Look how bad I was trying to suck it in on my before picture, so glad I feel confident enough to take full body pics and love myself! I’ve come along way in such a short time and there’s so much more to come 💪🏼

It’s always a photo shoot in my house before I leave haha

Rocko’s Modern Life 🤗

#latepost Con Kari, en algún lugar de Trujillo.
##instaboy #instamoment #instapic #hairyboy #peruvianboy #glammers

My poopsi 😍

On our way to celebrate my poopsi’s graduation 😍

Great morning 🤤🤤🤤

Algo de lo que fue éste fin de semana que pasó.
Aquí con mi banda de covers #Glammers versionando Summer of 69' de Bryan Adams...metiéndole MÁS POWER.
Gracias @paistecymbals @gibraltarhardware @yamahadrumsofficial @drmartensperu @acerojoyasyaccesorios @_perroloco @musicmarketperu 📹 @giosalome

Happy happy Monday 💚 love waking up at whatever time I want on Monday’s! Feels amazing!

Best feeling ever!!! 💪🏼

Put this shirt on today and holy Jesus it’s huge on me!! I feel sooo good!! It’s only the beginning, these results NEVER stop!! 💪🏼

Happy 1st Father’s Day to my 3rd brother!!! We love you Gree! 💚

Today’s word was everything! 💚 Happy Father’s Day Pastor!

Call me lucky! 🤗

To the man that raised me, Daddy I salute you cause I know it wasn’t easy. Raising 3 kids that weren’t yours and not once did I feel that way! I will always call you Daddy. I love you!!! Cesar my father. I know life was tough and I know you weren’t old enough to understand, but now you are. Thank you for raising my little brother and being a present father to him. Thank you for coming back to find us. I appreciate you.

Papi, I was lucky to have you as my father in law. No matter how crazy you are haha we love you!! A man that truly takes care of his family no matter what it takes. Blessed to have you in my life! 💚

Happy Father’s Day to my amazing brother! Such a strong, loving, caring Dad! I love you and I honor you today! 💚

Don’t define your world in black and white because there is so much hiding amongst the greys 🖤

Super excited for this!!! Tuesday can’t come any quicker 😍😍😍

Empowered women, empower women 🔥🔥

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