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“The Chinese & the Iron Road” exhibition panel discussion happening NOW (April 11th 5P-6:30P) at #GleesonLibrary #usfca

Happy 🌮 Tuesday Dons! On the #GleesonLIbrary plaza right now 💚💛 #usfca

Working with Sam has been terrific and we wish him all the best! #goDons #gleesonlibrary #usfca 🎥: @donsathletics

First time meeting with @asusf_senate to talk about the future of @gleesonlibrary These folks are the BESTEST! 💚💛 📗📒 Go Dons! #usfca #gleesonlibrary #asusf

Dons - We need your help! When you think about amazing learning spaces :: libraries or other :: on campus or anywhere in the world :: What makes them really work for you?

We're starting to envision what the next-level library/learning commons at USF could look like inside @GleesonLibrary -- but we can't get there without your help.
Did you have an amazing physics laboratory in high school? Have you been to a cool new museum like the Exploratorium? Study abroad somewhere amazing (we can't recreate the Musée du Louvre brick-for-brick but we could certainly learn from them). Please let us know what worked for you and why. All submissions are anonymous - so say what you need to say. We just want to hear from you!! Please navigate to http://bit.ly/gleesonbenchmarks and let us know about learning spaces that get you going. Short answers? Cool! Longer? Great!
The link is in our Instagram bio also.

Photos, top to bottom, left to right: Seattle Public Library, Media Studies class, @usfca USF Prof David Silver with the Gleeson Library Rare Book Doom Albion Press and the Peabody library at Johns Hopkins University (all photos by @shawncalhoun)
#benchmarking #learningcommons #gleesonlibrary #usfca

Super excited about the upcoming #UniversityMinistry X #GleesonLibrary Valentines Day colab 💚💛😊 #usfca Thanks @chichai.empire 🙌🏾

Have a great Labor Day Dons! 💚💛💪🏾💛💚 #gleesonlibrary will be closed Monday but the Atrium is open 24/7 all weekend if you need to get your study on 📗📒📗📒 #usfca

Congratulations Jasmin (’14) and Fernando (’12) on your engagement 💚💛 Fernando surprised Jasmine at Gleeson Library this past weekend with an awesome proposal and she said YES!! We are over the moon for you both! #LibraryLove #GleesonLibrary #USFCA

Rows and rows and rows ✨ #usfca #gleesonlibrary #books


Working on my slide show (on flickr - old school!) for Monday's talk on creating magnetic library spaces #designinglibraries

Stop by Gleeson Library and check out the newest addition: Something from Nothing in Thacher Gallery

Tadao Takiuchi #thachergallery #gleesonlibrary #usfca art and crafts from America's concentration camps in World War II. This is a graphite drawing of the relocation center at Tanforan raceway. #tanforanmall In these days of political profiling, this show is required viewing. Learn from our mistakes? Nah... 🚫🚫🙏🚫🚫

After Louise Winterburn donated her #Bookplate collection to the San Francisco College for Women, the Sisters of the Religious of the Sacred Heart continued to collect #bookplates. They acquired many bookplates and proofs from collector Elizabeth Watson Diamond, including this colorful fairy tale themed #exlibris #WinterburnBookplates #libraries #specialcollections #gleesonlibrary #usfca #pachyderms

Display sign made for work - before trimming the top edge to be curved and pasting to cardboard. The display is on books that are to be released as movies this year #illustration #gleesonlibrary #usfca #library

Chose a computer to study radical ideologies, and it happened to be next to an aisle of books about socialism and communism. Totally radical!
#sanfrancisco #usf #usfca #gleesonlibrary #radical #radicalideology #socialism #marx #collectivism

Reflections this morning

WOO-HOO it's National High 5 Day! And you know how I ❤️my pretty girls but WOOPS sometimes my aim is a bit off... #highfive #lovemygirls #gleesonlibrary

“The Chinese & the Iron Road” exhibition panel discussion happening NOW (April 11th 5P-6:30P) at #GleesonLibrary #usfca

Sometimes we all just need a little perspective😉 I had such a fun day yesterday meeting and chatting art and photography with the uber-talented @elainechandow, who took this fantastic shot of the Gleeson Library in San Francisco. Elaine's Instagram account is full of her stunning landscape images, but she's got a whole lot of artistic, thought-provoking images that I personally find captivating. Hmmm...time to find some blank space on my walls 😆📷@elainechandow.

Happy 🌮 Tuesday Dons! On the #GleesonLIbrary plaza right now 💚💛 #usfca

💐🌞 A beautiful day on the Hilltop today. Hope you are having a great spring break Dons 💚💛 #GleesonLIbrary #usfca

Spring Break!! Wheeeeee!! 💚💛 Library hours (reduced) for next week are linked in bio. Have a great one Dons! #usfca #GleesonLIbrary

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