#glitterandgains Post workout. A little sweat and a little sparkle.💖🎆

Set yourself up for success.
I noticed my eating had been a little bit off these past two days, so I was like okay let me not get toooo off track.
When my fruits and veggies are pretty and easy to grab I’m more likely to eat them. 🥕🍇🌽🍍🍆🥦🍍🥑🍓🥥
I can mix these in with a meal or blend them up for a good smoothie. 🍏🍇🍉🍌🥥🍍🌶🍑🍅🥔🍍🥒 #GlitterandGains

Happy Monday!
I made this smoothie that will make you go bananas🍌(A half of one to be exact)
Add a fourth of a cup of a CocoLoco 🥥. A third cup of coconut milk 🥛& a little water💦. A scoop of your fave protein powder.
Add some ice and a little stevia spice to your life. Blend that baby and you have a nice yummy protein smoothie. 🍌🥥🥂 #glitterandgains

Slack convos with biffle. #shegetsme #glitterandgains 🏋🏻‍♀️ @jenga527

So I tried cutting out unhealthy sugars like cookies, ice cream 🍨,candy🍭, chocolate🍫,etc. and it was definitely interesting. I felt better and didn’t crave sweets as much.
Instead I satisfied my occasional cravings with fruits🍉🍓🍍🥥
Fruits still contain sugars but they’re also rich in nutrients, fiber, water and they’re natural. Which is way better than a heavily processed, empty calorie candy bar🍫. I encourage you to try to reduce your sugar intake. You’d be surprised by how much sugar you’re eating on the daily.
Challenge yourself and try something new boo😘 Here are some tips if you’re looking to challenge yourself. 🍉❤️😁#glitterandgains

Tonight’s dinner❤️
It’s so important to take care of your bod.
Your body is your temple, your ride or die, it will be with you through everything.
Try eating more veggies and less processed food. Allot of the stuff that is marketed as “healthy” isn’t.
So don’t be tricked.
Be the best and baddest you 🔥
💋Muahh #glitterandgains

💅🏽 Goals lol #Glitterandgains

Yesterday we had snow; today we had a tornado watch. Cactus shorts made the workout totally worth it, even though I couldn’t feel my legs afterwards. My secret isn’t a crazy pill or massive amounts of supplements. It’s timed eating, a smoothie a day, and some kick butt at home workouts. If you want my plan message me and I can get you started on a better version of you! 🌵
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So much fun and sweat today!!! I love you gals! You keep me young! #covalencecrew #crossfit #glitterandgains

Truth. Especially to the Mommas out there RepostBy @shaesibole: "Yes I am👏 girls can do it too! #loveyourbod #onelifetolive #behappyandfit #takecareofit #fitnessenthusiast #girlyandfit #glitterandgains" (via #InstaRepost @EasyRepost)

"Reunited and it feels so good" 🎶 #glitterandgains

🐛🦋 #mantra #carleefit

RepostBy @cardio___queen: "Lifting weights doesn't make women huge, cupcakes do. 🙌🏻 #imsweetenough #glitterandgains #noexcuses #gymtherapy #tonedisthenewsexy" (via #InstaRepost @EasyRepost)

Tomorrow reunited with ma gurrrrlllll. Glitter all round ✨ ✨ ✨ Hands up who is ready for this break 🙋🏽🙋🏽🙋🏽 #GlitterandGains

Admiring my pretty nails whilst I train, thanks @natalie_enbee 💪🏻💅🏻 #girlythings #christmasnails #glitterandgains #upperbodyworkout

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