Young children live with awe and wonder as their daily companions. But as they grow, worries often crowd out wonder. Knowing this, how can parents strengthen their kids’ love for the world so it sticks around for the long haul? #giveyourchildtheworld #worldchildrensday

We are a proud family of the world. 🌎 This is what we are reading to celebrate #worldchildrensday and show that there is an entire 🌍 right outside our windows! #foreverfamily #booksforkids #kidlit

Why do I love homeschooling? Well, besides that I get to spend all day with these guys....1)It’s for the hands on learning. To wrap up our sea level study with #apologiascience we made our ocean box where we will add animals we learn about every lesson from here on out. In the end the oldest was the one to see it finished. It so amazing to see how much he’s matured. 2) How much I learn! On Fridays we study the 7 continents and this semester it’s all about Africa. And as we finish up with Ethiopia we read an amazing book The Best Beekeeper of Lalibela recommenced by @jamie_cmartin in her book #giveyourchildtheworld I had no idea about the rock churches in Ethiopia. After reading the note at the end we immediately looked them up online and it tops my bucket list as I added it to my #funschooling journal. Homeschooling isn’t just for the kids. #momschooling #thinkingtreebooks #homeschooling #learningthroughplay #itsallaboutlearning #sharpeningourarrows #handsonlearning

We incorporated some of our China picture books and discussion into morning time (and a little video about silk worms). Notebooks will start after lunch and outside playtime (part of “rest time”) - today we are painting dragons. 🐉 An occasional later afternoon can hold recipe-making, a video, or a themed teatime related to the country we are visiting. ✨ We are slowly finding how to incorporate this beautiful study into our days, since often the basics are all we get to. 🌏 What rhythm works for you with family studies like these?

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Behind the scenes of Teach Your Child To Read Before First Grade
Throw back to creating this incredible online course. It takes a team, sweat, stress and a mountain of effort to put a course, as brilliant as this, together.
Well…it’s ready and waiting for you! Enrollment will open mid-December.

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Yesterday we painted our pottery from last week! They plan to use the bowls & tagines in their play kitchen to make Moroccan food! // I’m not always great at pressing through when things don’t go the way I expected. I can struggle with expectation vs reality - thriving in reality despite disappointment is an illusive concept for me sometimes. I’m learning that life will always be some form of hard. If it isn’t now, it will be soon. Suffering draws me closer to the Lord as I cling to His word to transform my heart. But idk if it was Disney movies or all the fictional books I read as a kid, but I still struggle with a certain type of idealistic mindset. I don’t know how many times I’ll have to relearn that all the conditions don’t have to be perfect for me to do something. That doing what you believe the Lord is calling you to do for His glory, despite opposition, is a key part in suffering well. There’s a reason Paul calls it a fight and a race. There’s a reason he says we need to discipline ourselves. There’s a reason he challenges us to finish well. Not everyone does. Some people quit. Things can get too hard so they change paths. When we’re truly walking in obedience to the Lord, Satan rears his ugly head. He doesn’t care about us when we’re doing whatever we want, he cares about us when we’re walking in obedience. And then the fight gets real. Will we keep walking the straight and narrow even when things get hard? Will we turn to God in the suffering to be our source of strength to continue in obedience? Or will we quit and cave to chocolate and Netflix and wine to help us cope? I can’t count the number of times I’ve been convicted about something, chosen to repent, and then been slammed with suffering that tempts me to throw in the towel with my convictions. But this is the exact moment we need to put on the armor of God and fight! Jesus says He didn’t come to bring peace, but a sword. There’s a spiritual war going on until Christ returns. We’re living with an enemy prowling around who is here to seek, kill, and destroy. He loves when we don’t take things of the Lord serious. [cont in comments 👇🏼]

Between these two books we have over 60 folktales from around the world. These books were part of our preschool Sonlight boxes, where we started our homeschool journey, and we are enjoying revisiting them alongside our #aroundtheworldwithpicturebooks study. ✨🌎
What are your favorite collections of “around the world” stories? 🌏 .
I’m thinking about Christmas wishes (so thankful for grandparents who ask for ideas and pick from our list) and am seriously considering subscriptions from @letters.from.afar and @aroundtheworldstories! I’m thankful for Instagram, so I even know about these delightful ways to learn about the world! 🌎
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Another incredibly poignant book by Morpurgo, which reduced both me and Bean9 to tears.
A fictional story based on the First World War, it follows one family living on a farm in Ypres over four generations. It starts in the present day with a young boy whose father sadly lost his life driving over an unexploded shell (a real fear for farmers in Flanders over the years). The boy's grandpa then recounts the story of his great grandmother's meeting of John McCrae as he penned his famous poem, In Flanders Fields. An 8 year old girl at the time, she was selling eggs to the soldiers and offering them poppies from the fields. McCrae throws away a first version of the poem in frustration, which she picks up and keeps. It remains in their family, framed on their wall, throughout the years acting as a good luck talisman.
An afterword describes the history of the poem, how and why we use the poppy as a symbol of Remembrance and the amazing work of the Royal British Legion to raise money for veterans and service families in need.
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What a great idea and pairing for this Journal! "With great story suggestions from @jamie_cmartin in her book #giveyourchildtheworld and the 7 Continents Funschooling Journal from #thinkingtreebooks. we enjoy spending our Fridays learning about all the countries in Africa. Today we identified Northern Africa on our maps and yes I have my own journal." @sharpeningourarrows

Yes an hour later and we are still reading through our wonderful stack!! Ping was Faith's favorite. Hope liked Daisy Comes Home. The Empty Pot by Demi is such a treasure, wonderful message of integrity and confidence. #roundtwoschool #giveyourchildtheworld #onedayhh @laura.tremaine

Today was rough. Emery has been dying to get to our Moroccan pottery lesson, but her lingering sickness had her all kinds of extra emotional. I remember as a kid being so discouraged when I would see older people more skilled at art than I was. I saw the finished creation in my head but couldn’t get it to appear by the work of my hands. It’s so hard to walk through that with her. I’m constantly telling her, “I didn’t know how to do it when I was your age either!” Or, “just keep practicing - you’ll get better as you get older!” etc. But oh, the long suffering involved in developing talents can be hard! I see the twinkle in her eye as she watches professionals produce gorgeous works of art, and the discouragement that comes from trying to reproduce it with little experience. But I keep on exposing her. Keep showing her what’s possible and what’s worth working towards. I have no idea how God is going to use her someday or what her work will be. But I love being the enabler of exposure. She won’t know what she’s good at or what’s possible unless she has a chance to try it and see what exists. I’ve got a little over 10 more years with her in my home, to help her discover her gifts and her calling. Whether she’s a potter or a bible translator, I’m praying the Lord will use her to make disciples of all nations ❤️ #missionsaroundtheworld #MAWcurriculum

Day 5 of #thankfulbookworms - Book Matches
Two of my favorite books on books/reading! The first one is Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books by Tony Reinke. He starts by covering the theology of reading and then moves to practical tips and ideas for organizing and planning your reading lists. I never gave much thought to how my theology should shape my reading goals until I read this book. And his chapters on how to be intentional in planning reading are inspirational! This is seriously the best book on reading that I’ve found. .
Give Your Child the World by Jamie C. Martin is a great follow-up to Lit! Jamie Martin’s book also inspired me to expand my reading horizons by not limiting myself and my kids to books from cultures, places, and people that we are most familiar with. Even though Jamie’s book is focused on books for children, this book was one of the first steps for me too in looking to read cross culturally. .
Have you read either one of these books? What are some of your favorite books about books/reading?

And we are off to China with @beautifulfeetbooks! 🇨🇳 I’ve been waiting for this study to give my girls the miniature tea set I collected years ago in the Forbidden City. ☕️ Using the stone stamps (my mother-in-law brought us from China when we were newly married) was a highlight for my little learners this morning! ✨

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What are your best tips for traveling with kids? We just got back from a road trip looping around most of the southeast and I've got some tricks tucked away I'm excited to share but I'd love to hear from you guys first!
P.S. taking a month long adventure in October is definitely one of my favorite homeschool perks - we brought school along with us by visiting some fun museums and diving deep into some great books!
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When you've incorporated multicultural paper dolls into your #GiveYourChildTheWorld homeschool co-op class and your source for doll clothes has at least one outfit for only five out of seven continents...you design your own. I might just be a little too proud of myself for these Australia and Antarctica duds (and that they're completely designed, copied, and printed out, putting me way ahead of schedule for lesson planning for the last two weeks of the semester)! @jamie_cmartin #HomeschoolCoop #HomeschoolLife #HomeEducation

Yesterday was day 1 of our studies of Morocco! We started with rug making, and learned how time consuming one rug is to make, that women usually earn a quarter a day, and that the art is slowly dying as younger women seek different work. We saw gorgeous rugs in a Moroccan rug shop and shared which were our favorites! Emery learned how to weave on a cardboard loom, waking early this morning to listen to audible while she worked away. She’s making this to be a placemat for her dolls, for tea parties! For more info on why we’re doing this, check out my story highlights, under Morocco! #missionasaroundtheworld #MAWcurriculum #morocco

Children don’t let the darkness of the world overshadow its beauty. They don’t make judgments. They just try to love—whatever and whoever stands in front of them. - Jamie C Martin, #giveyourchildtheworld 💕


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With great story suggestions from @jamie_cmartin in her book #giveyourchildtheworld and the 7 Continents Funschooling Journal from #thinkingtreebooks #funschooling @funschoolwithus_hawaii we enjoy spending our Fridays learning about all the countries in Africa. Today we identified Northern Africa on our maps and yes I have my own journal. #homeschoolingboys #sharpeningourarrows #handsonlearning #learningthroughplay

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