Not bad @ 18ft with the long lens

Coming soon - Gitzo’s 100 year anniversary edition of the GT1545T kit. Hands down the coolest looking tripod ever made 😍

Only 1917 of these were made and each has it’s number engraved, celebrating the company’s founding year. Only 4 came to South Africa and we have all 4.

Follow @gitzosouthafrica to find out when they go on sale 😁😁😁 #gitzo #tripodporn #tripod #carbonfiber

Waves recede over a flat beach under a Luskentyre sunset. #hebrides #luskentyre #isleofharris #seascape #landscapephotography #nikon #gitzo

An old tree in the neighborhood @gitzoinspires #framedongitzo #StreetPhotography #LookinUp #Trees #FujiXPro2 #Gitzo #Manfrotto www.dezitter.com

Another shot of my recent Alaska traveling. Couldn‘t get enough of those glaciers there! Hope you guys enjoy! #lucroit #global_shotz #mountains #global_hotshotz #ig_shotz #alaska #jaw_dropping_shots #global_hotshotz #earthofficial #beautifuldestinations #natgeo #natgeotravel #alaska #justgoshoot #earth #nikon #gitzo - thanks for your time guys 😉

Slowly starting to work my way through the images from my last trip.

#canonuk #wildlifephotography #gitzo #naturephotography #canon

''Atmospheric Sunset'' ~ Bamburgh Castle

A7r + 24/70mm f4
iso50 ~ 24mm ~ f11 ~ 163secs

Cokin Nuances 1024ND Z-Pro + Lee's 0.9 Soft Grad

This weekend i found myself Shooting on the historic coast of Northumberland at the photograthers dream location Bamburgh! The Northumberland coast has a soft in my heart as i am very familier with it. As a kid growing up I spent every holiday on this coast discovering new thing and places that i remember well to this day. Having this experiance pays off as I still remember the places out the way that people visiting Northumberland may not know about, Its also great to shoot the famous places too! Having arrived early afternoon in the most torrentiol rain it gave me a chance to park up and relax for a while looking over the rugged coastline in front of me taking in the surroundings that were present. I then had relaxing stroll along the open golden sands towards Budle Bay once the storms had past through which i had all to my self with one else about at all! I find bamburgh fascinating as there is so much variety and the tides have a major impact on the compositional aspect of making an image. Having shot the castle many times before at different times of the year i do really keep an open mind about what i could capture here during a photo trip, Inspiration and having a vision is still a major part of my thinking but on trips like this i don't let that rule my mind! I use it a base to work from. I found myself on the ''Stag Rocks'' as the tide was going out really wondering around hand holding my camera looking at what might and might not work, trying really simplify the subject in front of me also using the out going tide to my advantage watching how it was crashing around the rugged Rocks in front of me. It took me a while to nail down a composition that i was really happy with and i think it works very well with the glowing sunset light. They were a few photographers about but all seemed to be on the clean sand more in front of the castle which for me is a little too empty in this situation. As i had the rocks all to my self it really gave me the creative platform and blank canvas i need to to produce this image.

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