viaje de voluntariado a Honduras. Les enviamos buenas vibras y positivismo! Si pasan por allí, no duden en auspiciarnos. #porHonduras #waterislife #globalbrigades

Day 9: time for the health fair! Such a fun event from setting up, conducting blood pressure screenings, getting to speak with people in the community, playing with the kids, successfully pushing through the blazing heat, and just seeing how grateful everyone was for each others’ help 💕 Río Grande se levanta
One of the most beautiful parts of the day was when the team of volunteers helping out at the fair got into a huge circle and their leader led us through a prayer right before opening the gate (photo 3). We held hands with one another to signify our strength together and the unity in our passions to do good in the world. It was a very impactful moment and day, and such the perfect way to end our work in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
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So everybody, let me tell you about our day...
We woke up at 7:30am and took a drive to Windsor, Canada to meet the rest of the group going on this trip. We then waited 4 hours for the bus to pick us up and take us to the Toledo airport - which was a 4 hour bus ride. We arrived to the airport around 5 o’clock and weren’t able to check our bags in until 8 o’clock since our flight wasn’t until 12. We are currently sitting in the airport waiting for them to start boarding. The flight is 6 hours to our connection in Lisbon, Portugal and then another 6 hours to Accra, Ghana, where we will be staying for the remainder of our trip.
FYI: They confiscated my peanut butter at customs and I am very sad
Post questions/comments in the section below!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

And we're off! To everyone who helped make this happen - thank you! A quick trip to Lisbon, Portugal and then we're off to our destination in Accra, Ghana. Can't wait to see what stories and experiences this brigade will bring. #GlobalBrigades #ghana🇬🇭

To say my perspective on life has taken a full 360 in the past nine days is an understatement. The amount of life lessons I have learned through the staff and brigaders on this trip is priceless. There are absolutely no words that could describe the feeling this experience has given me, I just know my heart is full. If you can have love and happiness, then you have everything! I am so thankful for this new family, and my second home. I’ll be back soon❤️ •

Change starts with you, so be kinder than necessary, especially to yourself.
#MyGBStory #globalbrigades #Honduras

Arrived safely in #Honduras and met up with the rest of our brigaders and @globalbrigades staff #globalbrigades #MyGBStory #gb365

Day 8: since plans got rearranged due to unforeseen circumstances, we were in a bit of a rut, but God presented to us an opportunity to help us continue our mission in Puerto Rico, which was to help those in need in any way possible. We got a call from @iniciativapr inviting us to come back that night for our second round of Street Health 🇵🇷 _____________________
As students and non-natives, it’s very difficult to take part in community service events without filling out forms way in advance. We also don’t know the island, are not that familiar with the language, and have limited skills. However, I always believe that everything happens for a reason, and I’m so grateful we were able to reconvene with our friends from the first night we were here and make some new ones. We continued our efforts to provide wound care, needle exchanges, food, water, juice and coffee. I even got to help make the coffee this time with my colleague ☕️ and have more personal conversations with all of the people we met.
I think it’s safe to say that having been able to do this a second time, my team and I felt a lot more comfortable being there so we were able to be even more involved with the emotional and spiritual support as well.
Thanks to @iniciativapr for having us one more time during our stay there 💕 ...
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Global Brigades at UCF partnered with Children Beyond Our Borders to provide school supply packs to children in need in the Orlando area. We are thankful for this partnership and the ability to help within our own community!🌎💕

Off to #Honduras ! Our global brigaders took off tonight to start a 9 day brigade In Honduras 🇭🇳
We all wish them a safe trip and brigade. You guys rock!
#globalbrigades #MyGBStory #gb365 #honduras2018 #bethechange #medical #publichealth #dental #csula

We loved spending time with the students of Cerro Bonito! Such a creative, fun, and smart group of students.

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