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Republicans Tout Financial Crash Architect As Regulation Expert | TYT Politics Contributor David Sirota reports on the fact that the House Financial Services Committee cited Alan Greenspan, widely considered to be one of the architects behind the 2008 financial crash, as an expert on deregulation. FULL VIDEO ON youtube.com/tytpolitics #TYT #AlanGreenspan #DavidSirota #GlassSteagall #DoddFrank

I hope Bernie Sanders gets the states up for play this #supersaturday #feelthebern #glasssteagall

SÅ! Dagen før dagen og Esben dræber lige evolutionsteorien med en graf, mens han erklærer sin kærlighed til Beelzebub👹 samtidig med han spiller et imaginært stykke med Michael Bolton for at dulme nerverne på alle jer, som forsager djævlen og fejrer jesusbarnets fødsel på årlig basis. Og det bliver ikke meget bedre end det her; så glædelig jul, strittende horn, fæl ånde af svovl og fosfor samt helvedes ild langt op af ryggen på jer allesammen fra Disko-Satanist-Esben🤘🏼 Vi er ved at være der med #EsbenOgPetersJulekalender ##GlassSteagall

Pt.2 of Bernie Sanders new ad - Glass Steagall . For part 1 or complete video direct message me.

🌞🌳 Reinstate #GlassSteagall the sharp bright line that separated commercial & investment banking to keep consumers from paying #WallStreet debt - Sen. Maria Cantwell 🌳🌞

Required reading for those who want know what were up against #glasssteagall #duterte

I Googled "Will you be my #Valentine, #GlassSteagall?" One of the top image results: 🎂 + ❤️ + #ElizabethWarren. #GalentinesDay @senwarren @elizabethwarrenma

"Restore Prudent Banking Act" will restore Glass-Steagall Act protection and separate Wall Street and consumer banks to protect consumers from risky business. Tulsi Gabbard is working with both parties to pass legislation #glasssteagall #wallstreet #banking #tulsigabbard #prudentbankingact


this is mandatory viewing.
Search youtube for the Gordon Long & Charles Hugh Smith presentation entitled "MACRO ANALYTICS - 07 14 17 - The Road to Financialization w/ Charles Hugh Smith" or use the direct link...
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On this new Republican/oligarch attempt to undo net neutrality laws with the ironically wrong titled bill: 'restoring internet freedom.' This bill is rooted in the same garbage ideology that Greenspan & Wall Street fed on for years; that caused and will keep causing crashes and recessions owing to: 'a flaw in the model that I perceived as the critical functioning structure that defines how the world works' - that's the so called 'wizard' himself (Greenspan) basically admitting in a hearing that the so called 'prime movers' , oligarchs, bankers, etc had not acted 'rationally' (here, by 'free market' cultists, meaning in enlightened self-interest) enough. He later in the same 2008 hearing, acknowledged 'shocked disbelief' that market processes hadn't resulted in more careful ('surveillance' was the word he used: a materialist's conflicted attempt at avoiding ethics (hence metaphysics etc)) speculation among lending institutions he had heavily deregulated, apparently forgetting the also rational expectation that they might entertain of simply being bailed out. Daniel Kahneman had demonstrably undermined rational choice (expected utility) theory years before this but the taste of a hyperbolic world view with absolutist manly men persisted in sales and sway of the usual slop to minds radically disinterested in cultivation like certain teenagers and GOP congresspersons. After the 2007-8 crash, GWB's bailouts went to the exact titans or 'creative geniuses' or 'job creators' (so pathetically imagined) whose idiotic deregulated schemes (credit default swaps etc) had caused the collapse. The lazy ordinary taxpayers again helping them out. To paraphrase Brooksley Born, we will probably have a lot more of this garbage before we begin to learn from experience. My suspicion is we will have generated a heavily policed/third world situation by then but maybe that's pessimistic. Consumer debt rose to $12.73 trillion in 2017's first quarter, exceeding, according to the #fakenews New York Times, 2008's peak. #brooksleyborn #antitrust #oligarchy #quantitativeeasing #darwinism #greenspanput #fcc #netneutrality #glasssteagall #reinstateglasssteagall #fake #sad #letmejustsay

On this day June 28th 1778, the Battle of Monmouth during the American Revolutionary war takes place in New Jersey. Alexander Hamilton while trying to deliver Washington's orders to field commanders is shot at by British troops and has his horse shot out from under him. Hamilton emerges unharmed and is able give the commanders Washington's orders.
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On this day in 1933 the #glasssteagall act was signed by FDR to regulate the banks in that an investment bank cannot also be a lending institution. This act protected consumers against Wall Street greed. It was eliminated in the late 90's and is responsible for now three market bubbles, including the current FED driven market.

Well I think this speaks for itself. The story of the Canadian debt crisis is astonishing. These are charts of Canada's national debt and inflation spikes since the 70s. In 1935 the Bank of Canada was founded to help combat the depression. This bank playing in the tradition of the Hamiltonian style National Bank and the King O'malley Commonwealth Bank, was not a privately owned central bank. This was a National Bank owned by the Canadian government. From the time of the banks creation Canada experienced a growing, thriving economy and society. As a result of not having to borrow money but able to create it Canada was able to maintain a low and very workable national debt. From the years of 1935 to 1974 the money was practically debt free with very little interest if anyway. The system was closely monitored to be neither inflationary or deflationary. Unfortunately in the 70s specifically 1974 the government slowy lost the power to create the nations money. It was given over to the private banks and the Bank of Canada become privatized. What has been the result?, see for yourself. The debt and the inflation has soared to record heights. This is proof the flawed practice of fractional reserve banking is nothing but system of perpetual debt. The fact that the National Bank of Canada during its early years was able to keep the debt low and still create its own money should speak volumes. If Canada, the US and any other nation wants to truly address their countries problems the first has to be who controls the money. The time clock is ticking away Canada cannot hold on much longer before another collapse happens. When it does you know exactly who to blame the money changers.

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