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Dougie is a rescue boxer/mastiff mix and was found in Invermere wandering the streets. He was rescued by an organization called GALs #globalanimallovers and is the sweetest boy and best playmate to a little #boxerpuppy named Joey ❀️

Just wondering, where are all you lovely #batfans from? Our 1,000th follower was from the U.K. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ #batfansunite #globalanimallovers

That face! Cedric takes his new role as Santa very seriously. So sweet.
This little angel is available for adoption through @gals_animal_rescue_ ! #husky #adoptdontshop #globalanimallovers #GALS #rescuedog

We are so excited, and our window can't hide it! Puppy Love 6 is coming up fast, and we need volunteers and donations if we want to beat last year's $12,000 for GALS (Global Animal Lovers)! We need bake sale volunteers, silent auction items, and folks to help the day run smoothly. Or just come out and get a tattoo! Volunteers' meeting is Thursday, Jan 19, 6:30 at Fire Vixen Tattoos, or give us call at 250-342-8844 to sign up!
#itsjustpuppylove #invermererocks #puppylove #globalanimallovers #firevixentattoos

Meet Baloo! ❀️ "Baloo (@Baloopup) came to us in a bit of a flurry. My boyfriend and I knew we wanted to rescue a dog, but weren't sure when or if we wanted an adult dog or puppy. We lived in a small town in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada and there happens to be two great animal rescue organizations there: GALs (Global Animal Lovers) and ICAN (Invermere Companion Animal Network). I would stalk the Facebook page of GALs pining over all of the beautiful dogs.
Then one day, after we had put our name in for another puppy but were about 6th or 7th on the list so we didn't get her, a few photos of these fluffy brown mutts popped up. One out of the 3 photos stood out to us, with her big paws and sad eyes. We knew we needed to meet her.
So we met her and her foster Dad at the beach and took her home for a 2 day 'trial.' Yeah right... We were in love from the first moment we saw her. She was so calm and loving and playful and we knew she was ours.
Her story before she got to us is really heartbreaking, as with most rescues. GALs volunteers to help veterinarians go to rural communities in Canada, mainly in northern BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, and spay and neuter any animals that come to them for free. While GALs is in these communities, they go around and knock on doors letting people know they are here and asking if they have any strays that hang around or pets of their own. GALs knocked on one door and a guy opens up the door and says 'I think there are some puppies under the shed.' Horrified, the GALs gals go to the shed and sure enough there are 3 little puppies starving and fighting for their lives. There were 3 other little bodies with them, but sadly those ones didn't make it. So, these 3 puppies were pulled from underneath the shed and brought back to Invermere to be fostered and nursed back to good health and eventually get adopted.
Baloo is the sweetest dog I know. She doesn't cuddle other than late at night and early in the morning when she's still a bit sleepy. She gives me looks that only a dog owner understands and I can't imagine life without her. Yes, she's large and needs walks and training, but it's so worth it. - @accarter"

Making friends with the newest foster 😍 #fosterdog #lovemypets #fourleggedfamilymembers #furryfamily #dogs #globalanimallovers

A huge THANK YOU to Eikon for their amazing donation of supplies to Puppy Love 5! With their help, we raised over $12,000 for Global Animal Lovers and animals in need!
@eikondevice #thanks #eikon #globalanimallovers #animalsinneed #donation #puppylove


Look at this clover-munchin' cutie!
If you are interested in adopting King Giles, please DM me πŸ°πŸ’™πŸ°πŸ’™πŸ°πŸ’™ #fosterbunny #adoptdontshop #globalanimallovers

Making friends with the newest foster 😍 #fosterdog #lovemypets #fourleggedfamilymembers #furryfamily #dogs #globalanimallovers

Did I mention that I am fostering a BUNNY?

This is Giles (yes, Scoobies, THE Giles!) and he's a big sweetie pie!
He is one if the many rescues from the Ty Marshall case - dude had hundreds of animals for breeding living in tiny spaces.

Giles is being fostered throgh @galsanimalrescue so if you are interested in adopting him, you can find info through them or meeee! DM me to set up a time to meet this cutie. #globalanimallovers #globalanimalloverssociety #fosterbunny #animalrescue #bunny #scoobies #buffythevampireslayer

Three of our critters (the ferrets Timone and Pumba, and our dragon Kaliyah)helping show off one of our local animal rescues GALS! #globalanimallovers #ferretsofinstagram #ferret #beardeddragon #beardie #beardiesofinstagram #canadaday #parade #lovemypets #lovemykids #lovecanada

Just wondering, where are all you lovely #batfans from? Our 1,000th follower was from the U.K. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ #batfansunite #globalanimallovers

Charlie is on the bed, only took a year ❀️ #adopted #gals #globalanimallovers #adoptdontshop #rescue #sundaymorning

A massive thank you to @fairmonthotspringsresort for hosting Pooch Plunge! All proceeds were split between Global Animal Lovers and @i.c.a.n_ The dogs had a blast in the pools!

Our friends at Pet Valu in Cranbrook have decided to extend their fundraiser with proceeds to GALS. If you are able, please stop by and donate a 'paw'. Every dollar helps. Please spread the word!

A huge thank you to the Cranbrook Vet Hospital for the whopping $300 donation to Pet Valu Cranbrook’s Pet Appreciation Month fundraiser for GALS! The donation from Cranbrook Vet Hospital is the largest single donation we’ve received so far!

We are so excited to announce that two of our kitties that have been in care for a long time have found a wonderful home TOGETHER! Congrats Gopher and Mia! happy #caturday to these two!

THE TOTAL IS IN! This year's Puppy Love (6) raised a total of $10,593.15 for Global Animal Lovers! Thank you so much to all of our volunteers, sponsors, donors, clients, and tattoo artists ( @jesseshogunjames, @samuraiguydan, @jasonpaine, @silenaann, @firevixentattoos ) for making this possible!
#itsjustpuppylove #globalanimallovers #firevixentattoos #firevixenemporium #goodcause #weraisedabunchofmoney

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