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Happy Sunday! 🌲 yesterday we ventured into the snowy woods and cut a few small Christmas trees. Today, I’m having fun playing with all the cuttings. #christmas #cuttings #christmashome #christmaslivingroom #glassjars #christmasdecor #curbtorefurb #holidayhome #pinetree

I know it’s nuts but I just love the idea of arranging soaps in beautiful apothecaries!!!! Might be my perfectionist side but this look amazing!!
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It’s the little things. The details. The words. The pop of color. #Bamboo #GlassJars #PrettyFont #Turquoise #Silverware #BeUnusual #Silhouette


Twenty-three. It's a jagged, awkward number, one that fails to stand upright among the other nine that make up what is supposed to be the most glistening, bustling, confusing decade of our lives.

I'm attempting to reflect this morning on what it is about this age that is so sporadically good and bad. Blink-182 said, "No one likes you when you're twenty-three," a quote that never fails to make an appearance on any American's 23rd birthday whether it be via Instagram, birthday cake, or friendly elbow jab from a sibling. Others call it their "Jordan year," whether out of positivity or genuine belief, I am not sure. The selfish part of me would like to believe many of us feel similarly tossed about, but perhaps it's really THAT different for people, twenty-three.

I'm not too sure I like myself at twenty-three, and I'm not sure why. Perhaps I'm overwhelmed by the trajectory of life, how it can only go forward. Perhaps my childhood dream of being perfect has only now been realized impossible. Maybe I'm failing to seek God well during this time--or maybe it's that exact perspective, the one that is examining my own limited abilities instead of God's limitless ones--that is problematic. I know I am young, but never have I felt so disconnected from youth and beauty.

Or, perhaps I'm just confusing this time of life with myself. Maybe I don't like that career has taken priority over community. Maybe it's just a lonely time, one in which none of us quite understand each other. Maybe there aren't words to talk about such serious shades of disgust and progress. I don't know. I don't know if it would feel any different if I figured it out. But I've lived enough life to not be comfortable being uncomfortable. I am paying attention and I'm trusting in the process.

Here's to three-and-a-half more months til 24.🎈

Wallace, Idaho // November 2017


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