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"Life only comes around once. So do whatever it is that makes you happy, and be with whomever it is that makes you smile." #givetoreceive #becauseimhappy #thinkhappythoughts #happinessisyou

You could have the smallest conversations with a stranger and won't realize how much of an impact you've just made to 'em . #GiveToReceive #BoysAndGirlsClub

A CNNMoney tradition ... collecting #toys for some very special kids in the #Bronx. And that's a wrap. Have a good weekend. #give #givetoreceive #holiday

When your job leads you to meeting amazing people, one must feel super grateful.
I'm loving my journey.


On Saturday while being out, there was a homeless man at a stop light. We looked for some change to see if we could help. All we had was a $10 bill. I def asked my husband if it was too much, but then remembered something. When I got my job i always prayed to God asking for a good pay. And that if I got the job it would be an opportunity to bless others. Anyways, while trying to decide what to do, the light turned green. I grabbed the bill and got the mans attention and gave him the bill. I try not to think about what he used the money for. Whether it was for drugs, or alcohol, its not my business. Its not my place to judge. God tells us to help the less fortunate, not look at them and decide whether they deserve it or not. Just bare that in mind whenever you see someone in need. #dontjudge #givetoreceive #nobodysperfect

WOW - totally humbled by this gift today - we hosted an event on Saturday @masurestaurant - we were given a beautiful 🎁gift box as a thank you. So today when opening the gift we have the honour, pleasure, fortune to be able to give an incredibly generous donation of $5000 to a charity of our choice. Its kind of amazing when you put yourself out there with only good intentions and life has been a bit wobbly - somehow the stars align 💫✨beyond all good - the dreams start to come into play 🙏 thank you #lovinglife #setyourintentions #authenticself #givetoreceive #humble

As Tony Robbins says, "what's talked about is a dream, what's envisioned is exciting, what's planned becomes possible, what's scheduled is real." -
Working my business on this beautiful Sunday morning because I have people to help! Making the time is not easy, but I have an amazing husband that believes in this mission as much as I do, so we make it work! In the last month, the Crush Crew has gained a few rockstars that are ready to take their lives to the next level. Ready to commit to their health, PAY IT FORWARD & ELEVATE their family's financial state 🖤❤️ AND I am fully committed to helping them with their goals! #cantstopwontstop #givetoreceive #lovehard


Just 2 weeks away from today. @bhunna is still taking donations of book bags and supplies! #HelpTheKids #RepostThis #BeABlessing #GiveToReceive

Know that you are ready
Know that you are worthy
Know that it's your time
Open your Heart open your mind and receive all the blessings in your life.
May all your sources of abundance flow freely into your life x 3.
Thank you for all that you do. You are appreciated more than you know. #schoolroomearth

Be you
It's the way to your authentic power which will own the funnel of inspiration and creativity. You are universally appreciated. May all the sources of abundance flow into your life x 3 #schoolroomearth

Yoga with my favorite item at @wholefoods in Fort Lauderdale with my favorite staff ever!! If you know me you.. you know some COCOA DUSTED ALMONDS!! Gotta represent my @liquidoactive leggings!
#wholefoodsfortlauderdale #sweepsentry #heartopeners #fullheart #fullbelly #cocoadustedalmonds #wholefoodsislife #yogagram #sweatpants #sweatlife #yogateacherlife #grateful #givetoreceive #onelove

Buried treasure... Emerging as a blessing to someone? Or hidden away never to be seen or used? What's your buried treasure? What are your gifts and talents you're not sharing with the world? #buriedtreasure #shareyourgifts #givetoreceive #blessothers #shareyourtalents #createyourreality #creativeentrepreneurs #createachieveinspire #achieveyourgoal #inspireothers

'Your greatness is not what you have, it's what you give'. We all love to give and receive.. A simple yet special and meaningful birthday gift for @desiree_wells of a personalised blend of essential oils (in a FCO fractionated coconut carrier oil) for emotional wellbeing from my very own doTERRA shop. It feels amazing to gift this way! Labels and glass roller bottles from @aromatools

#gifts #giftsforher #giftsforhim #personalisedgifts #essentialoilblend #giftoflove #love #loveyourself #doterralove #doterra #doterralife #emotionalwellbeing #wellbeing #realhealth #realhealthhappyfamily #aromatools #anytimegift #thegiftofgiving #givetoreceive

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