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Love me a bitta footy #glenelgfc

Blast from the past! Thanks to @sanfl_official for this post today on their FB page. I was incredibly lucky to play 109 games over 8 years in this fantastic league following 2 years and 20 games in the VFL. Pretty sure this was during the 2009 finals series at Football Park.

@glenelgfc @eagleswwtfc
#SANFL #SAFooty #glenelgfc #wwtfc

Finally a home game we can attend

Different way to spend good friday afternoon.

#sanfl #gotigers #glenelgfc #minileague

Footy is back. Checking out the #SANFL Women's opening round. Norwood took the opening game while Glenelg are looking the goods early in game 2.!.! #sanflwomens #glenelgfc

Grade 7 class room. Plympton Primary School 1985, (the year Glenelg won their 3rd premiership) πŸ―πŸ–€πŸ’›πŸ‰πŸ†

Toby got to do coin toss at #glenelgfc game tonight.


A 40 card set (four players from each of the 10 SANFL clubs), these cards were available from Mobil service stations in South Australia. The album was also sold at your local Mobil for the princely sum of 40c. Cards could be stuck in the album, which also provided a full list of Magarey Medal winners from 1898, SANFL leading goalkickers since 1882 and SANFL premiers all the way back to 1878. It also contained the 1971 SANFL fixture and some football hints/tips to help the youngsters improve their game.
There was a VFL Mobil set (40 cards + album) sold in Victoria, and a WAFL set (40 cards + album) sold throughout Western Australia.
I've also found an advertisement for this set in the August 7, 1971 Football Budget.
Mobil also released similar 40 card sets with folders in 1964 & 1965, which i'll show in a separate post down the track.
#glenelgtigers #glenelgfc #sanfl #glenelg #bays #tigers #gfc #yellowandblack #tigerland #mobil

Post-war badge and the first member badge released by Glenelg FC since 1937. As you can see from the second pic the same design was used, just a reversing of the colours.
#glenelgtigers #glenelgfc #sanfl #glenelg #bays #tigers #gfc #yellowandblack #tigerland

ROUND 12, 1977
Glenelg 15.8 (98)
Norwood 13.17 (95)
After much searching I have finally found some vision of Noel Avery wearing this 1977 number 8 jumper...and what a game to find it in!
An epic win, with @cornesy12 taking an absolute screamer and kicking the goal after the siren to win the game for the Bays by 3 points.
Here's the link to the highlights and the grandstand finish:
#glenelgtigers #glenelgfc #sanfl #glenelg #bays #tigers #gfc #yellowandblack #tigerland

If you spotted a Tigers fan at the footy in the 1970s or 80s wearing one of these, it was 100% safe to assume they were:
- female
- aged 40-80
- sitting on a Tigers cushion
- had a tartan patterned thermos under their seat filled with an extremely weak & heavily sugared blend of International Roast coffee
- sporting a black & yellow crochet rug over their knees
- also proudly wearing a Graham Cornes or Tony McGuinness badge (or both)
The 5AD FOOTY badge on the left was released in the late 1970s, while the badge on the right looks more of an early 1980s offering. Both are a testament to their fastidious owner/s. And in fact pretty much all of this Glenelg FC memorabilia from yesteryear has done remarkably well to still exist, given the numerous disappointments and heartbreaks felt by Glenelg supporters over the years. Opportunities to go home and set all of one's Bays paraphernalia on fire have been plentiful! Fortunately a fair share has survived the trash can πŸ—‘
#glenelgtigers #glenelgfc #sanfl #glenelg #bays #tigers #gfc #yellowandblack #tigerland

- 149 games (1965-75)
- 82 goals
- Life member 1974
The Glenelg career of Darrell Moss began in 1965 under Len Fitzgerald, however it was not until the arrival of Neil Kerley in 1967 that finals football became a reality. Moss was the unlucky one to make way for Royce Hart in the 1969 Grand Final, although he was likely to miss regardless with a shoulder injury. Moss did play in the losing 1970 Grand Final to Sturt (who secured their 5th successive flag), yet he was unfortunate to miss in 1973 when the Bays won the flag. In 1974 he took charge of Glenelg's reserves as playing-coach, a position he continued in 1975 while being Kerley's assistant coach. He was awarded life membership in 1974, and Moss played his final 3 league games in 1975, finishing just one game shy of 150.
Darrell's eldest son, Shane, also played 3 league games for Glenelg in 1996.
#glenelgtigers #glenelgfc #sanfl #glenelg #bays #tigers #gfc #yellowandblack #tigerland

I have featured the 1992 version of this ball in a previous post, but only recently unearthed this 1991 version. It has to be 1991 as it features Jason McIntosh, who played 15 league games, all in 1991. There are 33 signatures, 32 of which i can identify.

Sigs are as follows:

Grant Reubenicht
Steven Hauth
Paul Hallahan
Phil McGuinness
Wayne Thornborrow
Tony MacTavish
Jason Bromilow
Tony Symonds
Scott Salisbury
Dwaine Kretschmer
Simon Angove
Darren Mansell
Lynden Bowe
Chris Duthy
Hamish Stewart
Craig Budarick

Craig Elias
Brett Deane
Stewart McCully
Nick Chigwidden
Simon Hele
John Seebohm
Ross Gibbs
Jason McIntosh
Paul Rouvray
Adrian Battiston
Rod Jameson
Matthew Liptak
Clayton Lamb
Michael Barton
Mark Russell
Andrew McKay

The last couple of photos show both the 1991 and 1992 balls side by side.

#glenelgtigers #glenelgfc #sanfl #glenelg #bays #tigers #gfc #yellowandblack #tigerland

In his final year at Seacombe High School (prior to his League football debut in 1971), Peter Carey won the school's cricket prize - and Les Favell's autobiography "By Hook or by Cut" was a most fitting gift.
Favell played 19 seasons of first-class cricket for SA, and Carey went on to play an astonishing 18 seasons for Glenelg. Les Favell represented Australia in 19 Tests (Carey represented SA in 19 State games), and both men are held in the highest regard for outstanding service in their respective sports.
#glenelgtigers #glenelgfc #sanfl #glenelg #bays #tigers #gfc #yellowandblack #tigerland

I've featured the fabulous double LP version of this epic release in a previous post, but here is the somewhat tougher to hunt down double cassette version. Jam packed with the same 40 toe-tappers as the LP, the cassette version allowed Bays fans to have these copies live full-time in the Kingswood glove box to enjoy on the Saturday afternoon drive to and from Brighton Rd.
I can only assume @cornesy12 had an influential say in the final 40 tracks to make the cut?
#glenelgtigers #glenelgfc #sanfl #glenelg #bays #tigers #gfc #yellowandblack #tigerland

1986 Ross Gibbs Glenelg gurnsey and also a premiership year. Still can't belive i own it. Lucky to have it signed by Ross and his son Bryce Gibbs. #glenelg #glenelgfc #adelaidecrows #afl #sanfl #football#sports#photography #portrait #carlton #carltonfc #people #adelaide #melbourne #australia

Made by Prestige Vinyl, which is surely one of the great oxymorons.
There will be a number of Richmond Tiger cushions at the MCG tomorrow, but while they may provide some early comfort for Richmond fans I think the day is going to end in heartbreak for the Tiger Army.
The Crows are too well drilled, too resilient, too organised and I believe it is simply "their time". Crows by 44 points for mine.
#glenelgtigers #glenelgfc #sanfl #glenelg #bays #tigers #gfc #yellowandblack #tigerland

Nothing good to report about 1937....let's talk about something else!
Great SANFL GF in 2017 for the independent viewer. Sturt's 1 point triumph was the lowest winning SANFL GF score since 1921. It was an absorbing contest, 7 goals a piece, which is hard to believe given the bowling green Adelaide Oval deck and the full-time professional skills of many a Port player, but alas....the Double Blues win!
Seeing the Bays in a GF feels a lifetime away...but West & even Sturt showed it can turn around fast. And the Tiger army is there at the ready πŸ’ͺ🏻
#glenelgtigers #glenelgfc #sanfl #glenelg #bays #tigers #gfc #yellowandblack #tigerland

This was the first Glenelg member badge made since 1926...and this particular badge looks like it went straight to the pool room!
The "centenary" banner on the badge refers to the 100 years of European settlement in South Australia (1836-1936).
Glenelg finished 7th in 1936, and their 4 wins came between rounds 10-14. In these wins the Bays snuck home by 4, 5, 7 and 22 points. They soon ran out of steam though, with losses in the final two rounds to Port by 57 points and North by 146 points.
#glenelgtigers #glenelgfc #sanfl #glenelg #bays #tigers #gfc #yellowandblack #tigerland

Glenelg's badge designer was certainly kicking goals with this classy predominantly yellow offering, but on the field the Bays were not so flashy.
Just like in 2017, the final game in 1923 was against West Adelaide...and the Bays were looking for their first ever win. At three quarter time Glenelg were ahead by 1 point, but a 3 goal to 1 final term saw West Adelaide steal the points, handing Glenelg a 14th straight loss for the season, and an average losing margin of 46 points. Bays fans were surely shattered at the end of 1923, but the final round loss to West in 2017 was no less painful πŸ™‡πŸ»
#glenelgtigers #glenelgfc #sanfl #glenelg #bays #tigers #gfc #yellowandblack #tigerland

It's TIGER TIME!!!! πŸ™€πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜Ή
Well...in the AFL at least 😿
Been a while between posts...but here is a beauty! No badges on this lace up so must be dated between 1971-76. Great condition and a true slim MacFarlane fit!
This was acquired via a family who had it for 30+ years. I bump into John at my local coffee shop every few weeks so I look forward to running it past him for full provenance.
#glenelgtigers #glenelgfc #sanfl #glenelg #bays #tigers #gfc #yellowandblack #tigerland

Reminiscing about winning the Glenelg Lacrosse comp and the Tigers winning the grand final in 1985 πŸ―πŸ–€πŸ’›πŸ’ͺ🏽 #forevergold #glenelg #glenelgfc #tigers #lacrosse #bays

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