Next Thursday, join us for a very special evening with Dior in our Penthouse. Enjoy two glasses of champagne, canapés and a Dior treat. Tickets available on our website. Link in bio

Hello down there 👋 #Glasgow is filled with amazing #streetart like this piece on Mitchell Lane. Check out Glasgow’s vibrant art scene when you stay with us at @RadissonREDGlasgow.

#RadissonRED #RadissonHotels 📷 by @helloglasgow

Weekend got you like…Have a wee lie down with us at the @RadissonREDGlasgow. We understand.
#RadissonRED #Glasgow 📸 by @Jenniepatter

🇮🇪 Dublin🍀

Look at this beautiful edible Rorschach test and tell us what you see... (psst we see a free 🍕pizza🍕 for you at @pizzaeastglasgow!!) #entertainerappuk #SaveWithASmile

6️⃣ Barcelona

Scott and mine's first date was to Millport. He picked me up from my flat and we drove from Glasgow to Largs and hopped on the ferry. Going for drives to weird and wonderful Scottish towns just became The Thing We Do. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
This weekend, as a farewell to Scott's beloved blue BMW, we explored the most southerly point of Scotland and stayed in a lighthouse. Nothing short of magical.

5️⃣ Sevilla

4️⃣ Córdoba

Mind blown 😍

3️⃣ Granada

From now on, you shall call me Tania

3 weeks in Spain got me like...

I dont even know how many time I've flown, but I still wake up in the middle of the night trying to figure out where I am 😶. Anyone have similar issues?
#rural_love #glasgowigers #travelforlife #earthdeluxe #folkgreen #vzco #igersscotland #instagoodmyphoto #deluxeedition

You think I went or not? 😈

Last week up the windfarm with the troops
I went to the dreaded vets for my annual check up last week....she told me I’d put on 1kg 🙄 she didn’t believe when I told her it was all muscle 🤨💪🏼
#whiteleewindfarm #teamwalkies #outwiththeteam #pawpals #glasgowigers #beaglelife #lovebeagles #jasper #gottaworkthatweightoff #gained1kg #gottagetthatsummerbod

✅ Shooting for brands/companies I love makes all the difference. Shooting @thehundreds clothing with thanks from @thehundreds.uk / @outofstepltd has been one of the great things to happen since I started shooting almost 12 years ago. Whatever your creative field - what’s been one of your dream jobs or collaborations? 💣 In frame - @ekoeamo 👀

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