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Our #greatest #weakness lies in #giving #up . The most #certain #way to #succeed is #always to #try just #one more #time ...
Qazi's saying
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15-year-old spends last $40 buying firefighters water while his house burns. #alabama #selfless #giving #fire #inspirational

"as an oncology nurse, one of the things i learned was that i can't do everything, but i can do something." - Holly Christensen, founder of @themagicyarnproject.

you may not remember, but your scalp was really tender, when you were a kid. it would have hurt to wear a wig. that's part of why the @themagicyarnproject crafts "homespun wigs for little cancer fighters." the woolen wigs they create are more than just comfortable, they're actually magic. just ask any of the 3,300 kids whom they've helped.

congratulations @themagicyarnproject - you've won first place in our july #glassybabygrants contest, and a grant of $3,000. we hope that you continue to deliver the magic to every little cancer fighter who needs it. (pc: @themagicyarnproject)

πŸ’™ Happy #thankfulthursday Insta fam πŸ€— M2HAWT is officially ready for Bimmerfest East! 😈πŸ”₯ Lovin' all those burbles and pops πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ courtesy of GT Haus downpipe 😜🀣 #todaysquote #giving up doesn't always mean you are weak, sometimes it means you are strong enough to let go" πŸ’ŸπŸ’ž Have an amazing day everyone! 😘
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Donations pour in for Oklahoma elementary school teacher who turned to panhandling to purchase supplies for her third-grade class: "I'm overwhelmed by the generosity." #Claremore #Oklahoma #Generosity #Giving #Kindness #SchoolSupplies

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I want to share this: You know friends, I grew up believing that writing isn't writing if it's not written from the heart. I dislike to talk about myself in my writing but,I just want to share this. I've understood something about life. It's that, regardless of what we go through, there's one thing that people, life and trials can't take away from you and that's your GIFT. Once something is planted inside you, it will ALWAYS be there NO MATTER what. This is why it's important to find out WHY you where born. Because once you do, you'll know where to head.
I was born to write. I wrote my first book when I was about 11 years old. I didn't know I was a writer then. Even in school, I liked spending time at the library or somewhere with my computer writing. I used to hear all these voices in my head and I'd write them down until I realized it was a gift. Now the reality is, although I'm a blessing to someone, that still doesn't mean that my life is perfect. That still doesn't mean that I don't struggle or cry.
Sometimes I just want someone to give me a hug and tell me everything will be okay. But because I put myself in a position where I'm always the one giving advice, most people don't even believe me when I tell them I struggle. I'm human, I get hurt a lot by what people say and do, I just manage to hide it so well. I learn it from a book I found in library few years ago. Most people have never seen me cry because from outside I appear rigid, but here's the secret: I do cry but only when I'm alone. I hate the idea of people feeling sorry for me. This is the kind of strength that God has given me.
My point here is that, knowing your purpose in life is important. Once you know who you are and why you're here, you'll manage and handle life a lot easier than a person who's unaware of their calling. People who give up on life are usually the ones who have no awareness of their purpose. It's honestly not even about you, your gifts are for other people to benefit from them. And once you realize this, you'll find even more strength is being strong for yourself and other people. Let's keep being strong for each other. Hold my hand and I'll hold yours.

A truly special thank you to Jacqueline, Carmen and the Honda associates Southern California for choosing Pushrim Foundation. Your generous donation, will go a long way in allowing us to help our disabled community, and for that we are extremely grateful. #hondasocal #honda #pushrimfoundation #lifeafterinjury #giving #love #ranchofoundation #rancholosamigos

We eventually parted ways and I asked to give each of them a hug. It just felt necessary. James and I embraced for what easily could have been five minutes, maybe more. I spoke him as I hugged and encouraged him through some of the things he shared with us. I wanted James to know that he had been heard and that I will carry his story with me.
It was difficult parting ways with them but they gave us some leads on where to find more people in need. We embraced several times and then we left. We know that James and Jaime will find what they are looking for and that they will be okay. They are fighters. They have each other. And now, they have a place in our hearts. πŸ–€πŸ’«

We refilled their water bottles a few times during our time together and they showed concern and care for us. They began smoking a joint at one point and James showed us his medical marijuana card to reassure us that he wouldn't do anything to put us in jeopardy. It was kind of him to think about us. They loved our aspirations for The OM Initiative and wanted more information. I gave them some stickers to decorate their belongings and carry around the energy created between all of us. (Continued in the next post)

"Last night the sitter called us in the middle of dinner to say we needed to hurry home because our kids were out of control and awful. She told me she never wanted to sit for us again and she was going to charge us double because they were so terrible.

I said, 'Look, Mom. You asked to have them over. They're your grandkids, but I'll be there in an hour if you really want me to.' #LoveWhatMatters #Beautiful #Family #Love #InstaLove #LoveWins #LoveAlwaysWins #BelieveInLove #CherishEveryMoment #LoveEachOther #Kindness #Hope #Joy #Compassion #FindYourJoy #LoveIt #ShowLove #GiveLove #Giving #ThankYou #SmallActs #BeLove #WeAreLove #AlwaysLove #LoveAlways #ChooseLove #SpreadLove #LoveMore #MomLife #Motherhood ❀️ ❀️ Credit: Mama Needs a Nap

James also shared that he had just recently been diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder and is currently in the process of gaining eligibility to SMI resources through Lifewell. I encouraged him to keep up the momentum for accessing those resources because I work with people receiving services through Lifewell and they have many programs to offer, including housing. James is currently working and staying out of trouble and I gave him Beacon Group's (my full time gig) information for employment services. I wrote down the information in his planner and the steps to inquire about us through Lifewell. It felt amazing to provide him with potential opportunities for longer-term support than just our interaction today.
@desireeshelly85 one of their encouragement cards was from you. It brought James to tears. What a powerful way to bring support to someone who needs it the most, through heartfelt and thoughtful words. I have a feeling they will read it again and again. Thank you so much.πŸ™πŸΌ (Continued in the next post)

Good Morning! β˜€οΈπŸ˜ƒ ____
Work hard, play hard & take time to savour the small things; like a cup of tea in the garden listening to the birds twittering away. 😊🌴🌿
#lifeisgood #cupoftea #workhardplayhard #birdstweeting #garden #yogitea @yogitea @yogiteaeurope

This book was given to me, although a different copy, when I was 17.
I did not ever get over how beautiful the chapter on love is, and this one on giving is also one of my favorites.
When sad things happen to people I love, I find this very soothing.
#kahilgibran #theprophet #poetry #philosophy #whatislove #giving #oldbooks #nostalgia

With that in mind... go do something kind, generous, and positive for someone else! You can't imagine how much you receive when you give... #unselfishness #giving #charity

We met James and Jaime in front of a gas station in Phoenix. They were the second recipients we met and they excitedly accepted our offer of reusable water bottles, PB&J sammies, and encouragement cards. Before long, James had captured us with his story, telling us how they ended up where they are today. Jaime was quiet at first but once she took a bite of the sandwich, she began opening up. She exclaimed that PB&J is her favorite! As we sat with them, another man came up and offered a banana to them to help out. He said, "Hey guys! How is everyone doing? I just wanted to offer this banana if any of you would like it." James happily accepted it and as he talked, I watched him take out a knife and carefully cut it in half to share with his lady.
After awhile, the gas station attendant came out and asked us to relocate. We got to be part of that relocation demand and almost feel how they feel when they aren't wanted somewhere. They were used to it and carried on. My heart felt all kinds of emotions when it happened but I fed from their energy and just moved along with them. We helped them pack up and move just around the corner. Though we had just started our day and had many more offerings to make, we stuck around and hung out with them. James told experience after experience and we listened, commented, asked questions, and just gave them time to share. It was incredibly humbling as we spoke of all kinds of things. James shared about his time in jail, his four sons and two daughters who won't speak to him, and his traumatic childhood, that no child should have to endure. (Continued in the next post)

It's easy to look at the world as only being what is in front of us, what we can see, what we can touch... things are happening every second of everyday that we will never experience, but that doesn't keep them from defining other people's lives, their futures. We should constantly be seeking to expand our own perspective on the world and reminding ourselves that life is much bigger than our own experiences, so that we are able to better empathize with other's life challenges and step outside our comfort zone to stand with them when they need us the most #others #thinkingoutloud #betterlife #thegoodlife #zdproductions

"Do you have what it takes to get through hard times? Here are the traits that help home-based business owners thrive." Read the full article here: http://lnk.al/4Snz

Great evening last night at the Sky Hangar learning about @hopeint and micro loans!

When you decide to spoil your July customers so much it requires a collage to fit all the gifts in! 🎁 Message me for yours πŸ’¬πŸ‘±πŸ»β€β™€οΈβ€οΈ#gifts #happy #giving #free #health #wholefoods #fitness #fitspo #inspiration #nutrition #decadentpure #decadentpurecreativenutrition #getfit #recipes #kids #eat #smoothie #vitamins #organic #produce #transformation #weightloss #stronger #hair #skin #nails #berry #fruit #vegetables #vegan

It's really heartwarming to see such generosity from members like Demi, and for such and incredible cause of Suicide Prevention. Thank you to all our members. It's getting a few of the staff here a bit emotional ❀️️
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